Read All About It!! Bird Flu Human to Human Transmissions

Earlier today I was reading all the hype on Pakistan being the first country to have a confirmed human to human transmission case of the H5N1.  I wondered what happened to all of the other ones I read about throughout the past few months or did I just trip over my dog, bump my head and imagined they existed? So I started looking for them.  I could have put down hundreds of articles here about the human to human bird flu transmission but just added a few.  I guess the difference with the recent cluster in Pakistan is it is the first confirmed one of human to human.  But there have been several other reports about human to human transmission, not just this one isolated incident in Pakistan.   

This link is from the Wall Street Journal on 12/05/07.  It has the victims and what they died from listed. 

I noticed when I looked it over that there were several clusters reported in several places. Though there has been no information as to what actually happened to the infected persons.   

I kept searching and found several articles of interest.  This one says there is confirmed human to human bird flu transmission in Vietnam:  

These articles are about Indonesia having limited human to human transmission: 

These articles are about a father who got the virus from his son: 

Science report on human transmission.,2933,299561,00.html  

Thailand reporting first case of human to human transmission.  

Vietnam reporting human to human spread:  


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4 Responses to “Read All About It!! Bird Flu Human to Human Transmissions”

  1. Jackyee Says:

    I took the time to look over the articles you have posted here and it sure gave me a different outlook. It is one thing when you read an article, or see something posted on the news but when it is all put together it is scary. I sure hope that they get this thing under control someday but it does not look like that will happen. They still do not understand it and just keep killing chickens to stop it and it keeps coming right back:(

  2. David Says:

    I was shocked when I read cases. There are so many of them and so many human to human cases. I guess when it is all thrown in your face at once like this it is a bit overwhelming. I did not realize how many human to human cases there havebeen either.

  3. Seth Says:

    Today the Who retracted their story and said they found NO evidence of human to human transmission. Make up my mind here:( Still it does not stop the sobering facts that are outlined in the time line of deaths. It is one thing to hear about them, quite another to have it outlined. It is frightening and heartbreaking to read about these people. So many young ones:( I don’t need the WHO to tell me when there has been human to human transmission, it is quite evident in itself. If someone gets it, their family members get it then human to human trnasmission seems likely. It stands to reason that close family could catch it from each other. Thanks Pernel for putting up this time line on the deaths, it gave me a lot to think about.

  4. The Apocalypse Times Says:

    FYI, tomorrow night starting at midnight Central Time, a national talk show will be discussing bird flu. For more info visit this link:
    Practicing internist Dr. Gary Ridenour will discuss why he believes that Bird Flu is the greatest threat to mankind in history.

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