2008 New Psychic Predictions by Pernel

Pernel’s Predictions made April 23, 2008

* One of the biggest problems with the Summer will be the weather. Expect an unusual amount of violent storms in Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Idaho, and Texas. 

* There will be a very large earthquake which will do tons of damage it will range between a 6.7 and 7.8 in magnitude.

* Food / water is going to be hard to get in some areas as there will be shortages of both.

* We will not be so lucky as to get out of the path of hurricanes this year.  At least two of them will hit the US.

* Fire will be a real danger this Summer as several blazes will burn out of control and rain will not be coming to assist them.

* Gas prices could hit $5.00 a gallon during the Summer and food prices will continue to do a very sharp increase. 

* There will be a riot in a US city which could be deadly.

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8 Responses to “2008 New Psychic Predictions by Pernel”

  1. enreal Says:

    where are the happy predictions… is there no good news out there? No hope left? I have hope…

  2. psychicinsights Says:

    Hi Enreal,

    I do not do predictions on good things as people do not need warnings of good things. My job is to try and help people when bad things happen and to try and prevent them. There is still a lot of light in this world = )

  3. tyese Says:

    there was a up rest in NYC last night which accounted or some arrest. Another prediction to come true.

  4. sylvia Says:

    hi i was just wonderin what you think the weather and other things will be in north carolina…thank you

  5. tyese Says:

    soaring food cost!!!!!

  6. Buffalowoman Says:

    I too have had visions about what will come..I just hope for once I am wrong..but varification would be nice for a change! I have seen the State of Texas completely underwater..ppl screaming.. (and I live in Texas). My guides have told me to leave Texas by the year 2010..to higher ground.

    Varification would be nice..sometimes what I see doesnt happen just at a certain time frame..but I still listen to my guides and trust them.

    Bright Blessings to you and yours,
    Life is a Journey, Not a Destination..we are One.

  7. KLM Says:

    What is going to happen with hurricane season this year and the Cayman Islands. When is the next hurricane due to hit Cayman. I live on the Ocean and debating selling my house. It is a toss between hurricanes and the market.. feel like I am losing on both ends.. advise please!

  8. rosemary smith Says:

    Pernel Dove, Where will the large earthquake take place? Since my dear children live in CA (and grandchild) please try to help me. I have often written you and had a phone reading with you also. Thank you for any information

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