New Psychic Predictions Leading Into 2009

Psychic Predictions by Pernel Made on November 14, 2008

Well after a long race we have the new President elect.  I have to admit (sadly) I was wrong on my choice of Hillary Clinton for President or if not her John McCain.  After all these years of correct predictions I guess missing one is ok. Besides…..I hate politics and thank goodness this election is over and done with….or is it?  Pernel

* There will be some  problems with Israel and the United States. 

* Iran is going to get bold and launch a series of threats. 

* The economy will not be fixed easily and the cost of living, food, electric, water, etc as well as taxes will rise. 

* Government spending will skyrocket beyond belief. 

* Winter will start late in many parts of the country but when it does begin it will be harsh. 

* Russia is going to flex her muscles and give the United States strong warnings. 

* A major political figure will be assassinated or an attempt at assassination will be made against them. 

* Violence and crime are going to rise.

* Oh and the one that still has not happened, the most impossible of all……In 2005 I will win millions in the lottery:) ..Ok, lets go to 2006…awwww, how about 2007? ok, now how about 2008? I don’t do time frames, lol. 

From Jaden:  Be fair here Pernel.. buy a ticket!! Lol 


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8 Responses to “New Psychic Predictions Leading Into 2009”

  1. mykysue Says:

    I can see it now. In, fact I saw some of this a while ago. So, only time will tell. Peace

  2. Jackyee Says:

    Hey Pernel don’t worry about missing one on the election as this election was such a mess not even the people who predict them could make a prediction even the night before the election. As early as you made these predictions on the election I think you did pretty good, besides you correctly predicted the last one and have tons and tons of accurate predictions on your sites so missing one that no one could predict is not a big deal.

  3. Psychic Tarot Reading Stories Says:

    Hi Pernel,
    I can see that your predictions do come true, this is really impressing.
    Please let us know if you want to post your stories at our blog, feel free to contact us, and we will be more then happy to post your stories on our blog as well.

    Thank you

  4. Aaron Says:


    Your vision about Hillary Clinton being in the White House isn’t a false one, it is just that she’ll become secretary of State instead of President, you see? 🙂

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  6. Julianne B. Says:

    Pernel, I think the reason you and other seers got the Hillary prediction wrong is because what none of you were able to see was the cheating that took place at Dem. caucuses around the country. Having been an active Dem. myself for 35 years, I wouldn’t have believed it myself had I not witnessed it with my own eyes and ears. In NV, at my caucus, Hillary supporters were spat on, called names, intimidated, misled as to where the open votes were taking place, shut out if they arrived even five minutes late whereas Obama supporters were let in at any time. ACORN workers at the caucus violated all kinds of rules, boxes of Hillary tickets (votes) were “lost,” and on and on.

    I kid you not about this, and my state wasn’t the only one where this happened. It wasn’t covered in the mainstream media, so Dems. (of all races and ethnicities who were victims) documented it themselves. Two sites you might want to check out are and So don’t feel bad. I guess the cheating, upsetting as it is, was destined to occur.

    • Dak Says:

      You are so right!!! This nomination was stolen right out from under Hillary just as much as bush stole it form Kerry and Gore. Why for example would Michigan and Florida and a couple of the other states hold their primaries in will full violation of the timeline rules. One reason. It was all set up and bought off by ACORN or some of the other groups. Why? To sabotage Hillary as they knew if would probably severely cripple her campaign (it did) by keeping those votes from counting. In the end they “compromised” but only AFTER it was too late for her to catch up or possibly win. She didn’t sue because to do so would have labeled her as sour grapes forever and ruin whatever future chances she had. As a psychic myself I clearly saw years ago when she and Bill first came on the national scene that this brilliant fascinating woman was “destined” to be the first woman president of the US-before she ran for anything. This was snatched away from her by greedy and unprincipled forces that are now running amok. The worse is yet to come. Of course “they” would have never allowed him to pick her as V.P. either as she definitely would have been too close to where she should have been in the first place. I predict she will resign in frustration and either run for Goveror of New York and take a run for president again. Obama will most likely not see a second term either from fatigue, some major screwup or the serious health problems of someone close to him with the latter being the most likely outcome in my vision. The lesson is that you can’t cheat destiny either your own or someone else’s without paying the price. In any event I am not and never would be a politician. A dirty business anyway you look at it. I wish them well though.

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