2008 Psychic Predictions made on December 19, 2007

* California, be prepared for even more disasters this year.  You will experience everything from mudslides to fires to earthquakes to floods. The difference is that during this year, the disasters will happen more often and they will be worse than in 2007.

*Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and other states should be prepared for flooding. 

* Bird Flu will be found to be mutating once again and more clusters will be reported. It will also be discovered that bird flu has become easier to spread from human to human. 

* Hurricane prediction for this summer –  We will not escape them again this year.  At least two major storms will hit the United States. 

* There will be a terrorist/hostage situation on board an aircraft.

* Be ready for a food scare, as a food will be found to contain a poison.

* A tornado will hit a downtown area.

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 by Pernel Dove  and www.krystalnet.com

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7 Responses to “2008 Psychic Predictions made on December 19, 2007”

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  3. Marlene Says:

    Close on the tornado hitting a downtown area, but not quite, fortunately. There was a scare in Chicago that disrupted a Cubs game. (Could it have been the Mets?) For the first time a disaster alarm went off in Chicago and a funnel cloud was spotted but all turned out well. Let’s hope this was the “touch down” prediction.

  4. georgia girl Says:

    The tornado did touch down, in Atlanta 2008. Looks like this psychic got 100%

  5. Morelos Says:

    Thanks for article..

    i hope it will be usefull…

    best regards

  6. Keitsock Says:

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  7. Scianna Says:

    Nice post! I absolutely agree..

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