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More 2011 Psychic Predictions Come True by Pernel

April 17, 2011  – Psychic Predictions Accurate

* Spring will be a nightmare. Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and other states will suffer flooding. Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Texas, and some upper states will have a series of violent tornadoes. These will be unusual for the areas as many of them will be large (a three or above). There will also be tornadoes in unusual places such as New York, and possibly Las Vegas as well a some in California.

Update: April 16, 2011 –  Mid-April 2011 tornado outbreak

The Mid-April 2011 tornado outbreak is a major three-day tornado outbreak in the southern United States from April 14 to 16, 2011 with severe destruction on all three days. Following widespread loss of life and destruction from tornadoes, Alabama governor Robert J. Bentley declared a state of emergency for the entire state. At least 21 people have been killed from tornadoes and five others from straight-line winds associated with the storm system. The outbreak of severe weather and tornadoes have lead to 26 deaths in the Southern United States.[1] This is the largest number of fatalities in an outbreak in the United States since the 2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak on February 5-6, 2008, which killed a total of 57 people.[2]

39 Tornadoes confirmed  – Wikipedia

 *Texas will have some major weather issues this year and also fire will be a very real threat for the state.
Update: April 16, 2011 –   Texas Wildfires 2011: Season Among Worst In State History 

Out of control wildfires continue to wreak havoc on West Texas, an area still recovering from a series of wildfires in recent months.

It’s been one of the worst wildfire seasons in state history. Why? Unusually dry weather, combined with an uncommonly cold winter, experts say.

Some 650 blazes have hit 400 square miles particularly hard. “We’re pretty vulnerable right now,” state climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon told Christian Science Monitor. “We need rain.” AOL News

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More 2008 Psychic Predictions Came True ….

November 15, 2008

2008 Psychic Predictions came true ….

* Don’t relax on tornadoes as the threat of them is by far from over this year.

Update: November 15, 2008 –

August 18–27 (Tropical Storm Fay)

The largest tropical-related tornado outbreak since 2005 began with at least eight tornadoes being reported across Florida as a result of Tropical Storm Fay making landfall. The most significant damage was reported in Wellington, Florida where minor structural damage was reported and many doors and windows were blown out by an EF2 tornado. Damage was also reported near Barefoot Bay from a possible tornado that resulted in three structures being uninhabitable. Tree damage was also reported in several communities.[207][208]

Another round of tornadoes related to Fay took place on August 22 and 23. 11 more tornadoes were reported across Florida into southern Georgia.[209][210]

A tornado also set ground on August 25, near the Florida city of Crestview. More tornadoes took place on August 25 through 27 across Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas, although most were weak and short lived.[211][212]

[edit] September

There were 133 tornadoes reported in the United States in the month of September, of which at least 69 were confirmed.

[edit] August 31–September 3 (Hurricane Gustav)

A tornado outbreak occurred as a result of Hurricane Gustav, which made landfall early on September 1 in southern Louisiana. Most of the tornadoes were weak, although a few were damaging. The most severe damage in the first wave of tornadoes was in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana (which had already been hit by Gustav’s winds and rain), where a tornado late on the afternoon of September 2 destroyed numerous houses, an apartment complex and a restaurant, and damaged many other buildings.[213][214][215] More tornadoes were reported on September 2 and the early morning hours of September 3.[216] In Evangeline Parish, Louisiana near Mamou, a tornado during the early hours of September 3 damaged several houses and killed at least two people as well as injuring several others.[217] In total, over the four days, 68 tornadoes were reported and 43 were confirmed.

[edit] September 6 (Tropical Storm Hanna)

An EF1 Tornado was confirmed by the National Weather Service to have touched down in Allentown, PA before 3 pm. Some houses, many trees, and a portion of Louis E. Dieruff High School were damaged due to the very brief tornado. No injuries were reported. [218]

[edit] September 12–13 (Hurricane Ike)

As Hurricane Ike approached the upper Texas coast, the outer bands spawned several tornadoes in Louisiana. The most notable tornado damaged at least 15 houses in the community of Mamou, not far from where a tornado killed 2 during Gustav.

At the same time, a cold front tracked across parts of the Midwest. Several tornadoes were reported in the Kansas City metropolitan area eastward into central Missouri with structural damage reported. At least 3 tornadoes have been confirmed with the strongest storm being rated EF1 in Douglas County, Kansas. [219] [220] [221]

On September 13, the same two systems as they began to combine into one produced two separate tornado areas – one to the east of Ike’s track from Louisiana to Missouri, and another focused in southern Michigan. An EF2 tornado struck Plymouth Township, Michigan; damaging an apartment complex, flipping over cars, and knocking out power to several hundred residents.[222] In Arkansas, six tornadoes – all rated EF1 – were confirmed.[223]

[edit] October

There have been 27 tornadoes reported in the US in October as of October 28, of which at least 11 were confirmed.

[edit] October 8

Several tornadoes were reported across the Deep South as a small system moved through. The most significant damage was in Enterprise, Alabama, which was previously devastated on March 1, 2007 by a violent tornado. The civic centre was heavily damaged and several houses and businesses were also damaged by an EF1 tornado there. Other tornadoes were reported in several other communities in the Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama, although no injuries were reported.[224] Altogether, nine tornadoes were confirmed.[225]

[edit] November

As of November 15, 7 tornadoes have been reported in the US in November, of which at least 3 were confirmed.

[edit] November 15

During the early morning hours, a supercell thunderstorm spawned a tornado across central North Carolina, where several tornadoes were reported. One death was reported in Wilson County after a house was destroyed in Elm City. Another death was reported in Kenly. Damage to homes and barns were reported in Sampson, Johnston and Wilson counties.[226] At least one EF2 and one EF3 tornado were confirmed in Johnston and Wilson Counties. [227]   Wikipedia

* The economy will take another sharp downturn and we will be on the verge of a Depression.  Many people will lose their jobs and work will be hard to find.  The dollar will reach a point of being almost totally worthless against foreign currency. 

 Update: November 15, 2008 – Wall Street ends turbulent week sharply lower  NEW YORK – Wall Street ended a turbulent week with another astonishing show of volatility Friday, with stocks plunging, recovering and then plunging again as investors absorbed another wave of downbeat economic news. The Dow Jones industrials fell almost 340 points and the major indexes all fell sharply for the second straight week. ( after an Obama win)

“The economic news continues to be very negative,” said Ben Halliburton, chief investment officer of Tradition Capital Management. “The realization that ’09 is going to be a very bad year for economic activity is starting to dawn on people and they are starting to digest how bad it’s going to be.”

The Commerce Department reported that retail sales plunged by the largest amount on record in October as consumers cut back on spending in the wake of the financial crisis. Retail sales fell by 2.8 percent last month, surpassing the old mark of a 2.65 percent drop in November 2001 in the wake of the terrorist attacks that year.

The Dow fell 337.93, or 3.82 percent, to 8,497.31, at its lows of the day. The Dow fell more than 300 in early trading, recovered to a slim advance and then turned sharply lower at the end of the day as hedge funds cashed out. Fund investors had a Nov. 15 deadline for withdrawing their money, which forced the funds in turn to sell stocks.

Meanwhile, the price of a barrel of light, sweet crude fell $1.20 to settle at $57.04 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Oil has been falling for the same reason as stocks — the fear of a deep global recession. AP News

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More 2008 Psychic Predictions come true

January 8, 2008

As predicted by psychic Pernel Dove:

Quote: “Like fallen pop princess Britney Spears, Dove said actor Tom Cruise is headed toward a very public breakdown. 

Documented resource of this psychic prediction made on 12/31/07: 

Jan. 6, 2008 – From the infamous biographer who has chronicled the lives of Princess Diana and Monica Lewinsky, among others, comes a new book about Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise .  Andrew Morton’s ‘Tom Cruise : An Unauthorized Biography’ is full of allegations about Cruise’s personal life, touching on his marriage to Nicole Kidman , the birth of his daughter Suri and his relationship with Penelope Cruz  Much of the book centers on Cruise’s practice of Scientology, going as far as to assert that the actor consults the religion’s leader, David Miscavige, on “every aspect of planning and policy” of his career, reports the Daily Mail . Perhaps the most bizarre of Morton’s allegations is that sperm from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, left, may have been used to inseminate Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes, and gave birth to Suri Cruise. When Cruise was first wed to Nicole Kidman, Morton claims that Scientology leader David Miscavige was desperate to woo Cruise, going as far as to have a meadow of wild flowers planted for the couple to run through. But the marriage is said to have been ultimately sabotaged by the church.  Scientologists were supposedly worried that Kidman’s Catholic faith and her father’s work as a psychologist — a practice Scientology frowns upon — would compromise Cruise’s belief in Scientology. The book also claims that Kidman feared her children Isabella and Connor would be kept from her by forces in the Church of Scientology. Cruise briefly dated his ‘Vanilla Sky’ co-star Penelope Cruz, a relationship that worried her father, Eduardo. Fearing his daughter would be drawn into the “cult” of Scientology, Eduardo contacted “an organization devoted to helping cult members and their families” just in case. The book claims the recruitment of soccer star David Beckham and his Spice Girl wife Victoria is Cruise’s current mission for the church. This project has been in the works as far back as 2004, when Cruise took Miscavige to watch Beckham play for Real Madrid.  AOL NEWS

  *  Several violent storms will hit the US over the winter. 

WHEATLAND, Wis. Jan. 8, 2008 – A freak cluster of tornadoes raked across an unseasonably warm Midwest, demolishing houses, knocking railroad cars off their tracks and even temporarily halting justice in one courthouse. Record temperatures were reported across much of the country Monday, and storms continued to pummel the nation’s midsection as darkness fell. More warmth and storms were in store for Tuesday.  Tornadoes were reported or suspected Monday in southwest Missouri, southeastern Wisconsin, Arkansas, Illinois and Oklahoma. Two people were killed in Missouri. Eleven houses in Wisconsin’s Kenosha County were destroyed, five others had heavy damage and four had moderate damage, authorities said. About 13 people were injured, none seriously.”I have never seen damage like this in the summertime when we have potential for tornadoes,” Sheriff David Beth said. “To see something like this in January is mind-boggling to me. This is just unimaginable to me.” Tim Carpentier was among the Kenosha residents whose homes had tornado damage. He said he and his daughters, 13 and 15 years old, heard storm warnings just after getting home. Then he heard a roar. “I was just running down the stairs as the front windows blew out,” he said. The front of his house was flipped over the roof, and neighboring houses had collapsed roofs and natural gas leaks. Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce E. Schroeder, presiding over opening testimony in a murder trial, said he couldn’t believe it when a deputy said the courtroom had to be evacuated because of a tornado warning. About six homes were destroyed in the small town of Poplar Grove, Ill., where authorities rescued motorists trapped by downed, live electrical lines and crews searched damaged structures to make sure no one was trapped. Three people suffered minor injuries, Boone County Sheriff’s Lt. Perry Gay said. About 15 miles away in Harvard, Ill., a suspected tornado derailed one locomotive and 12 freight cars. A tank car containing shock fluid leaked for hours before it was contained, and another derailed car contained ethylene oxide, a flammable material widely used to sterilize medical supplies, but was not leaking, Union Pacific spokesman Mark Davis said. Elsewhere, the heat was making history. By about noon Monday, Chicago’s temperature already had hit 64 degrees, breaking a previous record-high of 59 degrees set on Jan. 7, 1907, according to the weather service. The high in Buffalo, N.Y., of 59 degrees beat the old record for the date by 5 degrees. The high was 66 in Toledo, Ohio, a record that led some University of Toledo students to stroll to class in T-shirts, flip-flops and shorts. In New Jersey, the Atlantic City International Airport recorded a high of 68 degrees, breaking a 10-year-old record by 10 degrees. AOL NEWS

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