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2011 Psychic Predictions come true

January 3, 2012

* There will be a major train derailment in the U.S.
update: Oct 7, 2011- About 800 people were evacuated Friday morning after a train derailed in Tiskilwa, Illinois, authorities said.The 126-car train was hauling ethanol alcohol when some of the cars derailed around 2:20 a.m., the Bureau County Sheriff’s Office said. CNN

* A major scandal will rocket the white house.
update: Nov 5, 2011 – Another ripple in in the Solyndra matter, reported by The Daily Caller, is that the Energy Department paid $1 million to Lazard Ltd., a heavyweight Democratic donor, to see what could be done to bail out Solyndra as it flailed on its deathbed.
Meanwhile, 35 Republican members of Congress are now calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign over his handling of the Fast and Furious matter, which may have included perjury before Congress in his testimony about when he learned of the operation. Keith Koffler reporter

* A terrorist threat will be made for Calif, either San Franisco or LA
update: Jan 2, 2012 – L.A. arson probe: Suspect arrested in string of fires Officials said the “person of interest” detained early Monday in connection with a string of more than 50 deliberately set fires has been arrested and is expected to be booked on arson charges later in the afternoon.
No new arsons have been reported since the suspect was taken into custody, but police stressed that the investigation is ongoing.

The fires have caused $2 million in damage, authorities said. LA Times

2012 predictions coming soon!!!!!!!