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Super Tuesday is coming FAST!

February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday is coming and fast!! My state has all ready voted for Hillary Clinton but it should be great to watch what happens out there on Tuesday.  I have been reading the blogs like and  (hey, we already voted for Clinton remember) and many other ones out there and have to admit there are some interesting things going on out there in web land and TV landJ  

 I have found blogs that have some really nasty comments on all candidates and just sit here going wow, so much passion with this election.  One candidate is out there going “Wow!! Look who supports me!” and another candidate is out there going, “Ya, so what? Look who is supporting me!!”   From there it goes to who can blame who and who can cut down who the most effectively!  As I am watching all this, I could careless who is running around screaming how wonderful you are. Show me your greatness on clear cut answers on the issues!  As Obama said we all have endorsements but when push comes to shove it is the candidate who got elected sitting in the white house. Clinton stated at the end of the day it is my name on the paperwork.  How true it is!  

 I am excited about this as it is History in the making.  It is the first time that we will vote for a woman presidential candidate or an African American Presidential candidate.  Wow, what a ticket! I think America is great! I think that the fact that we can even have these choices is great. I hope that everyone out here will go out and vote! It doesn’t matter if it is for Clinton or McCain or who ever else, just go vote for the person you feel will be the best candidate.  

It is mind boggling watching people say to get your husband muzzled to Hillary and to hear others accusing Obama of not being clear in the issues and avoiding talking about them.  Then we hear the GOP saying, I am better at this and he is not telling the truth.  Wow, it is like a soap opera out there!   Throw in a few more of the stars and hey we have a major hit on our hands!  There has been so much mud slinging. I regularly go to visit to see who is saying what and how true it is!   

This should be one heck of a day on Tuesday. I have my popcorn and am ready to sit with my eyes glued to the TV set on MSNBC. I want to see how much hoopla can be run in one day!  Our non -counted, not-meaning anything Florida votes are in for Clinton so I can’t wait to see what the rest of the nation has to say. 



Politics and News Media Bashing

January 30, 2008

Usually I do not care about anything political but today I am angry and hurt, very hurt.  I watched the Florida elections and was appalled by the way the News people at FOX News handled it.   

First Brit Hume acted disgusted when Hillary Clinton won the Democratic race. He commented that Hillary Clinton won then quickly added but it doesn’t  mean anything.  Excuse me!  It means plenty to the thousands of people who voted for her!  Then when Obama sent his little supposed funny message of ‘zero Hillary zero Obama’, Brit Hume actually smirked about it?  He thought that was funny?  I thought it was a slap in the face to Florida voters. 

 Is it not enough that the people of Florida have to sit back and endure that fact that our voices have been silenced? We the individual voter had nothing to do with it?  Why was it necessary to make the remark as soon as Hillary Clinton won the election to announce that Hillary won then quickly add, “But it doesn’t mean anything.”  Why was it necessary for FOX News to make remarks such as, “These were the early votes and it was done before the Endorsement of Ted Kennedy and before the elections in South Carolina.” Why didn’t you bring back up the point to your viewers that Bobby Kennedy Jr. and his sister had endorsed Hillary? How about the remark, “This is nothing more than a ‘beauty contest’ for Hillary Clinton” or “She is after free exposure from the press.”  These hateful, disrespectful, Clinton bashing remarks were very painful to the people who just voted for her.    

How about giving her just a minute for her victory speech and then cutting her off? Did FOX News ever stop to think about how the people of Florida feel?  Did you stop for one second and think that maybe those people who voted for her WANTED to hear her speak, wanted to know what she had to say and were actually HAPPY she came here when no other candidate on the democratic side bothered to give them a second glance?  Was it not enough that over two million people voted or are they worth nothing as Obama says it is all about the delegates?  The world was made to think that the people of Florida voted for Hillary because Obama did not get a chance to campaign here?  Hillary did visit here but that was ignored. Obama did also by getting his commercial ads run here for his nationwide campaign thus that fact was ignored.  

 Why are we being shown one side that Hillary is a monster, her husband is a jerk and Obama is a saint?  I am so sick of having Obama driven down my throat it makes me want to turn Republican. Key note here, I don’t care that Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama, I do not care that he won South Carolina and I do not care about Obama’s bashing episodes with Hillary Clinton. I do not care if Bill Clinton is saying bad things about Obama and I don’t care who is endorsing who and I don’t care if Obama is upset over the Obama girl. This did not influence me or other people who want to know what the issues truly are.  Obama says he is about change….what change? Changing the president? Changing diapers? What is this ‘change’ he is talking about as Obama has never made it clear and I want to know what it is.  Clinton says she wants to take the people with her to the white house. Okay, so I want the master bedroom. With all the bias on the news it is hard to get the answers as it seems to be nothing but parading one candidate, ignoring and bashing the other.  I even heard a woman in Tennessee ask Hillary Clinton the other night on television as to why the media hates her so much?  She responded that the lady would have to ask media. 

Irregardless of what the news people think of Hillary Clinton, the people voted for her. Those people had a right to feel good about their vote or at least to have something said in a positive manner about their choice.  When Obama won South Carolina it was announced in minutes and I thought the news caster was going to jump out of his chair and start screaming “Yes Obama!! Oh Yes!!”  But last night, when Hillary strongly won Florida, it was ignored, pushed aside, down played, treated like a disease. All the people who voted for Clinton were treated like they were not smart enough to make an intelligent decision because they voted early? How does this account for the people who came out to vote that day?   

The people of Florida are not ignorant, we know how to read, watch Television and we are as informed as the rest of the nation.  We went to vote on January 29, 2008, despite  the fact that we were told it meant nothing.  All the primary candidates were on the ballots, so why are we made to feel like second class citizens by the news media when we are already being punished? Florida represents a wide diversity of the population in the United States. Even if it did not matter to the news media, it darned sure mattered to us. It mattered enough since Florida voters went out to vote when everyone thought we would stay home.