Pernel’s 2008 Psychic Predictions coming true

* California, be prepared for even more disasters this year.  You will experience everything from mudslides to fires to earthquakes to floods. The difference is that during this year, the disasters will happen more often and they will be worse than in 2007.

Dec 30, 2007: Los Angeles, Calif. Climate Set to Alter California Landscape Scientist make dire predictions for future of California.  According to the latest scientific reports California may completely change it’s entire landscape over the end of this century or even sooner.  Noaki Schwartz, AP News 

Jan 05, 2008: SANTA ANA, Calif.  – A levee break flooded hundreds of homes Saturday as the storm that has pummeled the West Coast with high wind and heavy rain dropped a thick blanket of snow on the Sierra Nevada on Saturday. Thousands of people had no power in three states and thousands more had been told to leave their homes in mudslide-prone areas of Southern California.  A major highway crossing the Sierra Nevada between Nevada and Northern California had been closed since Friday evening because of the snow. Up to 44 inches of snow had fallen in some parts of the Sierra Nevada, the National Weather Service said Saturday morning. Forecasters expected the storm to dump as much as 10 feet at higher elevations of the mountain range by Sunday. Flights were grounded Friday and trucks overturned in Northern California as wind gusted to 80 mph during the second wave of the arctic storm that has sent trees crashing onto houses, cars and roads. Hundreds of thousands of customers lost power from central California into Oregon and Washington. Homeowners in Southern California and the Central Valley stacked sandbags and hay bales around their homes to keep out floods. A voluntary evacuation was in effect at an apartment complex northwest of downtown Los Angeles because of flooding and a small mudslide. So far eight deaths have been reported.  Battered by snow, rain and hurricane force winds California is bracing for the next storm to hit tomorrow.  AOL News, CNN Headline News   

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2 Responses to “Pernel’s 2008 Psychic Predictions coming true”

  1. The Apocalypse Times Says:

    This is very important. It appears that we may be being prepared for hospitals that are overwhelmed with people. There seems to be a media blitz on preparing us to be treated at home, i.e. turned away from full hospitals. Please read :

    The Apocalypse Times

  2. psychicinsights Says:

    Thank you for letting me know about this. It is totally insane. I know a lot about RSV, it almost killed my grandson when he was a baby 15 years ago. He was one of the lucky ones as he made it but a little four month old in the hospital was not so lucky. There is no way we could have treated him at home and had him make it:( Having been through it personally with Johnny, I know what it is like and would be terrified if I had to treat him at home. The doctors told us at the time, it was a very dangerous virus. The doctors told us that some kids get a very mild case and some get it very severe. Also, they said that only children get it and usually most children will have some form of it before they are three. Something is definitely going on with this.

    Thanks for the info,

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