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Pernel Dove’s New Book!! Press Release

May 31, 2011

Learn how you can tap into your own psychic abilities!



Exploring The Psychic Realm
New book is a guide that offers useful insights pertaining to the paranormal

Cumming, GA – (Book Has Been Released) – People have always held a fascination for psychics and paranormal phenomenon. Author Dr. Penny Dove invites readers to explore The Psychic Realm as she shares a guide to the paranormal in a handbook published through Xlibris.

“Am I a psychic?, How can I develop my own psychic abilities?, What is a clairvoyant?, Are angels real?, How do people see auras?” are just some of the questions that The Psychic Realm will help readers answer. This handbook covers a wide range topics such as reiki, spirit guides, soul mates, dreams and dream symbols, crystals, ghosts, how to contact angels, and contains a dictionary of terms used for quick reference. As readers immerse in this fascinating read, they may find answers to questions that have always eluded them.

Filled with useful insights, The Psychic Realm helps explain what it is like to be a psychic and how one can tap into his own psychic abilities. It gives readers a better understanding of some of the psychic myths and help them avoid being ripped off by people who hang up a sign and make promises they can’t keep. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

About the Author
Dr. Penny Dove has an associate or arts degree, graduated Phi Theta Kappa, a bachelor of science degree, a masters of religion, and a doctor of metaphysics.

She has received numerous awards for her poetry, writing, and web site design. She has also received the Congressional National Leadership Award. These awards can be viewed on her web site.

Known to her clients as Pernel, she is a psychic, spirit and tarot reader, medical intuitive, and paranormal investigator. Readings by phone are by appointment only.
Her web site is at:

Dr. Dove has hosted her own radio show, The Psychic Information Hour, and has been the guest of numerous radio shows. The Psychic Realm is her third book. She is also the author of Ghost and Sheridan Line.

The Psychic Realm * by Dr. Penny Dove
A Handbook To The Paranormal
Publication Date:
Trade Paperback; $XX.xx; # pages; 978-1-4628-6780-6
Trade Hardback; $XX.xx; # pages; 978-1-4628-6781-3
eBook; $XX.xx; 978-1-4628-6782-0

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To request a complimentary paperback review copy, contact the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7879. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

For more information, contact Xlibris at (888) 795-4274 or on the web at


July 2008 Psychic Predictions Came True …

October 27, 2008

More predictions from came true as expected;

* Some very damaging things will be released on Michelle Obama. 

Update: October 15, 2008 – Accusing API of colluding with American internet bloggers in an effort to bring down her husband, Mrs Obama said she decided to call API because of what she termed, API’s help to spread rumours created by American bloggers and other racist media outlets in their efforts to damage a black man’s name, saying she hopes African Media was mature enough to be in the front to give unwavering support to her husband, a man Africans should identify themselves with.

* There will be a Huge rolling blackout covering at least two large states. 

Update: September 17, 2008-In the wake of Hurricane Ike, officials fear it could take weeks to restore power in some places, like Galveston and the towns near the Louisiana border, because major transmission lines have been knocked out, substations have been swamped and trees have fallen on neighborhood lines.

“It’s a rare event when you will see physical damage to most of the grid,” said Mayor Bill White of Houston. “Hurricane Ike, with our power company, was that kind of event.”

* There will be a very large major earthquake in the USA creating a very large crack in the earth

Update: August 30, 2008-  Strong earthquake in Tibet leaves no casualties, but big crack Zhu, the Tibet Seismological Bureau chief, said the team was continuing the assessment at the earthquake epicenter and found there is a big crack on the earth’s crust.

* There will be a very large object from space crash into earth barely missing the space station. 

Update: October 8, 2008 – ASTEROID IMPACT:  On Oct. 7th, asteroid 2008 TC3 hit Earth and exploded in the atmosphere over northern Sudan. An infrasound array in Kenya recorded the impact: map. Dr. Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario has inspected the data and he estimates that the asteroid hit at 0243 UTC with an energy between 1.1 and 2.1 kilotons of TNT. The explosion was imaged by the weather satellite Meteosat 8:

* The economy will take another sharp downturn and we will be on the verge of a Depression.  Many people will lose their jobs and work will be hard to find.  The dollar will reach a point of being almost totally worthless against foreign currency. 


Update: October 8, 2008 – Is the U.S. Headed Towards the Second Great Depression?  Stock prices have plummeted. The Dow has dropped 39%, from a high of 14,043 in October 2007 to below 8,600 a year later. Business credit has dried up. To restore financial stability, Congress passed an $800 billion bailout to buy back troubled mortgages. Housing prices have dropped 8% over the past year. The median single family home price has dropped from $229,000 in June 2007 to $213,800. Bank near-failures have taken some of the most prestigous financial services companies, including Lehman Brothers, AIG, Wachovia, Bear Stearns, Washington Mutual and IndyMac Bank as well as many foreign banks.  Oil prices have recently set new records, with futures prices rising to $147 per barrel in July before settling at $86 per barrel in October.



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America’s Psychic Challenge – Lifetime Television

November 29, 2007



I have only seen parts of these shows but I have to admit I was impressed.  Michelle Whitedove did a wonderful job when they took her to the hotel that had been set on fire.  She was able to feel the emotional pain in the hotel and knew that there had been a fire there.  I like the way she presents herself and the manner in which she reads people, always warm and welcoming.   

I thought the challenge trials they gave the psychics were very difficult.  The one where they had to go to the closed door rooms and tell if there was someone physically present in the room was okay. But the one that impressed me the most was when they had to go into a room and tell what illness a person had.  As a psychic and medical intuitive, I knew how hard this challenge can be to achieve.  To be honest, I was very impressed with the results.  I thought Jackie Barrett did very well on this one.  It is very hard to walk into a room with people you do not know and tell them what you can find medically wrong with them in the few minutes you have to do it. The very limited time makes the psychic task even harder.   

The one part where the psychics had the organ donor test was also a very hard challenge.  I like to walk off and not hear what is going on in the program to then try to pit myself against the challenge as well.  It did not shock me that no one picked up accurately on the transplant, but Jackie Barrett was close in her assumption. The mother and daughter bond seemed strong between them as they shared something special, a kidney and saving a life though it was not correct.  However, it was a beautiful connection between those two women thus making it easy to trip up a psychic with.  I also like Jackie’s truthfulness.  If she can’t get something psychically, she says so.   

The winner will be a toss up on the program but I am going with Michelle Whitedove.  Jackie Barrett is very good and impressive but each psychic has their own specialty psychic talents.  I bet the psychic challenges on this week’s final episode scheduled to air Nov 30, 2007 will not be easy.  Best of luck to both of the semi-finalists on the program.     

Alternative Dimensions and Universes

November 18, 2007

Tonight I was watching a program on alternative dimensions or realities on the Science network.  Much of the program was based on the string theory which used 10 dimensions to make universal things work. However, the theory failed until they added the 11th dimension which made things work but only in conjunction with the “M” theory.  The “M” theory states that all universes are in a membrane and even then it would not work until alternative universes were added to the equation.  This really got me to thinking.  

Now, I am not a physicist, far from it. I can’t do complicated math at all, but I can think and reason things out.  Ok, we are energy beings and once energy is created it can never be destroyed according to physics.  This being the case then when we die, we have to go somewhere.  I have heard people say there can not be a heaven, or a hell, or any other place like them as we have been into deep space and there is no sign of it.  That may be but are we so arrogant as the dominate species to believe that all realms have to be identical to ours and all beings have to be just like us?   Now what if there are energy forms in a parallel dimension that we are aware of.  They come through to us but we cannot enter their dimension in our current human state as flesh and blood. So only as an energy form would we be able to enter?  If the soul, being the life energy of the body, can inhabit the body until the body ceases to be able to contain it, next it is released in a pure energy form then it stands to reason that it would be able to go to places where a human body could not get into.  It is like trying to physically squeeze an orange through a straw.  It will not work until you get rid of the body and then the juice will go through the straw with no problems.   

Do I believe there is a soul?  Of course I do.  How could I not?  We are taught as little children that the human body is a machine.   Every machine has to have an energy source to make it run.  The human body breaks down, can be mended or repaired and put back into the world but when it has reached critical mass, it melts down and ceases to be.  Now, if there was no such thing as a soul, or an energy source, then what could keep the body running forever?  We can keep old machines going as long as we have the parts so why not a human body?  We sure have enough parts to keep them going but once they die no matter what you do they are dead, gone and can’t be restarted…ever.  Why is this?  The energy source of the body is no longer there and it has nothing more to run on.   

People scoff at aliens, the soul, ghosts and so forth but I have to wonder.  Could ghosts actually be inter-dimensional beings?  Perhaps we run across the barriers once in a while and there is a clash or meeting between the two realms? It would make sense if everything is in accordance to the “M” theory that there would be meetings like these of parallel universes or dimensions.  The life forms in these dimensions may be just as shocked and terrified of  other energy encounters as we are.     


There may be another one of you, somewhere in another universe, dimension, time or space.  That is not to say that the person is the same as you.  There may be different laws there, different morals and judgment values.  The “you” may look like you but not act or be governed by the same rules that you are here.  Knowing that the universes actually do exist is amazing in itself but the things that happen in them can be unlimited.  It sure can explain a lot of the things that we deem paranormal Then I have to wonder how to cross the barriers of these dimensions? I believe it can happen and may have happened a few times like with JR. Tolkin who claims the Lord of the Rings was written off something he had seen.  He claims to have stepped into an alternative reality and witnessed these things.  Many other people have claimed to cross into these other realities but it is not something which happens frequently.  Could it be some type of energy flux that allows this to happen? A vortex maybe or a smashing of the membranes that allows a temporary access to these realms?    

This is something which I am sure some of the greatest minds will be churning over for a long time.  I have a bachelors degree in science but hey, like I said a physicist I am not.  I am just someone here who has a trillion things going through their head.  Trying to imagine what these universes may be like, what rules they have, what life forms govern them and if it is possible that at times we collide with them.       

Are Street Lights going out around you ?

September 30, 2007

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Why do I interfere with streetlights ?  They go out when I go under them and it happens a lot.” Actually, there are several things that can cause this phenomenon.  

If you ask a guy who is into electric, they may tell you that most of the new lamp posts are high intensity and high energy.  They also have automatic shut down switches with heat sensors built in. The electric people claim that while driving by a streetlight in a car, the energy being put out by the distributor through the spark plug wires (100,000 volts with high current) is enough energy to put the bulb into a shutdown state.  They say the bulb filament can act like an antennae which would attract the current to throw off the light’s energy.


According to the electricians, if a lamp goes out when you walk by then it is because the lamp has reached its critical shut off point for a few seconds.  It takes time to walk by the lamp so it is noticed when it happens.  They also state regarding new equipment, like CD players or televisions and radios, they shut down because of the electrical emissions from our brain waves. So these low level electrical units are susceptible to human brain emissions.   

Okay, these are good explanations, but I kind of have a little theory of my own.  We are energy beings and all things around us are made of energy.  Now, scientists know that people can throw out a lot of energy since they believe it is kinetic energy that causes poltergeist activity.  So why couldn’t a person’s energy blow out a street lamp or make it flicker?   

When there is a poltergeist haunting, the scientist will reason that there must be a human contributing factor.  They will claim that someone in the house is using psychokinesis which is the power to move things with the energy generated in the mind.  During 1948 in Macomb, Illinois there was one haunting case where the energy did not move things but caused them to burst into flames.  When humans have the energy to do something like this, blowing out a street lamp looks like child’s play. 

Many people tell me that these things happen when they are in an agitated state, or if they are thinking about it, or in heavy thought and not really paying attention.  So this makes sense.  If a person is mad or upset the energy levels are a lot higher and would affect things around them.  If you are driving by a street lamp and think about the ones that have gone out, by having done this you are directing energy to the lamp that can interfere with it.  If you are not paying attention and it is still happening, the energy levels are high so they have to go somewhere.  

 Now, there are currently several studies being done on this phenomenon.  Many researchers say that they will believe there is something to this theory if a person walks down the street and each light goes out as they go under it.  This has not happened to any test subjects as of yet.  It is usually just a few or random ones that will go out.  The scientists stipulate that it has to be more than five lights consecutively before they will look at it seriously.  They also say it has to be something that happens all the time. 

We are emotional people and our energy reacts to our emotions.  It would be impossible for this to be an occurrence that happens 24-7.  That would be like asking for an electromagnetic storm on a daily bases.  These occurrences happen sometimes, not every day, nor 24 hours a day but at random times which actually makes them more believable as they have not been purposely set up.   

Personally, I make street lights go down, make TVs go statically nuts. I also can’t hold a credit card or I’ll destroy the magnetic strip and it won’t work.  So do I believe people when they tell me these things happen to them?  You bet I do.  It is easy to explain when you think of quantum mechanics: if proton A does not recognize proton B, nothing happens.  But when proton A does recognize proton B then there is a reaction.  So, our energy, proton A meets the street lamps’ energy, proton B and hey, there is a reaction.   

What is Universal Energy ? Part II

July 30, 2007

Universal energy is nothing new, it has been around for centuries. Some people call it Reiki, or by many other names. People all have a base energy that is called an aura.  This aura is our life energy.  It is usually a bright white light with color bands and can be seen by some people.  It has also been photographed by using special photography.  

Since all of us have this energy, we can all tap into it and use it for our lives.  Here is one of the ways how I draw energy from the universe.  I will go into  room and ask Sarah (My Guardian Angel) to guide and protect me, and to come on the journey with me.  Then I close my eyes, relax and go very deep into meditation.  Next I begin to watch the pinpoints of light and move towards them.  Often times I will find myself in the universe and watching the beautiful colors.  (People use to always tell me space was dark and dense and I said, No way, it is light, full of colors and totally beautiful in my universes.  Well, thanks to the Hubble telescope, they have had a chance to see my universes, lol. )

Once I have gotten through the colors, I let the energy draw through me.  It comes in through the crown charka, down all the way through the body.  It shoots in like a beautiful white light sometimes, other times it can be a pure golden light.  I have seen blue ones, purple ones, and even multicolored ones.  It is not just a manifestation of your mind as you can actually feel it course through you.   There also seems to be barriers out there to keep you from using the higher levels of energy if you do not know how to use them and these barriers  keep you from obtaining them until you are able to use them properly.  The nicest thing is that you are taught by the energy as it runs through your body.  You will just know how to use it and what to do with it when it is needed.  

One thing I will tell you is that when you are just beginning to experiment with this energy is to be careful of those around you when using this energy.  When one of my psychic friends came to visit me, we played around with some of the Universal energy and I was showing her how to use it.  I showed her with some of the low level forms and it totally drained her and knocked her out cold.  I’ve been so use to using it that I forgot that not everyone knows how to handle it or use it. She told me the next day to back it down, she said, “I am not you ok, I need to take it slower!”  

I also use this energy  to treat people who are ill and adjust their energy levels in their auras.  After doing a party one night with several people, I used some on my daughter Crystal and slightly burned her face with it.  The people at the party were scared as the bright red marks appeared on her face and neck as she jumped up screaming that I had burned her.  I told them not to worry, it would go away, I just used too much on her. She calmed down and finished the treatment and I backed down the energy on her.  The marks were gone by the next morning and she is fine. 

Just remember when you use this energy to be responsible with it.  As you learn how to bring it into you and use it for the means intended, realize that it is powerful. It manifests itself in a physical form that can be felt by those around you, and that you have to keep it under control at all times.  It is not intended to hurt people, but to help them.   

Universal Energy Part I

July 22, 2007


When I was younger, other children around me would always grab my hands when they got hurt and place them over the hurt area.  I use to sit there and think how stupid this was.  I finally asked one of the kids, why do you do that and he said, “Your hands are so hot and it feels good, it takes out the pain!” 

I thought these events to be strange, but never really gave them much thought.  When I got older, people who were enlightened began to tell me that I was very bright, had a lot of energy and I was told over and over again I was a healer.  Now, I still argue on this point, as I am not sure that I can heal anybody.  

As years went on, I began to notice that I could do a lot of strange stuff.  Radios would go static if I was near them. I can’t wear a watch, it runs backwards after a day or so.  I found that I was able to pull energy straight from the universe and could make other people feel it.  If I was exhausted, I could pull energy and go right on working without having to sleep.  When I talk to people on the phone, I blow out  light bulbs in their house, and lights will flicker around me or street lights will blow out if I pass under them.  People complained I lit up in dark rooms and it is not uncommon to have light flashes around me or coming from my hands. Now, this doesn’t happen all the time, but so many times that it can be annoying to people around me. 

What really got me looking into this strange energy I have is when I began having problems with my ATM cards.  I would go to the bank, get the card fixed, or replaced, go out and use it once or twice and have to go get it fixed again.  There was one day when I went to the bank, got the card fixed, walked down to the store right in the same mall area, and got groceries.  The card worked fine.  I took the groceries out to the car, and remembered I forgot something.  I went back and got it, used the card and it would not work.  Went straight back to the bank got it fixed again, back to the store paid for the item and went to get some cash out front and the card was down again.  I had to go back to the bank and have it fixed again.  After months of this and the bank complaining I had to be placing my card near a high energy source like a cell phone or computer, as no one else has a problem like this.  My brother finally took them from me. We explained to the bank that he was now holding the cards and they were astonished that I was making them go down like that, but relieved the problem was fixed.  We have not had to have them fixed since, well except once when I had to use one to draw out cash, the card instantly went down after months of no problems with it.  When we went to the bank to get the magnetic strip on the card fixed, the teller said, “you know better than to touch those cards!!”