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America’s Psychic Challenge – Lifetime Television

November 29, 2007



I have only seen parts of these shows but I have to admit I was impressed.  Michelle Whitedove did a wonderful job when they took her to the hotel that had been set on fire.  She was able to feel the emotional pain in the hotel and knew that there had been a fire there.  I like the way she presents herself and the manner in which she reads people, always warm and welcoming.   

I thought the challenge trials they gave the psychics were very difficult.  The one where they had to go to the closed door rooms and tell if there was someone physically present in the room was okay. But the one that impressed me the most was when they had to go into a room and tell what illness a person had.  As a psychic and medical intuitive, I knew how hard this challenge can be to achieve.  To be honest, I was very impressed with the results.  I thought Jackie Barrett did very well on this one.  It is very hard to walk into a room with people you do not know and tell them what you can find medically wrong with them in the few minutes you have to do it. The very limited time makes the psychic task even harder.   

The one part where the psychics had the organ donor test was also a very hard challenge.  I like to walk off and not hear what is going on in the program to then try to pit myself against the challenge as well.  It did not shock me that no one picked up accurately on the transplant, but Jackie Barrett was close in her assumption. The mother and daughter bond seemed strong between them as they shared something special, a kidney and saving a life though it was not correct.  However, it was a beautiful connection between those two women thus making it easy to trip up a psychic with.  I also like Jackie’s truthfulness.  If she can’t get something psychically, she says so.   

The winner will be a toss up on the program but I am going with Michelle Whitedove.  Jackie Barrett is very good and impressive but each psychic has their own specialty psychic talents.  I bet the psychic challenges on this week’s final episode scheduled to air Nov 30, 2007 will not be easy.  Best of luck to both of the semi-finalists on the program.