Psychic Predictions come true in 2007

Psychic Predictions by Pernel made on November 7, 2007 

* We will head into a depression

Nov 09, 2007: Wachovia, the nation’s fourth-largest bank said it faced a $1.1 billion write down for October alone. Investors also were rattled by speculation that Barclays PLC was about to announce a $10 billion write down, though the U.K. bank denied the rumors. He also said the dollar’s weakness “may have some effect on import prices” – which was confirmed Friday in new government data. The Commerce Department reported U.S. import prices soared last month at their fastest pace since early last year. “The extent of the situation is unknown, and that uncertainty doesn’t give investors any reasons to believe that a bottom might be in place,” said Todd Salamone, director of trading and vice president of research at Schaeffer’s Investment Research. AOL NEWS.

New Psychic Predictions made on August 27, 2007

* There will be an upsurge in the number of people infected with the H5N1 (Bird flu) virus as the virus continues to spread. 

Nov 9, 2007: U.N. warns of bird flu outbreaks in winter. Deadly virus thrives in cold weather; Asia at risk for rise in infections . Asia must keep watch for a sharp rise in bird flu outbreaks as winter approaches, the top U.N. influenza official said Friday, calling illnesses from animals “one of the greatest threats to the survival of the human race.” “The northern winter seems to be a time when the risk of the disease in poultry increases, and it’s partly to do with the fact that this virus quite likes cold weather,” said David Nabarro, the U.N. coordinator for avian flu and influenza. AP News.

 Nov 10, 2007:  Indonesia bird flu death toll rises to 91  Indonesia reported on Saturday that a 31-year-old man from Sumatra island who died last week has been confirmed as being infected with bird flu, raising the toll in the worst-hit nation to 91. The death toll from the H5N1 virus has been steadily rising in archipelagic Indonesia where the virus is now endemic across 31 of its 33 provinces. The latest casualty was the second this month.  The Times of India. 

* Movement will be detected at a volcano in the United States, it is by a large populated area. 

Nov 8, 2007: Volcano Inflating with Molten Rock at Record Rate  The Yellowstone “supervolcano” rose at a record rate since mid-2004, likely because a Los Angeles-sized, pancake-shaped blob of molten rock was injected 6 miles beneath the slumbering giant, University of Utah scientists report in the journal Science. 

* Something is unsettled with the waters. There may be an increase of ships in distress or problems with the waters concerning ships, boats, illness, or the aquatic life.  

Nov 7, 2007: Fish vanishing from Southeast Asia, says report Southeast Asia’s oceans are fast running out of fish, putting the livelihoods of up to 100 million people at risk and increasing the need for governments to support the maintenance of fish stocks, an expert said. Reuters.

* Expect some weird events this fall and winter, like tornados, freak storms, lighting strikes, things out of the ordinary.  

 November 4, 2007:  Unprecedented Hail Storm in Bogota, Columbia


Bogota had a freak hailstorm November 4, 2007,
and crews were wading in waist-deep ice to help clear roads. Image © 2007 by Reuters.

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5 Responses to “Psychic Predictions come true in 2007”

  1. » Psychic Predictions come true in 2007 Says:

    […] psychicinsights added an interesting post today on Psychic Predictions come true in 2007.Here’s a small reading:Deadly virus thrives in cold weather; Asia at risk for rise in infections . Asia must keep watch for a sharp rise in bird flu outbreaks as winter approaches, the top UN influenza official said Friday, calling illnesses from animals “one … […]

  2. The Apocalypse Times Says:

    Wondered if you saw this story dated Nov. 16th:

    Mystery illness strikes Dutch bird show
    Weurt – Eighteen people have become ill after a bird show in Weurt, near Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands. Seven people had to be taken to hospital with a serious form of pneumonia.

    All the victims were bird handlers, one of them was a judge. Up to now, no visitors to the bird show have reported sick.

    Doctors suspect they may be dealing with an infectious disease which can be fatal. The bacterium which causes it is carried by parrots, most often by parakeets.

    More than 150 people visited the Weurt bird show. In Druten, just 15 kilometres away, a bird show scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled as a precautionary measure.

    The Apocalypse Times

  3. psychicinsights Says:

    The Apocalypse Times,

    No, I did not see this article and thanks so much for letting me know about it. Sounds sort of strange doesn’t it with the symptoms being like the H5N1 but then and again who knows if we will hear any more about it at all.

    Also, FYI – check out this : CDC warns of possibly fatal respiratory bug
    10 deaths blamed on mutated Adenovirus 14

  4. The Apocalypse Times Says:

    Seven Hospitalized in Parrot Disease Scare

    “A least 18 people
    are ill after catching what is thought
    to be psittacose, or parrot disease…seven of them have been hospitalized after feeling unwell earlier this week with flu-like symptoms.”
    –Radio Netherlands

    Just a follow up,
    The Apocalypse Times

  5. psychicinsights Says:

    Thank you. It seems strange that the illnesses are so similar. The best way to tell the difference is to see if the people recover from it. At least last week was a good one with no deaths from H5N1. Cross our fingers and hope it continues this way.


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