Bird Flu Vanishes??

Have I missed something here or did the H5N1 virus suddenly just go away in Indonesia?  According to Mizzina News, there is a cover up of the bird flu in Shan State located in Myanmar (Burma),  near India.  They report that the bird flu is spreading fast there and it is being purposely concealed. They further report that some of the officials are taking bribes from the farm owners to not cull their flu stricken birds.  

This report is very troubling and I have to wonder if something similar is going on in Indonesia.  The pattern has been, months of people being infected and bird flu deaths were reported almost every ten days to during these past few weeks the H5N1 virus suddenly vanishes?  News about this virus has been too quiet lately. Is information being withheld because of the recent bird flu virus sample dispute?  How can this virus simply vanish? This is disturbing to think about because if it is true and information is being withheld in Indonesia then this poses a terrible risk to the whole world.   

There are now five different forms of this H5N1 virus out there according to news reports. So is now really the time to stand back and play games with this dangerous thing?  I understand the position of the Government of Indonesia since they want to make sure they will get the vaccine when it is created but what if this thing mutates and no one knows it? I do not recall reading anywhere that Indonesia has been fully cleared of  H5N1. What is going on with this bird flu virus?   

Personally, I find this frightening because this avian flu virus has mutated many times and is still doing so.  While we are on some sort of news blackout, it is possible that this virus could jump again and go into full pandemic form without anyone knowing it has happened.  With officials covering it up in some countries and no news from other countries about what is going on, this bird flu virus becomes an increasing deadly concern for most of the world.  It could sneak up, attack at any time and we may not see it coming. 


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2 Responses to “Bird Flu Vanishes??”

  1. Bird Flu Vanishes?? - Bird Flu Protection, Avian Flu News Says:

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  2. Sagmoon Says:

    Unfortunately, Indonesia appears to have put a short leash on all news stories related to humans contracting the H5N1 virus. As you are probably aware, the news stopped suddenly about 3 wks ago. A case a day in Bali until a govt official announced “We will not have any more cases. Say it is maleria or something else.” Why — Bali is a huge tourist area and this is their season! In addition they were expecting 10,000 people to attend the global warming conference there, which began a day or two ago and will go for 2 weeks. Can’t have people cancelling, ya know!

    One of the news hounds on Pandemic Flu Information forum discovered a blog from Indonesia in which the blogger was lamenting the recent passing from bird flu of his nephew or uncle [relationship a bit unclear] who was in the military. That and another case of one of the security personnel from Jakarta in Bali for the conference who was reported to have died of “flu” [no specific type] are the only news we have of potential cases. There are rumors, however, that there are more cases, just no official or published reports.

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