Close Contact vs Human to Human bird flu

Today I was sitting here and began to ponder what is truly going on in Egypt.  We know there have been five deaths recently from the H5N1. But I have also heard there are currently 105 suspected cases of bird flu there and that 25 people are going to the hospitals every day with suspected cases.   This is a map that shows geographically where all the bird flu cases in Egypt are.  It is amazing to see how close they all are to each other.  I found the map on the H5N1 site at:   along with a very good article written there from Scott McPherson on the current situation in Egypt.  

Check out this Map with all the numerous Bird Flu Human reported cases in Egypt:

As I read over these articles, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering, is the deal with the “No Human to Human contact” which is now being called “close contact” between family members.  Am I stupid or missing something here?  My logic, if I have this illness and I am a human, next one of my family members who is also a human gets it, then it is human to human transmission. After all, I am not a chicken so why call it close contact?  Is it close contact of the first kind? Or close contact of the third kind?  What is the deal on the contextual play with words?  Bottom line, it is human to human transmission if a family member gives it to another family member.  This stuff is confusing enough with little or mixed up information being brought in from other countries. So why not lessen the confusion and call a spade a spade? 

Then I am reading articles that claim that H5N1 is past its time and will never be a threat of a pandemic.  Really?  Tell that to the people in Indonesia, Egypt, China and all the other parts of the world that are suffering from it.  No one knows what this thing is going to do.  We have never seen this before. We have never had to deal with this type of bird flu. Even though we keep killing millions of infected birds, bird flu keeps right on coming.   


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4 Responses to “Close Contact vs Human to Human bird flu”

  1. Close Contact vs Human to Human bird flu - Bird Flu Protection, Avian Flu News Says:

    […] story psychicinsights and posted with Elliott […]

  2. Jackyee Says:

    I agree with the point you are making here. There are too many plays on words, people are confusing things over and over and it makes it very hard to determine what is the truth. I remember reading if clusters keep popping up it is dangerous, well aren’t they popping up? It amazes me how language can be played with.

  3. The Apocalypse Times Says:

    Thought you would find this story very interesting as it jibes with much of what you have said.

    Bird Flu Hiding as Other Diseases

    “Bird flu has
    been mistaken by doctors for pneumonia, typhoid and at least four other diseases in Southeast Asia, causing treatment delays that might have worsened their patients’ chances of survival, a study found.”

  4. psychicinsights Says:

    The Apocalypse Times

    Thank you for letting me know about this article. I hope now that people have become more aware of this. Hopefully the Doctors over there will be more serious about the disease. Maybe more lives can be saved with faster findings to know that it is the H5N1 they are dealing with. I will keep my fingers crossed.


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