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More Psychic Predictions come true …

January 31, 2008

. Psychic Predictions by Pernel made on November 7, 2007  

*  Tensions with Iran will heat to a very bad boiling point and war will be threatened.

December 19, 2007: WASHINGTON – The U.S. Navy said Friday that one of its ships fired warning shots at a small Iranian boat in the Strait of Hormuz in December during one of two serious encounters that month. The USS Whidbey Island fired the warning shots on Dec. 19 in response to a small Iranian boat that was rapidly approaching it, said a U.S. Navy official. MSNBC

*  We will head into a depression.

Jan 21, 2008: Repeated predictions and threats of recession weren’t enough for one prominent magazine editor who claimed things are even worse than that by bringing up the Great Depression.  According to U.S. News &World Report Editor-in-Chief Mort Zuckerman, the United States faces a credit crunch of epic proportions.  “[I] think we are facing the worst financial crunch and crisis since the Great Depression,” Zuckerman said on the January 20 “The McLaughlin Group.” 
“You have the entire banking system now that is virtually frozen. And there are, not just this subprime mortgage thing, there are other things called credit default swaps where they will lose as much money, $250 billion on. The banks are frozen. They are not making loans because they have such huge debts that they have to take on to their balance sheets and nobody knows how to deal with that,” he continued.. Business & Media Institute

*  A space craft (or probe) will blow up.

Jan 30, 2008: WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S. military is developing contingency plans to deal with the possibility that a large spy satellite expected to fall to Earth in late February or early March could hit North America. AOL News   

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Politics and News Media Bashing

January 30, 2008

Usually I do not care about anything political but today I am angry and hurt, very hurt.  I watched the Florida elections and was appalled by the way the News people at FOX News handled it.   

First Brit Hume acted disgusted when Hillary Clinton won the Democratic race. He commented that Hillary Clinton won then quickly added but it doesn’t  mean anything.  Excuse me!  It means plenty to the thousands of people who voted for her!  Then when Obama sent his little supposed funny message of ‘zero Hillary zero Obama’, Brit Hume actually smirked about it?  He thought that was funny?  I thought it was a slap in the face to Florida voters. 

 Is it not enough that the people of Florida have to sit back and endure that fact that our voices have been silenced? We the individual voter had nothing to do with it?  Why was it necessary to make the remark as soon as Hillary Clinton won the election to announce that Hillary won then quickly add, “But it doesn’t mean anything.”  Why was it necessary for FOX News to make remarks such as, “These were the early votes and it was done before the Endorsement of Ted Kennedy and before the elections in South Carolina.” Why didn’t you bring back up the point to your viewers that Bobby Kennedy Jr. and his sister had endorsed Hillary? How about the remark, “This is nothing more than a ‘beauty contest’ for Hillary Clinton” or “She is after free exposure from the press.”  These hateful, disrespectful, Clinton bashing remarks were very painful to the people who just voted for her.    

How about giving her just a minute for her victory speech and then cutting her off? Did FOX News ever stop to think about how the people of Florida feel?  Did you stop for one second and think that maybe those people who voted for her WANTED to hear her speak, wanted to know what she had to say and were actually HAPPY she came here when no other candidate on the democratic side bothered to give them a second glance?  Was it not enough that over two million people voted or are they worth nothing as Obama says it is all about the delegates?  The world was made to think that the people of Florida voted for Hillary because Obama did not get a chance to campaign here?  Hillary did visit here but that was ignored. Obama did also by getting his commercial ads run here for his nationwide campaign thus that fact was ignored.  

 Why are we being shown one side that Hillary is a monster, her husband is a jerk and Obama is a saint?  I am so sick of having Obama driven down my throat it makes me want to turn Republican. Key note here, I don’t care that Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama, I do not care that he won South Carolina and I do not care about Obama’s bashing episodes with Hillary Clinton. I do not care if Bill Clinton is saying bad things about Obama and I don’t care who is endorsing who and I don’t care if Obama is upset over the Obama girl. This did not influence me or other people who want to know what the issues truly are.  Obama says he is about change….what change? Changing the president? Changing diapers? What is this ‘change’ he is talking about as Obama has never made it clear and I want to know what it is.  Clinton says she wants to take the people with her to the white house. Okay, so I want the master bedroom. With all the bias on the news it is hard to get the answers as it seems to be nothing but parading one candidate, ignoring and bashing the other.  I even heard a woman in Tennessee ask Hillary Clinton the other night on television as to why the media hates her so much?  She responded that the lady would have to ask media. 

Irregardless of what the news people think of Hillary Clinton, the people voted for her. Those people had a right to feel good about their vote or at least to have something said in a positive manner about their choice.  When Obama won South Carolina it was announced in minutes and I thought the news caster was going to jump out of his chair and start screaming “Yes Obama!! Oh Yes!!”  But last night, when Hillary strongly won Florida, it was ignored, pushed aside, down played, treated like a disease. All the people who voted for Clinton were treated like they were not smart enough to make an intelligent decision because they voted early? How does this account for the people who came out to vote that day?   

The people of Florida are not ignorant, we know how to read, watch Television and we are as informed as the rest of the nation.  We went to vote on January 29, 2008, despite  the fact that we were told it meant nothing.  All the primary candidates were on the ballots, so why are we made to feel like second class citizens by the news media when we are already being punished? Florida represents a wide diversity of the population in the United States. Even if it did not matter to the news media, it darned sure mattered to us. It mattered enough since Florida voters went out to vote when everyone thought we would stay home.   

Children and Bird Flu pandemic

January 28, 2008

I’m a little moody today and have spent most of the day reading reports of bird flu.  Of particular interest to me are the reports from Scott McPherson regarding what is going on in West Bengal.  What a nightmare is happening there. 

After reading these reports about thousands of people reporting bird flu like symptoms, herds of goats dying from a severe respiratory illness, the massive bird culling going on and the fear that these people are going through, it really hit me hard as I thought more about it. What if that was happening right here in the United States, right now, this very minute?  

 I decided t o ask my 13 year old son, JJ, and my 9 year old grandson, Eli, about their thoughts on bird flu and if it was here, right now what would they do?   Both of them got really quiet when I asked them about the Bird Flu.  Eli said he feels it will not happen here.  JJ concurred and said we live in America and we have the best hospitals, the best games and the best doctors.  Eli agreed and said that the military would shoot it.  I asked them what if I had it, their Dad had it and everyone in the house died from bird flu and they were the only ones left living?   JJ looked stricken and said, “I would be terrified.”   Then he added, “I’m not the best at answering ‘what if’ questions and it can’t happen here in America.”  I asked him further, “Why do you think it will not happen here?”  He told me he feels it is in the land where chickens roam free and are in people’s houses.  Eli said he thinks it can’t cross the water and we don’t have any chickens roaming around so it can’t get here.  I explained to them that this H5N1 illness is a flu, just like the regular flu. So the bird flu could someday be caught and spread like the regular flu.  They both told me they would stay home.  JJ said he could chew on wood to survive if he had to. 

Then I hit them with the real question for a kid their age to relate to, “What if there was no electric for up to three months at a time?”  I made sure they knew and explained that there would be no game systems, no TV, no computers, no lights, no washer and dryer, no cold food and no microwave.  That floored them.  They could not grasp the idea that they would not be able to access the regular everyday things they were used to.  JJ thought for a while and came back to tell me that he could play his PSP and we could get a nuclear generator to run the power for the house.  Next, he added that if we can’t afford a nuclear generator then we could get a windmill or make the entire roof solar panels to charge up the batteries for the game systems or get the computer to work.  Eli said he could play with his toys and have camping at night with flashlights to keep the monsters away.  Then both boys said that they could play a board game if they really had to.  

As I listened to them discussing this and how they would handle a bird flu crisis, I realized that the terror that the children in America would face will be extreme.  Everything they are use to will be disrupted and they will find themselves in an entirely different harsh life style than they were accustomed to. It is hard for them to comprehend what a bird flu pandemic is, what it could realistically do and the massive effects it can have. They will face death straight in their faces with little or no understanding. The monsters they fear at night will take on entirely new faces.  I realized it is time to talk to my children and to inform them.  I also realized it is time to make sure a plan is in place in case the unthinkable happens and everyone in the household does die except them. They need to be prepared as well as the adults should be for the possibility of this bird flu pandemic to lessen their fear, help to contain their terror and to know what to do if the unthinkable does happen.    

Updates on Pernel’s Accurate 2008 Psychic Predictions

January 25, 2008

* California, be prepared for even more disasters this year.  You will experience everything from mudslides to fires to earthquakes to floods. The difference is that during this year, the disasters will happen more often and they will be worse than in 2007.

January 25, 2008 :  POINT MUGU Calif.  – A powerful winter storm that unleashed a thick blanket of mountain snow, heavy rain and at least one tornado pounded Southern California for a fifth straight day Friday. At least one waterspout from the Pacific made landfall Thursday night, the National Weather Service said. The tornado tore the roof off of a building at Naval Base Ventura County in Point Mugu, meteorologist Curt Kaplan said. The storm had forced the closure of Interstate 5 late Wednesday on each side of the Grapevine section of Tejon Pass, which soars to an elevation of more than 4,000 feet between the Los Angeles Basin and the San Joaquin Valley. Hundreds of trucks and cars were stuck along a 40-mile stretch of the major north-south artery but most had been. AOL News. 

* There will be a terrorist/hostage situation on board an aircraft.  

January 25, 2008:  NASHVILLE, Tenn. —  A teenage passenger from California was arrested in Nashville for plotting to hijack a plane from Los Angeles to Nashville, the FBI said Friday. FBI spokesman George Bolds told The Associated Press the 16-year-old boy was removed from Southwest Airlines Flight 284 Tuesday night by authorities at Nashville International Airport and found with “suspicious” items.Bolds said the teen had handcuffs, rope and duct tape in his bag and was believed to be traveling alone. The juvenile’s name has not been released. Bolds said it has not been determined if the boy was trying to crash the plane. He said authorities searched the teen’s home in California and found a mock cockpit.. FOX NEWS.

* Be ready for a food scare, as a food will be found to contain a poison.

January 25, 2008: On Anderson Cooper 360 it was reported that fish used is sushi in several states was found to have high levels of mercury.  It was determined that just six pieces of this fish can make a person be over the safe levels of mercury. Mercury is poison to humans and animals and can build up in the system over a period of time.  High levels of mercury in fish can lead to mercury poisoning.  Anderson Cooper 360 CNN NEWS  

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2008 Psychic Predictions coming true FAST !!

January 16, 2008

* Quote by Psychic Pernel : “Like fallen pop princess Britney Spears, Dove said actor Tom Cruise is headed toward a very public breakdown.” 

Documented resource of this psychic prediction made on 12/31/07: 

January 15, 2008 – Cruise Scientology Video Leaks Online — The video that Scientology apparently didn’t want you to see is back again for your perusal on

Gawker posted the video of Tom Cruise speaking candidly about his controversial religion in a way that’s never been discussed publicly before. In it, Cruise explains the virtues of Scientology, what it means to him and other key topics of the religion. AOL News. 

* A tornado will hit a downtown area.

January 8, 2008 – Confirmed Tornado touched down in downtown Springfield, Missouri

EF1 Springfield, Missouri [12] January8, 2008 January 2008 Tornado Outbreak Sequence


In downtown Springfield, a community of 152,000, an F-1 tornado packing 100 mph winds . High winds damaged several buildings along East Chestnut Expressway. Harry Cooper Supply had a destroyed warehouse. An AT&T building lost a roof and vehicles parked behind the building sustained damage when debris landed on them. Krispy Kreme lost its large sign. by Dean Curtis


Some pictures of the tornado destruction in downtown

Springfield, Missouri



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Close Contact vs Human to Human bird flu

January 11, 2008

Today I was sitting here and began to ponder what is truly going on in Egypt.  We know there have been five deaths recently from the H5N1. But I have also heard there are currently 105 suspected cases of bird flu there and that 25 people are going to the hospitals every day with suspected cases.   This is a map that shows geographically where all the bird flu cases in Egypt are.  It is amazing to see how close they all are to each other.  I found the map on the H5N1 site at:   along with a very good article written there from Scott McPherson on the current situation in Egypt.  

Check out this Map with all the numerous Bird Flu Human reported cases in Egypt:

As I read over these articles, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering, is the deal with the “No Human to Human contact” which is now being called “close contact” between family members.  Am I stupid or missing something here?  My logic, if I have this illness and I am a human, next one of my family members who is also a human gets it, then it is human to human transmission. After all, I am not a chicken so why call it close contact?  Is it close contact of the first kind? Or close contact of the third kind?  What is the deal on the contextual play with words?  Bottom line, it is human to human transmission if a family member gives it to another family member.  This stuff is confusing enough with little or mixed up information being brought in from other countries. So why not lessen the confusion and call a spade a spade? 

Then I am reading articles that claim that H5N1 is past its time and will never be a threat of a pandemic.  Really?  Tell that to the people in Indonesia, Egypt, China and all the other parts of the world that are suffering from it.  No one knows what this thing is going to do.  We have never seen this before. We have never had to deal with this type of bird flu. Even though we keep killing millions of infected birds, bird flu keeps right on coming.   

More 2008 Psychic Predictions come true

January 8, 2008

As predicted by psychic Pernel Dove:

Quote: “Like fallen pop princess Britney Spears, Dove said actor Tom Cruise is headed toward a very public breakdown. 

Documented resource of this psychic prediction made on 12/31/07: 

Jan. 6, 2008 – From the infamous biographer who has chronicled the lives of Princess Diana and Monica Lewinsky, among others, comes a new book about Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise .  Andrew Morton’s ‘Tom Cruise : An Unauthorized Biography’ is full of allegations about Cruise’s personal life, touching on his marriage to Nicole Kidman , the birth of his daughter Suri and his relationship with Penelope Cruz  Much of the book centers on Cruise’s practice of Scientology, going as far as to assert that the actor consults the religion’s leader, David Miscavige, on “every aspect of planning and policy” of his career, reports the Daily Mail . Perhaps the most bizarre of Morton’s allegations is that sperm from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, left, may have been used to inseminate Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes, and gave birth to Suri Cruise. When Cruise was first wed to Nicole Kidman, Morton claims that Scientology leader David Miscavige was desperate to woo Cruise, going as far as to have a meadow of wild flowers planted for the couple to run through. But the marriage is said to have been ultimately sabotaged by the church.  Scientologists were supposedly worried that Kidman’s Catholic faith and her father’s work as a psychologist — a practice Scientology frowns upon — would compromise Cruise’s belief in Scientology. The book also claims that Kidman feared her children Isabella and Connor would be kept from her by forces in the Church of Scientology. Cruise briefly dated his ‘Vanilla Sky’ co-star Penelope Cruz, a relationship that worried her father, Eduardo. Fearing his daughter would be drawn into the “cult” of Scientology, Eduardo contacted “an organization devoted to helping cult members and their families” just in case. The book claims the recruitment of soccer star David Beckham and his Spice Girl wife Victoria is Cruise’s current mission for the church. This project has been in the works as far back as 2004, when Cruise took Miscavige to watch Beckham play for Real Madrid.  AOL NEWS

  *  Several violent storms will hit the US over the winter. 

WHEATLAND, Wis. Jan. 8, 2008 – A freak cluster of tornadoes raked across an unseasonably warm Midwest, demolishing houses, knocking railroad cars off their tracks and even temporarily halting justice in one courthouse. Record temperatures were reported across much of the country Monday, and storms continued to pummel the nation’s midsection as darkness fell. More warmth and storms were in store for Tuesday.  Tornadoes were reported or suspected Monday in southwest Missouri, southeastern Wisconsin, Arkansas, Illinois and Oklahoma. Two people were killed in Missouri. Eleven houses in Wisconsin’s Kenosha County were destroyed, five others had heavy damage and four had moderate damage, authorities said. About 13 people were injured, none seriously.”I have never seen damage like this in the summertime when we have potential for tornadoes,” Sheriff David Beth said. “To see something like this in January is mind-boggling to me. This is just unimaginable to me.” Tim Carpentier was among the Kenosha residents whose homes had tornado damage. He said he and his daughters, 13 and 15 years old, heard storm warnings just after getting home. Then he heard a roar. “I was just running down the stairs as the front windows blew out,” he said. The front of his house was flipped over the roof, and neighboring houses had collapsed roofs and natural gas leaks. Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce E. Schroeder, presiding over opening testimony in a murder trial, said he couldn’t believe it when a deputy said the courtroom had to be evacuated because of a tornado warning. About six homes were destroyed in the small town of Poplar Grove, Ill., where authorities rescued motorists trapped by downed, live electrical lines and crews searched damaged structures to make sure no one was trapped. Three people suffered minor injuries, Boone County Sheriff’s Lt. Perry Gay said. About 15 miles away in Harvard, Ill., a suspected tornado derailed one locomotive and 12 freight cars. A tank car containing shock fluid leaked for hours before it was contained, and another derailed car contained ethylene oxide, a flammable material widely used to sterilize medical supplies, but was not leaking, Union Pacific spokesman Mark Davis said. Elsewhere, the heat was making history. By about noon Monday, Chicago’s temperature already had hit 64 degrees, breaking a previous record-high of 59 degrees set on Jan. 7, 1907, according to the weather service. The high in Buffalo, N.Y., of 59 degrees beat the old record for the date by 5 degrees. The high was 66 in Toledo, Ohio, a record that led some University of Toledo students to stroll to class in T-shirts, flip-flops and shorts. In New Jersey, the Atlantic City International Airport recorded a high of 68 degrees, breaking a 10-year-old record by 10 degrees. AOL NEWS

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 by Pernel Dove  and

Pernel’s 2008 Psychic Predictions coming true

January 5, 2008

* California, be prepared for even more disasters this year.  You will experience everything from mudslides to fires to earthquakes to floods. The difference is that during this year, the disasters will happen more often and they will be worse than in 2007.

Dec 30, 2007: Los Angeles, Calif. Climate Set to Alter California Landscape Scientist make dire predictions for future of California.  According to the latest scientific reports California may completely change it’s entire landscape over the end of this century or even sooner.  Noaki Schwartz, AP News 

Jan 05, 2008: SANTA ANA, Calif.  – A levee break flooded hundreds of homes Saturday as the storm that has pummeled the West Coast with high wind and heavy rain dropped a thick blanket of snow on the Sierra Nevada on Saturday. Thousands of people had no power in three states and thousands more had been told to leave their homes in mudslide-prone areas of Southern California.  A major highway crossing the Sierra Nevada between Nevada and Northern California had been closed since Friday evening because of the snow. Up to 44 inches of snow had fallen in some parts of the Sierra Nevada, the National Weather Service said Saturday morning. Forecasters expected the storm to dump as much as 10 feet at higher elevations of the mountain range by Sunday. Flights were grounded Friday and trucks overturned in Northern California as wind gusted to 80 mph during the second wave of the arctic storm that has sent trees crashing onto houses, cars and roads. Hundreds of thousands of customers lost power from central California into Oregon and Washington. Homeowners in Southern California and the Central Valley stacked sandbags and hay bales around their homes to keep out floods. A voluntary evacuation was in effect at an apartment complex northwest of downtown Los Angeles because of flooding and a small mudslide. So far eight deaths have been reported.  Battered by snow, rain and hurricane force winds California is bracing for the next storm to hit tomorrow.  AOL News, CNN Headline News   

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Pernel’s 2008 Psychic Predictions featured in the News!

January 3, 2008

Local Psychics offer 08’ Predictions


Life offers few guarantees.

In Florida, cloudless skies can deliver torrential rain.

A presidential election can come down to a handful of hanging chads.

And in SEC football, most games are decided in the final gut-wrenching seconds.

But ask local psychics Pernel Dove and Flash Silvermoon what the capricious future holds, and, without a heartbeat of hesitation, they’ll answer.

From political premonitions to sportscasts, and even a handful of weather warnings, two “future experts” offered their top predictions for 2008.


According to Dove’s annual predictions, Hilary Clinton will “without a doubt” be elected president.

The answers are in the former First Lady’s energy and aura, Dove explained.

She exudes ambition, she said.

Silvermoon, astrologer and author of the Wise Woman’s Tarot, agreed that America will inaugurate a woman president this year but based her prediction on a “drastic energy shift” caused by the former planet Pluto.

As Pluto switches signs from Capricorn to Sagittarius people will notice change on a personal and global scale, Silvermoon said.

She picked John McCain as the Republican candidate and predicted that write-in votes for Ron Paul will make the race especially close.

What other events will make national headlines?

According to Silvermoon, Osama bin Laden will finally be found and the Bush family will get caught in a “communication oriented” scandal during the first week of March.


Based on Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer’s aura alone, the Gators are destined for success in 2008, Dove said.

“That boy is so full of light,” she said of Tebow. “He’s on the right track, but he needs to watch his right ankle.”

Should Gator fans look forward to another National Championship win?

With Coach Urban Meyer’s “beautiful energy” behind them, Dove said she thinks so.

Silvermoon also delivered good news for Gator football fans.

According to pure intuition, Silvermoon said a certain African-American wide receiver (we’re guessing Percy Harvin) will pair up with Tebow to create a “deadly duo.”


Dove predicted at least two hurricane landfalls in the United States.

After consulting an astrology chart, Silvermoon said the hurricane season in Florida looks quiet for now.

The week of Sept. 11 stood out to her as a potentially volatile time, but it wasn’t clear whether a hurricane or other event would cause the disruption.


Like fallen pop princess Britney Spears, Dove said actor Tom Cruise is headed toward a very public breakdown.

But Silvermoon saw luck in Cruise and wife Katie Holmes’ future. She predicted the birth of another child and overall “pure love.”

In other celebrity couple news, Silvermoon predicted rough waters ahead for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But she isn’t sure whether it will take the form of a marital dispute or problem they tackle together.

According to Dove, “Pirates of the Caribbean” fans can look forward to a fourth installment, although it may not star the usual lineup of actors.

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