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New Psychic Predictions made on August 27, 2007

August 28, 2007

Predictions by Dr Pernel Dove Aug 27, 2007:

* Many people are asking me what is in store for them for this winter.  In some of the regions winter will jump start and come in very early.  Expect a strange winter with tons of snow hitting some of the regions and very mild temps in others.  I am worried about a massive storm which will blanket most of the country.  Freezing temperatures and large amounts of snow will fall and many states will be affected.  Parts of the country will plunge into the deep freeze and there will be very, very cold temps. 

* There will be an upsurge in the number of people infected with the H5N1 (Bird flu) virus as the virus continues to spread. 

 * There will be an electromagnetic storm which does a lot of  damage. 

 * Movement will be detected at a volcano in the United States, it is by a large populated area. 

* There will be a fiery plane crash very, very close to a major city. 

 * Something is unsettled with the waters. There may be an increase of ships in distress or problems with the waters concerning ships, boats, illness, or the aquatic life.  

* Expect some weird events this fall and winter, like tornados, freak storms, lighting strikes, things out of the ordinary. 

* A US Embassy will be attacked. 

* Flu season will be wicked this year. 

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