Just a few things about Dr. Pernel Dove …..

          Associates of Arts Degree from Kirtland Community College, Roscommon, MI

          Bachelors of Science Degree in Community Development from Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI. PHI THETA KAPPA Honors Society member 

          Masters Degree in Religion and a Doctorate in Metaphysics.  

          Certified Psychic and Remote Viewer by Remote Viewing Institute for the Intuitive Arts, New Jersey. She has received certification in the Advanced class with Honors, receiving the highest certification they offer. 

          A published author, she loves to write stories, (see main page at www.krystalnet.com for her latest book, ‘Ghost’), music and poetry.

          Won the National Golden Poets Award in 1992.  

          Listed in the top 10 of the 100 Top Psychics in America, a list compiled by Remote Viewing Institute for the Intuitive Arts, New Jersey.  

          Included in the National Register for “Who’s Who” in Business Executives.  

–     H as been tested by a NASA scientist that verified Pernel’s true psychic abilities

–    Check out Pernel’s astounding Predictions page – many have already come true !!


Pernel has a beautiful singing voice. She has worked for many years as a lead singer and rhythm guitar player in various bands.  She also writes musical lyrics and holds the copyrights on several of them.  In the future look for meditation tapes and recordings of her singing. 

Other things that she has done includes; worked as a restaurant manager, has done consulting for restaurants, ran a catering business, worked in military kitchens and has helped build several businesses from the ground up. Pernel says that she loves the challenge of going into a business that is having problems. She helps to turn them around to where they make a profit. She also loves meeting people and chatting with them.    

Visit www.krystalnet.com for further details about Pernel and testimonials   


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  1. psychicinsights Says:

    Visit http://www.krystalnet.com for further information and testimonials

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