Alternative Dimensions and Universes

Tonight I was watching a program on alternative dimensions or realities on the Science network.  Much of the program was based on the string theory which used 10 dimensions to make universal things work. However, the theory failed until they added the 11th dimension which made things work but only in conjunction with the “M” theory.  The “M” theory states that all universes are in a membrane and even then it would not work until alternative universes were added to the equation.  This really got me to thinking.  

Now, I am not a physicist, far from it. I can’t do complicated math at all, but I can think and reason things out.  Ok, we are energy beings and once energy is created it can never be destroyed according to physics.  This being the case then when we die, we have to go somewhere.  I have heard people say there can not be a heaven, or a hell, or any other place like them as we have been into deep space and there is no sign of it.  That may be but are we so arrogant as the dominate species to believe that all realms have to be identical to ours and all beings have to be just like us?   Now what if there are energy forms in a parallel dimension that we are aware of.  They come through to us but we cannot enter their dimension in our current human state as flesh and blood. So only as an energy form would we be able to enter?  If the soul, being the life energy of the body, can inhabit the body until the body ceases to be able to contain it, next it is released in a pure energy form then it stands to reason that it would be able to go to places where a human body could not get into.  It is like trying to physically squeeze an orange through a straw.  It will not work until you get rid of the body and then the juice will go through the straw with no problems.   

Do I believe there is a soul?  Of course I do.  How could I not?  We are taught as little children that the human body is a machine.   Every machine has to have an energy source to make it run.  The human body breaks down, can be mended or repaired and put back into the world but when it has reached critical mass, it melts down and ceases to be.  Now, if there was no such thing as a soul, or an energy source, then what could keep the body running forever?  We can keep old machines going as long as we have the parts so why not a human body?  We sure have enough parts to keep them going but once they die no matter what you do they are dead, gone and can’t be restarted…ever.  Why is this?  The energy source of the body is no longer there and it has nothing more to run on.   

People scoff at aliens, the soul, ghosts and so forth but I have to wonder.  Could ghosts actually be inter-dimensional beings?  Perhaps we run across the barriers once in a while and there is a clash or meeting between the two realms? It would make sense if everything is in accordance to the “M” theory that there would be meetings like these of parallel universes or dimensions.  The life forms in these dimensions may be just as shocked and terrified of  other energy encounters as we are.     


There may be another one of you, somewhere in another universe, dimension, time or space.  That is not to say that the person is the same as you.  There may be different laws there, different morals and judgment values.  The “you” may look like you but not act or be governed by the same rules that you are here.  Knowing that the universes actually do exist is amazing in itself but the things that happen in them can be unlimited.  It sure can explain a lot of the things that we deem paranormal Then I have to wonder how to cross the barriers of these dimensions? I believe it can happen and may have happened a few times like with JR. Tolkin who claims the Lord of the Rings was written off something he had seen.  He claims to have stepped into an alternative reality and witnessed these things.  Many other people have claimed to cross into these other realities but it is not something which happens frequently.  Could it be some type of energy flux that allows this to happen? A vortex maybe or a smashing of the membranes that allows a temporary access to these realms?    

This is something which I am sure some of the greatest minds will be churning over for a long time.  I have a bachelors degree in science but hey, like I said a physicist I am not.  I am just someone here who has a trillion things going through their head.  Trying to imagine what these universes may be like, what rules they have, what life forms govern them and if it is possible that at times we collide with them.       

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12 Responses to “Alternative Dimensions and Universes”

  1. Oldtimer Says:

    I’ve been following your blog for some time. I have 3 blogs and a forum going, one of which is on quantum weirdness and another is on visions. The other is on homeless veterans, youth and the forum is everything homeless.

    One of my earlier articles is on this very topic. If you have time, please check out this link

    which discusses Heaven as being a timeless alternative universe and is based on a vision I had after my father died. You will find a link to that vision in the short post linked above.

    Grace and Peace,


  2. Cappy Says:

    So interesting that I came across your weblog. I googled alternative dimesions for research, since yesterday I believe I was transported to an alternative dimension for several minutes. Honestly, it spooked me and I’m wondering now if I’m just going bonkers.

    Here’s what happened:

    I came into work, went into the elevator, and then pressed the button for the 2nd floor. Whenever the elevator door opened, I stepped out and then stopped, realizing I was not on my floor (or so I thought).

    I got back into the elevator, pressed the 2nd floor button once again, and the door closed. The elevator did not move. I pressed the second floor button once again and the door opened. I stepped out once again and then starting looking around.

    The elevators (there’s three of them) were all labled on the outside with the number 2. The fire evacuation plan that’s posted by the elevators all indicated that it was the 2nd floor, but the floor looked nothing like the 2nd floor. I felt disorientated, then freaked out a bit, wondering what was going on. My office was not on this floor where it should have been…the layout was very different. I did check some name plates outside office doors, and the offices of other co-workers were there (those that are on the 2nd floor with me). Needless to say, this really confused me. And I must say, their offices were very different.

    I went back to the elevators and just stood there for a few minutes trying to make some kind of logical sense of what I was experiencing. Finally, I decided to get back on an elevator. Once inside I debated whether to go to back to the 1st floor, or go up to the 3d floor (our building has 3 floors). I elected to go to the 1st floor and once there, I hit the 2nd floor button once again, and THIS TIME it left me off on my floor. Needless to say, I was very relieved, and quite spooked.

    This morning, I went into work early and thoroughly check out my floor, and then went up to the 3rd floor…everything was normal as it should be, but this didn’t help me come to any logical conclusion as to why I was on a 2nd floor that does not exist (layout wise), yet does have offices for others I do work with.

    Alternative dimension or the onset of alzheimer’s? Who knows. All I do know is I’m still confused about this experience and why it had to happen to me. :/

  3. Muncher Says:

    Ever heard of the book Necronomicon? It’s commonly referred to as the book of the dead, and whatever preconception you have about the book from movies/tv or whatever you must understand that when the book was written it was considered modern day science. If you haven’t read it, it is basically a guide book that teaches you how to release your spirit energy so you can travel to other worlds and dimensions and communicate with the beings there all the while leaving your body behind. Today this is considered witchcraft and a bunch of rubbish, but I cant help but wonder…

  4. Allen Says:

    To find what you are looking for depends on how you look for it
    Where is Paradise? Is it possible Paradise, also called Eden, existed in an alternate dimension? Within the apocrypha there is a story of Paradise right above the cave of treasures, where Adam’s body laid, on the Holy Mountain. The Patriarchs could hear the Heavenly Realm until the time of Jared (Second book of Adam and Eve, chapter 20). One of the latest topics within Quantum Physics is the existence of parallel universes. Physicist explain it as being right before us but not visible or accessible in our present state. Enoch and St. Paul tell us it existed in the third heaven of which they entered (2Co 12:4, I Enoch chap.. 8). You don’t have to build rockets to reach it because it is a spiritual entry. Our recent exploration to Mars is a good example of how man is looking in the wrong direction. I am not against the Space program but we need to think outside the box (physics). It’s like a pictorial illusion, If you don’t have the right perspective, you don’t see it. Jesus’ parables have the same operandi, a deeper meaning hides within the story. This is why Jesus said we must humble ourselves as children (Mat 18:3) to understand the entry to the Kingdom of Heaven. Our pride prevents us from doing so as it did the Pharisees. Have we become just like the Romans who had a blind vivacity for their technology but were apathetic with the suffering of their citizens? The Science Channel presented a TV program about the “Big Collider” which will reproduce the Big Bang on a miniature scale. One Scientist presented a theory of a different dimension. She said: “We can not see or experience this dimension because it is either too small, does not have light or many other possible variables.” I suggest pride as one of the variables, professing themselves to be wise they become fools. The more I watch scientific discoveries the more I realize they are indeed stumbling into Truth unaware. Some of these discoveries match perfectly with Scripture and Early Jewish Writings. Another Science Channel presentation was about João Magueijo a physicist considered a rebel. He pointed out the discrepancies in the big bang theory and had an interesting quote: “To find what you are looking for depends on how you look for it.” João Magueijo’s Big Bang premieres on the Science Channel Tuesday, May 13, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. In this series, Joao Magueijo travels through time and space to explore the six holy grails of modern science.
    One of the ingenuous cons ever conspired is the separation of Creation from Science. They are inseparable and intertwined in the Kingdom of Heaven. Science validates Creation and Creation validates Science. It is only Man’s inability which divides him. If a Scientist is true to his profession he will conclude the same thing Albert Einstein did. There is design in all things. Einstein did not believe in a personal God but concluded there must be a God according to his own discoveries. Creationist and Evolutionist are so busy defending their pride they neglect the Truth. They need to humble themselves as a child and admit their lack of knowledge. I believe Einstein was on the greatest discovery ever at the end of his career. The Scientist in Quantum Physics, which Einstein discovered, ridiculed him and labeled him as a foolish old man. Because of their inability to understand they destroyed Einstein’s research unaware of it’s implication. A few scientist are now working on the “Theory of Everything” resurrecting Einstein’s direction. Paul J. Steinhardt of Princeton University has introduced an ekpyrotic universe based on the Superstring theory. Superstring theory requires extra dimensions for mathematical consistency. In most formulations, 10 dimensions are required. Could this be the 10 heavens Enoch traveled through? Both Enoch and Paul put paradise in the 3rd Heaven.

  5. noname Says:

    I did a Google search for “Alternative Dimensions” and happily found your blogs.

    3 Years ago I was “In other dimensions”. Luckily my mother, a psychiatric nurse help me through this terrible three months, though she is still not able to “tag”me with any current known mental instability for that time. She is as perplexed as I am to this day, as to what took place.

    I was completely unprepared for what happened, but I know that I was like a freshman on the first day, and there are people out there that are like professors, but they will not come out. They have no need to. For one of the things you come to realise, is how transient everything is. This life that we cling to in our concesus reality, is about as as relatively unimportant as a grain of sand.

    So why am I here?

    I am still trying to understand.

    But in my own way I would also like to explain.

    This Hadron Colider thing, I really feel like telling them them that they are trying to bang two horseshoes together to re-create the horse, when the whole time the horse is already there, looking at them, perplexed as to why they cannot see it!

    These other dimensions are not “Out There” as one of you already seemed to grasp. They exist here, now, next to you, under your nose. In fact, one of the most perplexing things, I think it is called a paradox, is that you are already in them, but just unable to know them.

    There are many, and having experienced some, I have come to an understanding of sorts, of a common consensus within those realities.

    That is why I am Google searching “Alternative Dimensions”. I am trying to connect with others that know exactly what I am saying, for there are others, not many, but it is clear when you meet them that they have the full faculties of the results of that experience.

    I’m glad you are “thinking, summarizing and reaching out”….

    I’m glad to be able to read your blogs.

  6. Allen Says:

    It is encouraging to know you are not alone.
    God’s Matrix: an illusion of Reality

    If you have seen the science fiction film “The Matrix” then you know the premise. The film describes a future in which reality perceived by humans is actually the Matrix, a simulated reality created by sentient machines in order to pacify and subdue the human population while their bodies’ heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source. Once you understand we are Energy (metaphysical), as described below, you have the perspective to see God’s Matrix. Just like the film it is a simulated reality, or as Einstein said, an illusion of reality. Unlike the film it is God who is in control but there are entities which know some of the secrets and have power to influence us. It’s Evil and sin we fight against not machines. Jesus is the Messiah of this matrix not Keanu Reeves. Because of the Antediluvian tragedy God has placed severe restrictions on man by what we call Physics. After the Tower of Babel episode he restricted us even more. Morpheus said” we are bound to a prison that you can’t see, smell or hear.” This prison is SIN as described in The Bible. You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free (John 8:32).

    We are Energy
    In 1905 Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity shook the foundations of science. His profound theory is still not understood by many physicists today. Albert Einstein concluded that everything is energy. Previously physicists believed everything was made up of two separate elements, matter and energy. This, had it been true would mean that the human mind was separate from the human body. With his theory Einstein turned this idea of separateness on its head. E = mc2 in fact proved everything is energy and therefore there is no dualistic world, in fact everything in the universe was connected.

    Today scientists still cannot explain what energy is. Energy takes different forms of course but it is considered in terms of its vibration. Dense forms of energy like metal or stone vibrate at a very slow rate, where as gas or sunlight energy vibrate at a much faster rate. From our human perception, things appear to be solid and separate from one another. However at the subatomic level seemingly solid matter is actually electrons spinning in a circular fashion around the nucleus of the atom and beyond the subatomic level we find elementary particles which scientists have proven to have a dual nature. They sometimes act as tiny particles of matter and sometimes they behave as a wave of pure energy.

    What science has ultimately discovered is the universe consists of something beyond the realm of matter and that something is the realm of pure energy. Quantum physicists with the use of highly advanced equipment known as particle accelerators have performed documented experiments which have revealed subatomic particles sometimes appear out of thin air. These new particles appear to divide and then collide with one another and then disappear. This, scientists believe proves that there is a universe of pure energy beyond our material universe. Some say this universe of pure energy produces the universe of matter that we perceive as human beings, God’s illusion of reality.

    Due to our physical senses most of us still perceive the world as dualistic, that being matter and energy as two separate entities. This is, and science has now proven it, an incorrect perception of what reality is. By clinging to this inaccurate view of the world we limit ourselves in experiencing the full scope of our consciousness. With the knowledge we have learned from these breakthroughs in science we need to let go of these outdated perceptions of reality and understand that there is no such thing as matter, there is only forms of energy vibrating at different rates. Some vibrating so slowly they appear to be matter but understand the matter you appear to see is only an illusion created by swirling masses of energy. That matter is a concept created by the human mind but it is not an actual substance.

    Understanding that nothing is matter, not even your body, it is easy to understand that your feelings and emotions are not matter but very fast vibrating forms of energy. These feelings and emotions are elements which are a part of your consciousness. An easy way to bring in this new concept of “everything is energy” into your life is to imagine that everything around you is made up of vibrating energy, even though you can’t see that it is vibrating. Try to imagine it as tiny microscopic particles vibrating together to make up objects of different shapes and sizes all around you.

    At this point you may be asking yourself how this article on energy has anything to do with God. By accepting everything is energy including your body and your thoughts you are taking a step closer to understanding God and the world as he created it. How grateful we should be when we understand his perfect and righteous motives. It proves my theory that Science and Creation are inseparable and intertwined in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and all around you. This Truth becomes clear when you understand we are energy. The idea of Paradise in an alternate dimension becomes plausible. It explains why Paul and Enoch were able to go directly to Paradise. This understanding allows us to be content and less apprehensible with this world. It helps us to comprehend Scripture. The prophesies, the rapture and the end of the world are discernible. Ultimately this illusion will end and we will be released from this world, God’s Matrix. You may have once believed that your brain was responsible for creating your thoughts but now if you accept that everything is energy you will understand that your brain is not some material that produces thoughts because your brain is not made of matter, it is made of the same thing as everything else, energy, and energy as we have learned from Einstein cannot be created. Although your brain’s electrical and chemical processes do affect your thoughts, scientific experiments have proven this, your thoughts come from your consciousness which is another form of energy and that consciousness has existed in some form or another since the beginning of the universe. Not one scientist can tell you where consciousness resides. Scripture associates it with your spirit and soul.

    Albert Einstein said “reality is merely an illusion”. Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about. It is God’s Holy Spirit that gives us direction. Your entire life and everything in it is a result of your belief system coupled with your thoughts. The feelings and emotions you have cement this in your mind and the illusion of all of this combined is what you see as your reality on a moment to moment and day to day basis. The bottom line and the most important things in life are belief and faith. Whether you believe in God or not, your life depends on your faith, your consciousness.

  7. Craig Says:

    We are all a source of energy inhabbiting a host. Our “reality” is only what our brain percieves it to be. Other dimensions exist all around us and many believe that for every choice you make there is an alternate dimension created for the opposite. Sadly, humans cannot control use of all of their brain activity and therefore cannot identify other realms, universes, or dimensions with the senses we are given. I, in theory, believe that if we could control 100% of our brain activity we would be able to see things no one has ever seen. I also believe that people such as mediums can control more of their brain than we can which is why they can communicate with other dimensions. Also, for anyone that wants to know more about what I am speaking of, read the Atlantis theory. It is believed that long ago there was a civilization greater than ours but they could not handle what they became to grasp and destroyed themselves leaving no evidence of existance.

  8. Calvin Says:

    I am responding to your comments about the soul. First you state that we need a fuel to survive. this comes in four or so parts. Food(calories), Water(body makeup), and oxygen. these are, for the most part, all a human needs to survive. Next you talk about aging, and how humans unlike machines, have parts that can’t be replaced. I challenge that. Humans can live forever if we have unlimited replacement parts. we do have replacement Kidneys, Lungs, Teeth, Bones, even Blood, and to some extent, a Replacement heart. However, we don’t have replacement brains, and many other body parts. and until we do, we can’t live forever. But I degress… all human parts are replaceable, we just haven’t found the replacements yet.

  9. Jon Says:

    What a way to explain this subject! It makes complete sense of what it all could be. I personally believe in a heaven and hell, always wondering what it is. This is perfect. My theory to explain ghosts was that their was 3 parts of a person. A body, A soul, and a spirit. Your body dies, Your soul go’s to heaven, but were does your spirit go? That was my theory until i read this blog.

  10. micah Says:

    Interesting well than again im very smart now what im thinking with these alternate demensions is we could use them as time travel if we can get to them maybe theres a dimension that time is way slower than earth which would mean when we come back itl be a whole nother year and to travel back go to a dimension that travels faster than us we could come back where we left …?

  11. micah Says:

    Time travel through alternate dimensions

  12. Blake Says:

    I to have been reading up on the facts of multiverses, and alternating dimensions, and they seem to be real from the mathematical part of the equations formed around energy and souls they are obviously real. What originally got me into this was when i had an encounter in a few dreams, and a spirit saw a couple years back. These dreams were about the next day or year, they would play out just like that actual day ended playing out. Another dream I’ve had was a about a girl who looked so familiar, and we just sat and talked in my dream, and didn’t want to leave each other, but then i woke up, and the very next day i saw this girl at a amusement park, and we hug and kept walking, and to this day i still have no idea who she was. Lastly one of the other really strange dreams I’ve had is that I’m leading a completely different life somewhere around the 80s to 90s, and it seemed so real, and i woke up not knowing who i was, or where i was. Lastly, a couple of years ago, while i was taking out the trash, my dog would not quit barking, so i turn around, and i see an old lady in a white dress looking at me, she smiled, then disappeared. The next day i did research on the house i was living in, and found out, an old lady had been shot and killed in the house. SO what i have gathered from all of this, maybe reincarnation is real, and their are other worlds most people cannot see, im starting to believe that dreams are nothing but a portal to other dimensions, and time itself is possible to travel, because of the energy is still their from the souls.

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