New Psychic Predictions made on July 28, 2008

Predictions Made by Pernel on July 28, 2008

* Everyone is asking who will be the next President since myself and hundreds of other psychics predicted Hillary Clinton would win very early on.  Here are the match-ups. 

– Hillary Clinton vs. John McCain, Winner would be Hillary Clinton. 

– Obama vs. John McCain, winner will be McCain. 

* Some very damaging things will be released on Michelle Obama. 

* There will still be another hurricane that will make landfall in the USA.

* Don’t relax on tornadoes as the threat of them is by far from over this year.

* There will be a Huge rolling blackout covering at least two large states. 

* There will be a large upset with the convention in Denver. 

* There will be a very large major earthquake in the USA creating a very large crack in the earth

* They will come very close to capturing Bin Laden if they do not get him

* There will be a very large object from space crash into earth barely missing the space station. 

* The economy will take another sharp downturn and we will be on the verge of a Depression.  Many people will lose their jobs and work will be hard to find.  The dollar will reach a point of being almost totally worthless against foreign currency. 


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4 Responses to “New Psychic Predictions made on July 28, 2008”

  1. Ouija Board Readings Says:

    Some very interesting predictions. I bookmarked the post and will be back to see how things turn out.

  2. Bill Horvath Says:

    I did a search on the web and just about every psychic is predicting Obama. But I just get a really strong feeling in my gut about this fall. I think with Palin on board and amount of just right out tribal thought out there that McCain will pull it off.

    Determination will bring him to the White House. I will be the “determinism” of the far left elites in the Democratic primary and media of Hillary that will give McCain the margin he needs to win.

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