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2008 Psychic Predictions that have Come True!!

March 18, 2008

Pernel’s 2008 Psychic Predictions featured in the News!

* According to Dove, “Pirates of the Caribbean” fans can look forward to a fourth installment, although it may not star the usual lineup of actors.

Hollywood February 29, 2008: font-family: Arial”>Pirates of the Caribean 4 Scheduled for 2011. It looks like 2011 may be the year of Disney, because the company has a ton of anticipated movies launching, all in the same year. One of them is the fourth installment of the wildly popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, which is tentatively scheduled for a 2011. release. Beyond Hollywood.

New Psychic Predictions made on August 27, 2007 

* A US Embassy will be attacked.

Serbia February 21, 2008: Serb Protesters Attack U.S. Embassy – Angry demonstrators protesting Kosovo’s independence from Serbia attacked the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade on Thursday, throwing rocks, breaking windows and setting fires. Serbian TV showed someone trying to set fire to the U.S. flag at the embassy, which was closed and unstaffed when the masked protesters attacked. CNN.


* Flu season will be wicked this year.

Boston March 13, 2008: A Flu Warning from the ER. An emergency physician and chief of the emergency department at Tufts Medical Center, I don’t need news stories to know that this year’s flu season is turning into a bad one; all I have to do is look around my hospital’s emergency department and talk with my colleagues to see that many are overloaded with seriously ill flu patients. Boston Globe.

ATLANTA March 17, 2008: Flu Season, and Vaccine, Looking Worse. The flu season is getting worse, and U.S. health officials say it’s partly because the flu vaccine doesn’t protect against most of the spreading flu bugs. The flu shot is a good match for only about 40 percent of this year’s flu viruses, officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday. Associated Press.