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Psychic Pernel’s New Book! SHERIDAN LINE

October 9, 2008

Sheridan Line



The story of a Haunting that took place in the 1950’s- 1960’s.  Sheridan Line is based off a true story of haunting Pernel endured s a child but was written as fiction to help break up the stark horror of the house.  Pernel says “while some children go to sleep at night scared that there is a monster in their room, there WAS a monster in my room and I had to fight it any way I could.”

An innocent child is forced to move from her safe environment to a new home because of her sister’s marriage.  Little did Camille know that her live would never be the same after she moved to Sheridan Line.

The new house was already inhabited by an unseen force so violent that it put the lives of Camille and her family at risk.  For years, Camille and her siblings battled the unseen force that leaves her physically bruised and emotionally scared and drives her mother to insanity. Desperate for answers Camille struggles to understand the psychic gifts which have developed in her. As the attacks get more frequent and violent over time the unseen force in her home grows stronger and more daring.  Camille desperately tries to figure out what is going on.  Her life begins to change for the better when she meets and falls in love with Danny, a wealthy neighborhood boy who helps her and her family escape the terrors of Sheridan Line.   

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Pernel was featured in the News

December 15, 2007

I want to thank the News media and blogs for featuring my story about our family’s Christmas display and baby Jesus being stolen during this Christmas season.

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See Pernel’s  TV interview !!!

finger1.gif  Click here: Local News | WCJB TV-20  

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

December 3, 2007

It seems one North Central Florida neighborhood has a real life Grinch. Thieves are stealing Christmas decorations, everything from reindeer to baby Jesus…

Three homes in Arredondo Farms in Southwest Gainesville have already been targeted.One victim says the thieves stole her entire nativity scene, baby Jesus and all.Its got other residents securing their decorations for fear of losing them too.Sheriff’s deputies say you may want to keep your decorations close to your home where you can see them best. Once your lawn ornaments go missing, they say you’ll probably never see them again.

Anne Imanuel, WCJB TV20 News

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I would like all to know that we have put up new Christmas items to display at our home for Christmas.  

Merry Christmas !

Christmas display stolen

December 2, 2007

This is not an easy article for me to write as it is very personal and painful.  Sadly, the Monday before Thanksgiving my favorite uncle was buried.  He died of cancer.  That very same day of his funeral, I got a message from my sister that my nephew had been in a horrible car accident. My nephew was at Hurly Medical Center in intensive care fighting for his life. He is in critical condition and the prognosis is not good.  Even if he survives the serious injuries and is taken off life support to heal, he will never walk again. The brain injuries are so severe that he will not be the same person ever.  He is just 32 years old. My nephew has a five year old daughter who will never know who her father really was.   

We as a family are struggling to keep this Christmas season alive for the children who do not understand what is going on with all the family tribulations. So we decided to set up our usual Christmas display. As if to add insult to injury and much to our horror when we got up yesterday morning we discovered that thieves had taken the entire Christmas display during the night. They also destroyed what they could not take.  We were devastated.   

Almost immediately, I began to see a different picture of this theft. It initially began with the police officer I reported the theft to when he said, “Wait a minute, are you telling me they stole Jesus?”  I sadly said, “Yes, they did.” and he was totally outraged.  He promised to increase police patrols in the area and to get the thieves no matter what.  You see part of the Christmas display we had in front of our home was the holy nativity.  The thieves not only took Jesus, they took The Blessed Virgin and her husband St. Joseph, the three Wise men and all the stable animals.  

As people hear about this, they have been outraged by this theft. My neighbor told me he is going to move.  He said that during the Christmas season he loved to look out his window at the nativity display in our yard. It filled him with peace and happiness.  My neighbor was sickened by the theft of the display.  He told me he is not religious but said it gave him peace. It gave him a thrill to look at our Christmas display and it broke his heart that it would no longer be there.  A little girl banged on my door yesterday, when I opened it she was crying and blurted out, “Is it true?!  Did someone actually steal the baby Jesus from your yard?!”   

Everyone who has heard of the theft has expressed outrage about the theft of the nativity. Now, the thieves also took our Santa’s sled and reindeers. Many other items like the Christmas lights were taken as well. Then the thieves destroyed the ones they did not take with them. But the thing people are the angriest about is the theft of the Nativity.  I have to say it is not just upset either it is plain downright anger.  I have heard people say, “Who would steal Jesus?”  or “What kind of an individual would take The Holy family?”  They have expressed anger, sorrow and plain disgust over this theft.   

This theft hurt. They are just items that can be replaced but to be honest some of them belonged to our Mom who died a few years ago from cancer.  She hand picked some of the Christmas display items.  They had a lot of special memories connected to them and those cherished items can’t be emotionally replaced. But this theft has also had a rippled effect.  It has hurt our family that these items Mom loved are gone but it also hurt the people who loved to just look at the Christmas display with the Nativity. So many individuals have stopped out front of our house to shake their heads and say how sorry they are for the despicable theft. There have been Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, religious and non religious alike that have stopped by to express their anger over this theft.  This has amazed me as I had never thought about the people who had seen the display and its impact that it may have had on them.  This theft has opened my eyes to a larger picture so not this year (as they stole everything and money is tight with Christmas expenses) but next year, our Christmas display will be back in front of the house.  It will be all new, bright, shiny and full of light. And if they steal it again, we will replace it again since now I know it is there for a lot more than just my personal family to enjoy.    

A previous Photo of our Christmas display with the Nativity. pen-christmas.jpg 

Halloween Gathering

October 21, 2007

Happy Halloween!! 

I love this time of year!  Halloween is cool as it gives a person a chance to dress up and be what ever they want!  Around here it is a time of watching the adults get just as excited as the kids.  Everyone is figuring out what they want to be, where they are going that night and who is hanging out with whom!  It is also a night I take out my camera for ghost hunting.  We seem to get some really neat ghost pictures on Halloween.  

 I never know what is going to happen from one minute to the next on Halloween which makes it awesome.  Last year my little three year old granddaughter wanted to be a Fairy.  We got her costume on, did her makeup and made sure she was a beautiful little pink Fairy. She was totally adorable.  Five minutes later she was running through the house carrying a ghoul’s severed head and screaming like a banshee.  In the mean time, as we are trying to capture the little Fairy gone wild, lots of various characters are hanging out in my house. My Werewolf son is in the living room with a chainsaw searching out his next victim while Batman sat on the couch watching cartoons. Also my grandson, dressed as a Fallen dark angel was in a discussion with Dracula.   

We finally capture the runaway Fairy and take the severed head away from her. She then discovers a coffin to play with, so she is fine for the moment.  The door flies opens and in comes my daughter dressed as a Witch followed by some neighborhood ghouls.  They are carrying a dish of eyeballs and body parts to pass out to the children who come begging for treats.  After closer examination, I discovered that these parts are chocolate and safe to give out.  The next thing I know, Satan walks into the house followed by a Medieval princess.  I sneak over to a corner to catch my breath but this only lasts for two seconds since the little Fairy has discovered the chain saw and had a mad Werewolf running after her.  We wrestle away the chain saw from the Fairy and give an axe to play with instead. The Fairy becomes content.  She is closely being watched by Satan now.  

I am fighting my way through my house that has been transformed over the last week to look like a graveyard with ghouls and body parts all over it when unexpectedly Dracula pops around a corner to ask me a question.  When I got my heart back out of my throat from this dramatic sight, I answered him then snuck into my bedroom to change.  I checked under the bed and in my closet. I was making sure that no ghouls were  hiding in there. Just as I was about to change, the Witch comes into the room to borrow a few pieces of costume jewelry.   

I escaped the bedroom to then discover a man dressed like a Woman has entered the house followed by a Star Wars Storm trooper.  Dracula has centered on the Storm trooper, the Medieval princess now has control of the Fairy and Satan is playing video games with Batman.  The Fallen angel has taken to the streets outside where he is terrifying small children and I am thinking, “Geesh, we get to give them all loads of candy!”  

 A Zombie comes up on my back and tries to bite my neck while a ghoul’s severed head is knocked across the table.  I tried to catch it while my dog is losing her mind, yelping at the head and threatening it with her teeth.  I caught the head and threw it to Batman who put it on the kitchen table.  The Fallen dark angel comes in, grabs the severed head for his outside trip to torment children with.   

Finally, they all headed out the door to go and terrify the neighborhood with trick or treating.  As they take to the streets, it was like watching an invasion of ants at a picnic.  Kids are everywhere as the adults scream and yell in trying to keep them from being hit by cars.   

After several hours of walking around and screaming the rules at the kids to not enter any houses,  to not frighten the little children, not to play with stray dogs, watch out for cars, to stop running and to watch out for little kids.  It was time to go back to the house.  Dinner has been simmering for hours; the smell goes through out the house in hopes of tempting the Halloween clan to at least eat a little real food. But this hope is dashed when I look over to see the little Fairy with both hands full of chocolate and a sucker in her mouth.  Satan is munching on a sugary Pixy straw and Dracula is eating a Butterfinger candy bar.  I enlist the aide of the Witch and a ghoul.  We effectively gain control over the trick or treat candy. The candy is checked over for bad things that evil doers may have done to it.  Batman is mad because he has to eat a Sloppy Joe sandwich. Though wants his candy instead. So I tell him, if he is not careful I will flatten the tires on his Bat mobile. He gives in and eats with grumbling the whole time.    

We finally get them all fed and everyone leaves to go home. The little Fairy is carrying her wand, hitting people on the head with it as she walks by and yells out good night.  She runs over to give the dog a strangle hold of a kiss. She is pried off the dog and her Dad gets her out the door.  Finally, the last ghoul has left and the house is quiet. The Werewolf has settled down and gone to bed.  I sit amid the mess and can’t wait for next year’s Halloween to come to do it all over again.