Bird Flu Vaccine or being prepared- which is the better plan?

Today I sat down to read the report from the government on how they plan to administer the vaccine when it comes out.  At first I was upset to find out that my son would fall at the bottom of the list since he is 13 years old, young and healthy.  But then I thought about it and asked myself does it really matter anyway?  

 I think the promise of this vaccine is to give people hope, something to hold on to when this bird flu pandemic thing hits.  I know that the vaccine will take about 6 months to make and there will be a very limited supply of it. I also know they can’t even start to manufacture an effective vaccine against the bird flu until the virus is in full swing.  Then there is the issue of the virus mutating again and again and again even while they are producing a vaccine for the current strain.  By the time they get this vaccine out to the general public the virus will have done its damage anyway.   

No matter what we think, when push comes to shove on this H5N1 virus the reality is we will be on our own.  Being prepared and having a good plan will be the best measures to take, not the promise of a miracle drug that will show up some time or day during the course of the serious virus.  If we wait for this miracle drug, it may be by far too late.  

 I read another article today stating that they think the blood of the survivors from the 1918 Spanish flu may hold a key to helping with a cure for the H5N1.  Gee, I wrote the CDC over two years ago and brought up this idea.  I am just glad they are doing something with it even though they never answered my email about it. I don’t care, just go with it and see if this will work to save lives.   

I am not going to argue with the government’s ideas of who is the most deserving to get a vaccine first and who should be last on the list. You can bet their families will get it no matter where they fall on the list but hey that is to be expected as it is just the way things are.  If I am still alive when it becomes my turn and my son is still alive, I will give him my vaccine shot.  I truly believe that the children are our future and personally I do not see them as expendable.  In the mean time, I will do everything I can think of to protect my family, my home and will get ready for this thing.  In the end when it does come down to the wire, the only person I have to depend on will be me. Because many other people will be depending on me as well, I will have to draw on every grace I can from God to get through these very hard times. The promised vaccine, well that is another story for another chapter in the bird flu saga and I personally will not hold my breath waiting on it.    


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6 Responses to “Bird Flu Vaccine or being prepared- which is the better plan?”

  1. Christian Says:

    I love your blogs and visit here all the time. This article really made me think and I just wanted to say thank you Pernel for taking the time to stay on top of this and to let people like me know what is going on. Your a very great light in a very dark world. I will check back often.

  2. Verona Fonte Says:

    Hey I agree with you – completely. But I also think we need to work with our neighbors and encourage our communities to prepare across socio-economic groups. Read my book – BIRD FLU WHAT TO DO: PREPARE TO SURVIVE.
    It’s all about taking care of your family first, then having a plan with your neighbors; and making sure that lower income groups are taken care of. If this ever happens things will get quite tense – and good preparation and an attitude of making sure all are taken care of can at least try to foster an attitude of care, self care, compassion and co-operation. This is something we won’t find from the government.
    If after reading my book if you know any non profits that might give my book to folks that wouldn’t ordinarily think about disaster preparation give them my email. I’m giving some away for the cost of transportation and sales tax.
    Best, Verona

  3. psychicinsights Says:

    Christian, that is so sweet, Thank you, Pernel

  4. psychicinsights Says:

    Thank you Verona for taking the time to write. This is a very good plan and something which I have been trying to do. The biggest problem I am having with it is I am finding that people do not want to hear about it. The most common attitude I am getting is that it can’t happen here and if it ever did well then we will just go to the hospital or people tell me they will stock up when the time comes. Thank you for letting me know about your book, I will pass on your email to others:)

    Light, Pernel

  5. john hope Says:

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  6. music Says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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