Listen, Bird Flu is NEWS !

New recent findings indicate that the bird flu has mutated again and some strains of it have the capacity to go easily human to human. This report is posted at

  Scientists Show Deadly Bird Flu Strain Is Evolving Toward Human To Human Form In a study published in the journal Public Library of Science Pathogens, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) reported that one key evolutionary step has already been achieved in new forms of the virus that are circulating in Africa and Europe.  Led by virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, the team has identified a single change in a protein on the surface of the virus that enables it to get a foothold in the cells of the upper respiratory system of mammals. The upper respiratory system is the nose and throat. This step is important because it gives the virus the ability to infect a wider range of cell types and also to spread via coughs and sneezes. However, it is not enough to make it fully contagious from mammal to mammal; other, as yet unknown, mutations would be necessary for that to happen. But Kawaoka and his team suspect that too is just a matter of time. Medical News Today 

After reading this article and several others like it, I tried to approach people with the information.  I started with my daughter who blew it off.  I have tried a thousand times to talk to her about it. She gets angry and tells me that she will not deal with it until it is on her doorstep.  My daughter has even told her friends that I have gone over the edge with bird flu because I have stocked up my house to prepare for it.  She does not understand my concern as after all in her mind,  it can’t happen in this day and age. She will glare at me, tell me she does not want to hear about it and stomps off. I am hearing over and over again that if this bird flu was this serious then it would be all over the news.  This type of attitude is consistent with so many other people I talk to.  They do not believe it, do not want to hear about it and you are labeled nuts if you try to talk to them about this topic.  They point out to me that the bird flu is not major news or others would say they have not heard anything about it. Some have even said that perhaps this is something made up to try to get people to spend more money. But when this bird flu is at their doorstep, then what? 

Whenever an effective vaccine becomes available, which will take several months of the flu circulating throughout the population, the vaccine will be administered as per a priority list. First the vaccine will be provided for Government, front line workers like nurses and doctors, then the military. Next will then be people who are in between the ages of 20-40 years old. After all of those are done, the rest of us get what is left and that is IF there are any vaccinations left. Current thinking is, the 20-40 years olds are the work force and the major contributors to society. So hey, a 5 year old, well they will not be added to the bottom line for years.   

There are other questions to really think about. Will it even matter when they do get a vaccine?  Which strain of this bird flu will it cover?  How many mutations will have occurred while they are cultivating a vaccine for one strain? You may have a different form than the one I have.  Therefore, is this one vaccine really going to matter?  There will be millions dead before it even hits the market for one strain and then what about the new mutated ones. Think about it, new vaccines are needed for each strain as well.   

My problem with this line of thought is that my grandchildren are in the “expendable” zone, so is my son who is 13, so am I and most of my family.  They are telling you not to even go to the hospitals as it is the worst place you can be.  As a mother who loves her children and a grandmother who loves her grandchildren, I do what I can do to inform them to help them save themselves.   

We go through hurricanes here thus I have seen first hand panic runs.  Waiting until this is all over the news is way too late to do anything.  When we got the news that Hurricane Jennie and Francis were coming, there were major panic runs here.  Within a few hours, the shelves in the stores were all bare.  The gas stations started raising their prices and it cost me $30.00 for 6 D batteries.  In the aftermath, gas was really hard to get for weeks and it took almost a month for the stores to get back to normal operation again.  If we could have these kinds of problems from a hurricane then imagine what it will be like with a global flu pandemic when nothing is open and there is no place to buy anything.   

When this does come, I believe most of the people will be angry for not being fully informed.  If they have the knowledge to know what is going on, how to prepare and are made more aware of this pandemic then they may have a chance to survive.  The media is a powerful tool and from what I am getting from people is, if it is not on the news then it is not happening.  I wonder when this bird flu takes the forefront of the news, how many people is it going to be too late for?  I wonder if my children are going to finally listen before it is too late. Or will they remain like about 80 percent of the population that does not understand this virus, has no clue what we are in for and have no idea of what to do.  Personally, I am going to do the right thing and increase my efforts to let as many people as I can know about this bird flu pandemic.  Even if people call you insane, or off the wall or whatever, who cares?  Talk about it, make people understand and save some lives out there.  Just one life saved is worth all the name calling in the universe. 


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5 Responses to “Listen, Bird Flu is NEWS !”

  1. The Apocalypse Times Says:

    Do These Two Stories Belong Together?

    We have been
    watching a story
    for the last few days now about a government official in Contra Costa County (Near San Francisco,
    Ca.) who has been hospitalized with a mystery illness. The patient is near death and
    after testing him for every known bug, doctors have sedated him in order to try to keep him alive.
    Days later, we find
    this interesting story
    from the Contra Costa Times about birds at a bird feeder that seem to have
    a “very contagious fowl pox virus”. Has bird flu made it to the west coast of the U.S.?

    The Apocalypse Times

  2. Holliegh Says:

    Yes we all have experienced that people we tell this devastating news to, tend 2 disbelieve and explain away the treat, but this doen’t make it any less real. They will call U names and taunt U. I do agree 2 keep up the warnings. I warn people all the time. I finally got my family involved. U must be very parental when dealing with U’re daughter. Stern and firm. She will eventually listen. Try not 2 get 2 invoved about it, keep it simple. I hope U do reach her and the rest of U’re family. This is going 2 be horrific and I can’t stess enough 2 people they should prepare now… U don’t go buy an umbrella when it begins 2 rain, do ya? No U have it…just in case.
    I have been researching the avian flu and other infectious diseases for a couple of years now. I do believe soon we will be reaping what we have sewn…horrific suffering and massive death tolls. Just like hens in a slaughter house, we will have no contol when nature decides it’s time 4 a Human Culling.

  3. psychicinsights Says:

    The Apocalypse Times,
    It seems as if they do have a lot in common. I wonder if the hospital thought to even check for the Avain virus. Also, I have not hear another word about the condition of the nurses who are suspected of having this. Has anyone out there got any information on them?
    Now the Indonesian press is reporting that two of the nurses who attended to Ms. Tismery have also begun exhibiting bird flu symptoms. This translation is courtesy of Dutchy and Theresa42 of

    Pekanbaru — the media: (the media): two nurses from hospital early bross Pekanbaru, on Monday (8/10), suffered fever after have handled the victim who died from positive bird flu b Linda Tismery, 44, that died on Friday (5/10) last in RSUD Arifin Ahmad, Pekanbaru.

    The identity of the two, to now still was kept secret . Together 63 other immediate contact. the amalgam of the team body perusal and expansion the health (balitbangkes) the Department of Health RI and the health service (dinkes) Riau still did check and appropriation blood the serum all the contacts.



  4. psychicinsights Says:

    Thanks Holleigh so much for your words of encouragement. I will keep at her doing what ever I can. I agree there is not much we can do but I have to know that at least I tried to do everything I can:)


  5. bird species identification Says:

    This is the forth entry in the observation series. The first one was about observing people . The second about observing the environment and the third was about observing food . This week’s prompt is about observing music . The music we hear everyday blends seamlessly into our daily routine, so it is easy to miss it or even to refer to it as “noise” rather than music. However this music can be beautiful, if you just take notice. It offers a symphony of sounds, differing in depth and in length, different tones echoing each other in harmony, or sometimes in disharmony which grabs your attention – whether you like it or not. Have you ever stopped your daily havoc and tried to listen for a few minutes?

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