Additional Psychic Predictions Come True …

Pernel’s predictions keep coming true …..

* Some scandal will become associated with the new President.

Update: April 2, 2009 : Obama Bows to Saudi King- President Obama greeted the king of Saudi Arabia with a full bow from the waist yesterday, a move one commentator described as a violation of protocol and not worthy of the office he holds.

“I am quite certain that this is not the protocol, and is most unbecoming a president of the United States,” writes Clarice Feldman in an American Thinker commentary. WorldnetDaily

* Spring will be nothing short of a nightmare this year with heavy flooding and rainfall, tornadoes, and massive problems all over the place throughout the country.

Update: The April 2009 tornado outbreak was a tornado outbreak that affected large portions of the Southern United States on April 9–11, 2009. At least 5 people were killed by tornadoes including three in Mean, Arkansas just south of Fort Smith and two in Murfreesboro, Tennessee just south of Nashville. At least 108 tornadoes were reported. Three people were killed in Texas due to wildfires caused by strong winds stemming from the same storm system. Wikipedia

The US State of North Dakota experienced significant flooding in its major rive basins in 2009, following abnormally heavy winter snows atop saturated and frozen ground.

Ground which was already saturated when it froze at the onset of winter, melting snow which could not be absorbed by the frozen ground,[1] and additional precipitation from a rain storm on March 22 and a later snowstorm, are reasons for the serious flooding.[2][3] Heavy snowfalls fell in the state toward the end of March, adding to the existing snowpack.[4] Wikipedia

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