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Are Street Lights going out around you ?

September 30, 2007

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Why do I interfere with streetlights ?  They go out when I go under them and it happens a lot.” Actually, there are several things that can cause this phenomenon.  

If you ask a guy who is into electric, they may tell you that most of the new lamp posts are high intensity and high energy.  They also have automatic shut down switches with heat sensors built in. The electric people claim that while driving by a streetlight in a car, the energy being put out by the distributor through the spark plug wires (100,000 volts with high current) is enough energy to put the bulb into a shutdown state.  They say the bulb filament can act like an antennae which would attract the current to throw off the light’s energy.


According to the electricians, if a lamp goes out when you walk by then it is because the lamp has reached its critical shut off point for a few seconds.  It takes time to walk by the lamp so it is noticed when it happens.  They also state regarding new equipment, like CD players or televisions and radios, they shut down because of the electrical emissions from our brain waves. So these low level electrical units are susceptible to human brain emissions.   

Okay, these are good explanations, but I kind of have a little theory of my own.  We are energy beings and all things around us are made of energy.  Now, scientists know that people can throw out a lot of energy since they believe it is kinetic energy that causes poltergeist activity.  So why couldn’t a person’s energy blow out a street lamp or make it flicker?   

When there is a poltergeist haunting, the scientist will reason that there must be a human contributing factor.  They will claim that someone in the house is using psychokinesis which is the power to move things with the energy generated in the mind.  During 1948 in Macomb, Illinois there was one haunting case where the energy did not move things but caused them to burst into flames.  When humans have the energy to do something like this, blowing out a street lamp looks like child’s play. 

Many people tell me that these things happen when they are in an agitated state, or if they are thinking about it, or in heavy thought and not really paying attention.  So this makes sense.  If a person is mad or upset the energy levels are a lot higher and would affect things around them.  If you are driving by a street lamp and think about the ones that have gone out, by having done this you are directing energy to the lamp that can interfere with it.  If you are not paying attention and it is still happening, the energy levels are high so they have to go somewhere.  

 Now, there are currently several studies being done on this phenomenon.  Many researchers say that they will believe there is something to this theory if a person walks down the street and each light goes out as they go under it.  This has not happened to any test subjects as of yet.  It is usually just a few or random ones that will go out.  The scientists stipulate that it has to be more than five lights consecutively before they will look at it seriously.  They also say it has to be something that happens all the time. 

We are emotional people and our energy reacts to our emotions.  It would be impossible for this to be an occurrence that happens 24-7.  That would be like asking for an electromagnetic storm on a daily bases.  These occurrences happen sometimes, not every day, nor 24 hours a day but at random times which actually makes them more believable as they have not been purposely set up.   

Personally, I make street lights go down, make TVs go statically nuts. I also can’t hold a credit card or I’ll destroy the magnetic strip and it won’t work.  So do I believe people when they tell me these things happen to them?  You bet I do.  It is easy to explain when you think of quantum mechanics: if proton A does not recognize proton B, nothing happens.  But when proton A does recognize proton B then there is a reaction.  So, our energy, proton A meets the street lamps’ energy, proton B and hey, there is a reaction.   

Psychic Predictions Come True from August 27, 2007 list

September 22, 2007

* There will be a fiery plane crash very, very close to a major city.  

Update Sept. 16, 2007: PHUKET, Thailand (Sept. 16) – A passenger plane filled with foreign tourists crashed Sunday as it tried to land in pouring rain on the island of Phuket, splitting in two and bursting into flames, officials said. At least 88 people were killed.  “As soon as we hit, everything went dark and everything fell,” said Mildred Furlong, 23, a waitress from Prince George, British Columbia, in Canada. The plane started filling with smoke and fires broke out, she said. A passenger in front of her caught fire, while one in the back kicked out a plane window. The budget One-Two-Go Airlines domestic flight OG269 was carrying 123 passengers and seven crew members from the capital, Bangkokm to Phuket – popular among tourists for its pristine beaches and one of the areas hardest hit by the 2004 tsunami.  AOL NEWS 

* Something is unsettled with the waters. There may be an increase of ships in distress or problems with the waters concerning ships, boats, illness, or the aquatic life.  

Update Sept:19, 2007: ORLANDO, Florida (Sept. 19) — Something in the lakes around Orlando, Florida, has claimed the lives of three boys this summer. Will Sellars’ family says he died after being exposed to a deadly amoeba on a Florida lake. “This thing is just there. It’s lurking like some deadly thing in the water which can take our children’s lives and we all have to be aware,” said Orange County Health Department Director Dr. Kevin Sherin.  The “thing” isn’t a fish or alligator. It is so small it cannot be seen with the naked eye. The killer that lives in the hot, fresh water is a single cell amoeba that once exposed to the human brain through the nasal passages is almost always fatal. 

Update Sept 19, 2007: Keyport, New Jersey – ‘Millions’ of dead fish wash ashore  By Karen E. Bowes Staff Writer. What one Monmouth County NJ official estimated as over a million dead bunker fish washed up on the Raritan Bay’s shores in Keyport last week. Independent Newspaper. 

Photo below is a picture of the inlet loaded with dead fish in Keyport, NJ

Update Sept. 20, 2007: Another dead blue whale was floating toward shore Thursday in the Santa Barbara Channel, as puzzled experts try to determine why at least 3 of the huge mammals have died off the Southern California coast in less than 2 weeks. Tracked by government aircraft, the 60 foot (18 metres) blue whale — a member of the largest species on Earth — was drifting toward the Ventura  County coast and was expected to wash ashore sometime today. Scientists said they didn’t know where it would land. Last week [10-14 Sep 20-07], a dead blue whale beached about 10 miles up the coast from Ventura and another was found in Long Beach Harbor before being towed out to sea. Joe Cordaro, a wildlife biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service, said he couldn’t recall a similar spate of blue whale deaths off  California or anywhere else. “There’s something a little different going on right now,” he said, “and we don’t know what it is.”  PROMED.

* Flu season will be wicked this year.

Update Sept 3, 2007: INFLUENZA experts yesterday claimed the death toll from seasonal flu is almost as high as if Ireland were in the grip of a pandemic. “Pandemic has become a buzzword and people expect there will be a lot of warning when it comes, but in the meantime seasonal influenza is killing thousands without creating a ripple.” Stated by Professor Graeme Laver, a worldwide authority on flu. Irish Examiner.

Update Sept 20, 2007: THE South Australian Health Department has urged people not to panic after an Adelaide health worker became the eighth person to die in Australia’s worst flu epidemic for five years.  The 48-year-old woman, who worked at a health clinic in the city, was admitted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital on Monday this week but died early on Tuesday morning of suspected influenza.  Six children from four states and a 37-year-old Queensland man have already died of the virus, with record infection rates reported around the country.  Herald Sun 

Update Sept 20, 2007: This flu season could be severe. Oregon hasn’t had a severe flu season for some time but this year could be different. Australia, which is six months ahead of the Northwest season-wise, has had its roughest flu season in a decade, said Steve Allred, owner of, the largest private provider of flu shots in Oregon and Washington.“They’ve had more recorded deaths, both from high-risk and supposedly non-high-risk individuals and much more illness,” Allred said. “Their hospital system has been flooded with people seeking medical care this past winter, which is just now finishing up.” The flu season in the Northwest starts in the fall.  The Oregonian  

Refer to :   

A Dose of Bird Flu Reality …

September 20, 2007

Last night I received a call from a young lady who had watched the video posted in this blog on Bird Flu.  She was very distressed because she did not fall into the age range of people who could get medical help during the Pandemic.  I felt very bad for her as she cried about how hard it would be for her if she lost her mother and friends.  She vowed to let all of her friends know about the bird flu and to get the movie for her school as well.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her call all night which led me to do some serious thinking. 

 I reviewed the criteria of what is planned for when this flu goes into effect and had to wonder if I am any where near ready to handle it.  I can do all of the things they tell us to like stock up on things and make sure you stay home.  Then I thought further, but what about the emotional and psychological issues that will come from it?  Am I ready to tend to a family member who has the bird flu, or what if we all do and there is no one to tend to any of us? What if panic breaks out and there are riots or someone tries to break into the house or if the house catches fire? I asked a thousand “what if” questions last night and realized that I am no where near where I should be to handle this thing.  I don’t think anyone is.   

We as Americans are use to a certain way of life.  We are not use to things like this flu pandemic happening which can cause the stress levels to be through the roof.  Also, I thought about the women in Indonesia, Egypt and other countries who held their children dying from the H5N1 bird flu. The pain that these mothers endured as the little life they loved so much slipped away to death. Thinking this broke my heart.  As much as I do not want to face the possibility of this happening here, to me, to my loved ones, I have no choice but to face it.  Now it is a possibility, but at some time in the future it will be a reality according to the WHO thus I need to be prepared for this reality.  I realized I have to prepare myself for the worst and pray it does not happen.  The government has made it plainly clear to not depend on them.  So we have only ourselves to depend on.  With no help available and no vaccination to stop this thing, I guess I have a lot more thinking to do.  I have to wonder what the world will be like when it is all over.    

Are you ready for the Bird Flu Pandemic?

September 15, 2007

This has been a hard week for me concerning the bird flu.  Sometimes I feel as if I am a small voice that is screaming into a tornado and no one can hear me. It is amazing to me how many people know nothing about the bird flu at all.  Some people have heard of it and when I mention it they say, “Oh…isn’t that over in Asia?”  or “It will never come here to America! I will not worry about it unless it gets here on my doorstep and then I can go to the store to get what I need.”  Apparently they have never seen a panic run. They do not have a clue about what the bird flu is and what is actually going on.  Why is this?  Could it be that the topic of bird flu has almost virtually dropped out of the media?   

On the rare occasion when someone does listen to what I am trying to tell them, they have asked me what I am doing for protection of my family.  I then share that all of us wear lockets with this special prayer in them:   Also it is recommended to place this specific prayer in their homes and cars. 

For those with young children, I advise them to  read this article at this website and get some of the tea that the article recommends:  Hey, there is no cure for this bird flu and there will not be a vaccination for months. So these things I’ve mentioned are worth a try and if it works, well no need to say more.  I also tell them to stock up their homes. They need to make sure they have lots of water, food and that there are things for their pets to eat as well.  Most of the time they look as if I have just slapped their face and say, “Why aren’t we hearing about this on T.V. if this bird flu is such a big threat?”   I tell them I believe that it is not in the media much to keep people from panicking.   

I have to wonder what is the lesser of the two evils. Ignore the bird flu or make it well known to the general public?  Honestly shouldn’t people be more informed?  For instance, this week a friend of mine received a packet from her work which outlined all the previous flu pandemics, how many people got it in her geographic area and how many of them died.  These workers were generously given two weeks off from work to get through the upcoming bird flu pandemic.  Two weeks?  From which wave one or two, or three?  They were led to believe there would be one wave of the flu pandemic and then life would go on as usual.  Just two weeks?  That is insane.    Work with people, tell them the truth, let them see the facts and figures, then only offer them two weeks to get over this pandemic?  I have to wonder when the time comes and they find out the real truth, how many of them will return in the allotted two week span?  Not many I bet.  Personally, I would be calling in and saying, “I am not coming back until I know the bird flu is gone so my job can go to someone braver than me.”   

I plan on using my father’s method that his mother did to survive the Spanish flu – stay home, wear religious medals, pray a lot, do not listen to the reports but watch what is going on around me and utilize my own judgment as to when it is safe to go out again.   .    

Bird Flu Pandemic Video- a possibility

September 13, 2007

When I came upon this particular video, it struck me that this could become our reality,  not if but WHEN this Bird Flu becomes a pandemic throughout the world. This is a very important presentation of what could happen in today’s world. I am posting the link for this  video for all to view.

Watch this video – are you ready ?????

Click here: Pandemic (a possible look of the future)

Bird Flu Personal Stories: Why Pernel cares …

September 7, 2007

Many people have written to me and asked why I have such an interest in the bird flu.  So, I thought I would answer all of the responses in one response.   

My father was born in Belgium in 1906.  When the Spanish flu came through in 1918-1919, (see Note 1) he came down with the flu and so did his brothers and sisters.  My grandmother called the Dr. as she was in terror of losing her family again.  Previously, she had lost all of her first 6 children to the plague.  The Dr. arrived and told my grandmother that he would be back in the morning.  Upon returning as promised in the morning, he asked my grandmother what time the children had died.  She informed him that the children were all still alive.  The Dr. was totally shocked that they had survived the Spanish flu.   

My father talked a lot about this devastating flu.  He told us that when he was well from his bout of sickness, he walked around to help others. He remembered seeing all the dead bodies in the street.  My father said that people were sick and dying everywhere.  It was further added that he had never been so sick in his entire life.  This flu felt like as if his body was being ripped apart and he desired to die to end the torment.  He said when it was all over with for the family, they prayed very hard for the people who were still getting sick and dying.  He use to say that he hoped this devastating flu would never return since it left a scar on his heart that would never heal.   

Next, the Asian Flu (see Note 2) hit my residential area in about 1957-58.  I was one of the unfortunate people to come down with this flu.  I can remember lying in bed and crying as I hurt so badly.  I couldn’t tell where I hurt the most, everything hurt.  My father snuck me a Hershey bar and even as precious as a candy bar was to a house of 16 children, I never got to eat it because the feverish heat from my body melted it.  I don’t remember a lot about this Asian flu. I just know I prayed a lot and cried a lot.  I couldn’t keep anything down and really didn’t want anything but cool water which stayed down for seconds.  I remember when the fever broke which allowed me to finally come back consciously into the real world.  I tried to get up on my elbows to look around but I was so physically weak. I could not rise up out of the bed.   

Then in 1968, I came down with the Hong Kong Flu (see Note 3).  My fever was so high that my family rushed me to the hospital.  The Drs. sent me back home and told them if I lived through the night that I would make it. I felt so sick.  I was freezing and so hot at the same time that I couldn’t stand it.  I wasn’t able to eat or drink.  The hospital was so full of people needing help and no beds were left.  At home, I laid on the floor, covered up with every blanket I could find and hallucinated throughout the night.  The severe fever broke on the third day.  Due to the exhaustion, it took a couple additional days before I could move around and even get up into a sitting position.  This flu drained me totally.   

Having been personally through two pandemic flu outbreaks and surviving them, it has left me with the knowledge of what they are capable of.  I remember the stories my father told of the Spanish flu about the damage it did to his town and the people in Europe.  Some things you never forget and the emotional pain in my father’s eyes when he spoke of it told more than the stories themselves.  I could not imagine the horror he went through when he spoke of losing friends and family and the people being so lost and desperate.  He talked of how the constant screams of despair could be heard through the night.   

Now I am a mother with a 13 year old and 15 year old still at home.  I also have 3 adult children, 13 grandchildren and many other people in my life that I love and care about.  You bet that this bird flu is on my priority list of things to watch very carefully.  I never want my children to go through what I did or what my father experienced.  They are the reasons that I monitor this current avian flu very carefully. How I do this is by watching the developments, use the knowledge of the past along with what is happening now to try and stay on top of it.  I know that there is nowhere to hide from a super flu.  No one can escape it but we can sure fight it every way we can.  People have survived it once, we can do it again though we need to be prepared, ready and understand that it will not be an easy battle to win.  Also, in one way or another it will touch every one of us.    

  Note 1: The 1918 flu pandemic, commonly referred to as the Spanish flu, was a category 5 influenza pandemic caused by an unusually severe and deadly Influenza A virus strain of subtype H1N1. Many of its victims were healthy young adults, in contrast to most influenza outbreaks which predominantly affect juvenile, elderly, or otherwise weakened patients.  The Spanish flu pandemic lasted from 1918 to 1919. Older estimates say it killed 40–50 million people[1] while current estimates say 50 million to 100 million people worldwide were killed.[2] This pandemic has been described as “the greatest medical holocaust in history” and may have killed as many people as the Black Death.[3]

Note 2: The “Asian Flu” was a category 2 flu pandemic outbreak of avian influenza that originated in China in early 1956 lasting until 1958. It originated from mutation in wild ducks combining with a pre-existing human strain.[3] The virus was first identified in Guizhou.[4] It spread to Singapore in February 1957, reached Hong Kong by April, and US by June. Death toll in the US was approximately 69,800.[3] Estimates of worldwide infection rate varies widely depending on source, ranging from 1 million to 4 million.

Note 3: The Hong Kong Flu was a category 2 flu pandemic caused by a strain of H3N2 descended from H2N2 by antigenic shift, in which genes from multiple subtypes reassorted to form a new virus. The Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968 and 1969 infected an estimate 500,000 with a low death rate[2][3]. In the US, 50 million were infected with an estimated 33,000 deaths[4].

Both the H2N2 and H3N2 pandemic flu strains contained genes from avian influenza viruses. The new subtypes arose in pigs coinfected with avian and human viruses and were soon transferred to humans. Swine were considered the original “intermediate host” for influenza, because they supported reassortment of divergent subtypes. However, other hosts appear capable of similar coinfection (e.g., many poultry species), and direct transmission of avian viruses to humans is possible. H1N1 may have been transmitted directly from birds to humans (Belshe 2005). [5] The Hong Kong flu strain shared internal genes and the neuraminidase with the 1957 Asian Flu (H2N2). Accumulated antibodies to the neuraminidase or internal proteins may have resulted in much fewer casualties than most pandemics.    

Further Updates on June 02, 2007 predictions

September 4, 2007

*As I said in November 2006, expect a lot of activity this Summer for 2007.  Between 3 to 5 large storms will strike land, they may not all be in the United States, but they will hit.   There is one I have been watching for months which is a monster.   : (

Powerful Hurricane Felix Slams Ashore By ESTEBAN FELIX, AP News SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (Sept. 4, 2007) — Hurricane Felix roared ashore early Tuesday as a fearsome Category 5 storm — the first time in recorded history that two top-scale storms have come ashore in the same season. The storm hit near the swampy Nicaragua-Honduras border, home to thousands of stranded Miskito Indians dependent on canoes to make their way to safety.

* Some foods will be hard to get by the end of the Summer.   

Killer heat wave latest Southern climate woe Aug 21, 2007 article by The Institute for Southern Studies It just keeps getting worse. First there was the late freeze, then the drought, and now a killer heat wave said to be responsible for 49 deaths is taking a further toll on crops. Here’s a roundup…Heat, drought take toll on N.E. Mississippi crops: [Farmer Doug] Mitchell said this year’s drought and heat are the worst since his father started the farm in 1963. The farm has received less than 20 inches of rain this year. And, the average high temperature for August has been 101 degrees.”What we thought was going to be a record soybean crop three weeks ago, now we might not even be having one,” said [Charlie Stokes, an area agronomy agent with the Mississippi State University Extension Service], who is responsible for eight Northeast Mississippi counties. “It’s gotten pretty bad.”Drought, heat take toll on N.C. crops: The heat follows a cold beginning to the year for farmers. A harsh Easter Sunday freeze was the bellwether of the growing season, killing the fruit-producing blossoms of apples and peaches and freezing grapes, strawberries and blueberries. North Carolina’s peach and apple crops will be the lowest since 1955, state agriculture officials said.Sizzling weather only exaggerated the demise of corn, hay and other row crops. With six days of extreme heat last week and the threat of more 100-degree days to follow, farmers said what corn they have is now baking in the fields, forcing them to harvest early or experience an even larger loss.A lost season in Asheville NC: The troubles extend statewide, mainly because of the drought. In the mountains, parts of Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Macon and Swain counties remain in an extreme drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor of North Carolina. The remaining mountain counties are in severe drought.Production of corn, hay, apples, peaches, grapes and soybeans is down in North Carolina, according to the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.“It’s quickly turning into a bad year for many North Carolina crops,” Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said in a statement. “The damage caused by the Easter freeze is being magnified by the extreme heat and drought. And if we don’t get some rain soon, the situation is only going to get worse.”Heat wave takes toll on Orangeburg, SC region: Sonny Zorn, a retired Denmark farmer and agriculture teacher, said producers who borrowed to plant their crops this year are going to suffer when the loans come due and the crops bring less or fail because of the drought.According to trade publications such as “Farm Journal,” livestock producers can expect lower profit for their products because of high feed cost, low grain yields and premium hay prices.

Drought conditions are creating hardships for KY farmers: Our long stretch of hot, dry weather is adding to an already hard year for farmers in Kentuckiana. Not having enough rain has made it tough to take care of crops and feed the livestock. It’s been so hard, some farmers have had to skip the Kentucky State Fair this year. WAVE 3’s Shayla Reaves caught up with one woman who knows this hardship first hand.“This time, it’s just terrible. I don’t know how to explain it. I’ve never seen anything like this,” says Shannon Nutter of Nutter Dairy Farms.Alabama Farmer resolute after rotten season: “I just like growin’ stuff.”Bill Terry, 72, says it again, sitting with his wife, Shirley, on the back porch of their Chalybeate Springs home, 12 acres crammed with produce and flowers surrounding him, a glass of iced tea in his hand.The repetition is an effort at explanation, a declaration of why he’s not crying. A pronouncement that notwithstanding a late freeze that erased his early labors, a drought that starved a second planting and heat that wiped out a third, he’s trying again next year.

Green or not, tomatoes feel fried in Huntsville AL: For 10 days its been hot enough to stretch a concrete bridge by nearly an inch, hot enough to slow a dairy cow’s milk production by a quarter and hot enough to all but stop the maturation of a tomato on the vine.On Saturday, Huntsville nearly broke a local record, set in 1952, for the most consecutive days with a high above 100 degrees. “We missed it by a degree,” said Mike Richter, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.This had already been a trying year for local farmers, who had lost blueberries, peaches and apples to a late freeze. A summer drought followed by intense heat just about wiped out several other crops, said Lambert, who has had to look to Georgia and South Carolina for cucumbers, squash and corn.No drought relief in sight in Tennessee: Extreme drought has parched Tennessee’s crops, killed its lawns and endangered its livestock and outdoor pets. Creeks have run dry, water tables have dropped and tap water in some communities tastes like the algae that is blooming in the shrunken Cumberland River.Ninety-one percent of Tennessee has been parched by extreme drought, suffering major crop and pasture losses and widespread water shortages or restrictions. A growing area of the state, particularly the southern agricultural counties, is now in an exceptional drought emergency, facing devastating crop losses and widespread water emergencies as reservoirs, streams and wells dry up.

And the list goes on and on.How hot is it?It’s so hot, TVA had to shut down a nuclear power reactor at Browns Ferry due to unacceptably high water temperatures in the Tennessee River caused by intake water used to cool the reactor core being discharged back into the river.Or as we say down here in the South, “it’s hotter than a two dollar pistol.” Source: posted by R. Neal  

Pernel’s Thoughts regarding Bird Flu

September 1, 2007

August 31, 2007:   Today I have bird Flu on my mind and how close we came to having a full fledged Pandemic and didn’t know anything about it.  In April 2006, there was a cluster in a family where 8 members of the family got the H5N1 bird flu in Indonesia.  Seven of them quickly died.  The Government knew it was human to human transmission so what did they do?  They did not raise the alert to four, they did not tell the general public. The reports back then stated that the transmission was just from contact with chickens and let it go at that.  Why? Money of course.  They took a chance with the lives of every man, woman and child on earth for money?  If people knew there was human to human transmission from this flu then hey, would they still have wanted to eat chicken or go visit this country?  Instead of informing the public, decisions were made to see what would happened, the human bird flu transmission was allowed to run its course and the true info was kept quiet.  Here we are over a year later and they finally admitted what they did?  Ok, so this time they feel that they “Dodged the bullet”. Their gamble paid off…but what if it didn’t?  How many people would have died while they tried to protect the precious economy?  Hey, what about the people who are needed to keep it going?  Where do we the people fit in? You need alive and well people to keep an economy going. Right ?

Personally, I am very angry over this.  Sure, it would have created a panic but I honestly feel we had the right to know what may have been happening.  Will there be a pandemic? Yes there sure will be. Although, I honestly believe that we will be the last ones to know about it until the bird flu is in full force.  I will continue to monitor the science sites, will not believe a thing the government or media says and make my own judgment calls.  This damned thing will be on us and in full force before any of us know what is truly going on.  When it comes down to what we are being told, with the fact that the government is keeping the death numbers low and stating, “Oh this one was buried before we got samples” or “No, there was no human to human avian flu transmission”. The truth is, well there is and has been. 

In the early stages of this, a woman held her dying child and nursed it.  She got the H5N1 flu from her child and died as well. Recently, a little girl got the bird flu, but no infected foul had been in her geographic area.  Their explanatory conclusions for this case; well there were some dead chickens close to her school, she may have wandered around to play in the grass where the infected H5N1 chickens had been and got it.  There was also the report of a man in China who got the bird flu; however, they do not know how either.  Then we go to the several cases that have shown up here in the Untied States, like Michigan, Maryland. Pennsylvania etc which all have been reported as the LOW PATHOGENIC form of the bird flu.  Next, this bird flu is discovered in Turkeys on a farm in West Virginia.  Again it is reported as the low form of H5N1.  But just to be on the safe side they seal off the farm, keep the media away from it and culled 54,000 turkeys.  All for a low form of the virus?  Ok, if you believe this then I own the Brooklyn Bridge and have it up for sale…. All I can say about any of this is don’t believe what is on TV, don’t listen to the WHO reports as hey, they say what they want. Don’t believe the Government as it is clear now that they are putting the economy first before the people.  My thoughts on this…be afraid, be very afraid…. even though they want to treat us as cattle with no minds. Please use your judgments, be informed and stay away from the media and the government for information. Instead, watch the science sites for the truth since the scientists seem to be the only ones who are putting the people first.  Do I believe the virologist in China who said there have been 300 bird flu cases over there while the government is covering it up by saying there has just been only 2 human bird flu cases, you bet I do.  He is trying to help his people, the world and the economy is not his top concern.  Be alert, be safe and do for yourself as there will be no help from anywhere else when this thing comes through.