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Bird Flu Pandemic: Is the public really aware ?

October 6, 2007

This week a friend of mine, who is a Behavior Analyst called me and we chatted about the bird flu.  She told me that she had recently noticed a commercial ad for bird flu preparedness on the Soap Opera channel.  She said the government is doing ads to let the general public know about the bird flu pandemic. The commercial refers people to go online to find out more information about this topic.  I said, okay, but… is this enough?   

What is wrong with doing a full show on a major news network program to reach out to more people?  Feature the important information regarding bird flu on prime time shows that people actually see, like Glen Beck or Anderson Cooper or any other similar shows.  The more that the public knows about this, the more lives can be saved.  How many people have or watch the soap opera channel?  Here, in my area, on cable it is an extra channel that has to be additionally paid for.  So if you just have basic cable and do not have the extra money for the extended channels then what is the probability of ever seeing this commercial on bird flu?  I spend my Sundays watching Discover and Science channels and have never seen one of these ads.  I am now looking for them to see if I can find one.   

I applaud the government for doing these commercials as they will reach some of the people if they actually do get on the computer and look for the websites.  However, that is if they have a computer to do this with and if they have the extra channels to see the ads in the first place.  I know there has been coverage of the bird flu on the major networks. I have watched some of the programs that have been done but they are few and too far in between.  

To save more people wouldn’t it seem to be necessary to educate them?  To let people know what to do instead of waiting until the last minute and then lay all of this on them.  That seems to me like it would create a panic in itself due to not knowing as the confusion of what is happening sets in. People need to know that this bird flu pandemic can and probably will happen here in the United States, on our home soil. Sure we may be scared but we are Americans and what do Americans do when there are times of trouble? They band together, face the problems and fight. So it will not matter if it is with a can of Lysol to face a virus or any other serious threats that may come, we are going to fight.  We are a nation of survivors and hey, we can take the actual truth about this bird flu virus. Therefore, do not hold back, get this info about the bird flu out there to as many people as possible, educate them about this virus and make it something which is as well known as the dangers of smoking. Lay the knowledge of this virus at the feet of the American people and then let us show you how we can handle it.