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2011 Psychic Predictions by Pernel Coming True

March 11, 2011 – Psychic Predictions Accurate

* There will be a violent earthquake, one of the strongest on record.
Update: March 11, 2011 Japan Hit by 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami
The magnitude 8.9 offshore quake — the largest in Japan’s history — unleashed a 23-foot tsunami and was followed by more than 50 aftershocks for hours, many of them of more than magnitude 6.0.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the 2:46 p.m. quake was a magnitude 8.9, the biggest earthquake to hit Japan since officials began keeping records in the late 1800s, and one of the biggest ever recorded in the world. Fox News

*Texas will have some major weather issues this year and also fire will be a very real threat for the state

Update: February 4, 2011 Snow and Ice Paralyze Texas From Rio Grande to Oklahoma Border

HOUSTON — A rare winter storm hit much of Texas early Friday with sleet and snow, creating chaos on icy roads around the state and hampering travelers trying to get to the Super Bowl near Dallas.

now fell in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, and an ice storm paralyzed the Rio Grande Valley as far south as the usually balmy city of Brownsville.

Parts of Houston were also hit with sleet and ice, snarling traffic. In the west, El Paso suffered through a fourth day of arctic weather that has caused blackouts and natural gas shortages. NY Times

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