Are Street Lights going out around you ?

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Why do I interfere with streetlights ?  They go out when I go under them and it happens a lot.” Actually, there are several things that can cause this phenomenon.  

If you ask a guy who is into electric, they may tell you that most of the new lamp posts are high intensity and high energy.  They also have automatic shut down switches with heat sensors built in. The electric people claim that while driving by a streetlight in a car, the energy being put out by the distributor through the spark plug wires (100,000 volts with high current) is enough energy to put the bulb into a shutdown state.  They say the bulb filament can act like an antennae which would attract the current to throw off the light’s energy.


According to the electricians, if a lamp goes out when you walk by then it is because the lamp has reached its critical shut off point for a few seconds.  It takes time to walk by the lamp so it is noticed when it happens.  They also state regarding new equipment, like CD players or televisions and radios, they shut down because of the electrical emissions from our brain waves. So these low level electrical units are susceptible to human brain emissions.   

Okay, these are good explanations, but I kind of have a little theory of my own.  We are energy beings and all things around us are made of energy.  Now, scientists know that people can throw out a lot of energy since they believe it is kinetic energy that causes poltergeist activity.  So why couldn’t a person’s energy blow out a street lamp or make it flicker?   

When there is a poltergeist haunting, the scientist will reason that there must be a human contributing factor.  They will claim that someone in the house is using psychokinesis which is the power to move things with the energy generated in the mind.  During 1948 in Macomb, Illinois there was one haunting case where the energy did not move things but caused them to burst into flames.  When humans have the energy to do something like this, blowing out a street lamp looks like child’s play. 

Many people tell me that these things happen when they are in an agitated state, or if they are thinking about it, or in heavy thought and not really paying attention.  So this makes sense.  If a person is mad or upset the energy levels are a lot higher and would affect things around them.  If you are driving by a street lamp and think about the ones that have gone out, by having done this you are directing energy to the lamp that can interfere with it.  If you are not paying attention and it is still happening, the energy levels are high so they have to go somewhere.  

 Now, there are currently several studies being done on this phenomenon.  Many researchers say that they will believe there is something to this theory if a person walks down the street and each light goes out as they go under it.  This has not happened to any test subjects as of yet.  It is usually just a few or random ones that will go out.  The scientists stipulate that it has to be more than five lights consecutively before they will look at it seriously.  They also say it has to be something that happens all the time. 

We are emotional people and our energy reacts to our emotions.  It would be impossible for this to be an occurrence that happens 24-7.  That would be like asking for an electromagnetic storm on a daily bases.  These occurrences happen sometimes, not every day, nor 24 hours a day but at random times which actually makes them more believable as they have not been purposely set up.   

Personally, I make street lights go down, make TVs go statically nuts. I also can’t hold a credit card or I’ll destroy the magnetic strip and it won’t work.  So do I believe people when they tell me these things happen to them?  You bet I do.  It is easy to explain when you think of quantum mechanics: if proton A does not recognize proton B, nothing happens.  But when proton A does recognize proton B then there is a reaction.  So, our energy, proton A meets the street lamps’ energy, proton B and hey, there is a reaction.   

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129 Responses to “Are Street Lights going out around you ?”

  1. Robert E. Graves Says:

    I was riding my bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge and listening to talk radio. This was a week or two before 9/11 (not that it’s connected, but it makes it easy to remember when it happened). The announcer was tired of his usual political talk. Through the course of an hour he brought up UFOs, racial profiling, and nymphomaniacs. I thought that that was a ridiculous mix of topics, so as a joke, I shot off this e-mail to the host:


    I was once racially profiled by aliens. I know because I was wearing my Roswell T-Shirt. The Grays abducted me from a lonely, night highway into their flying saucer and forced me to have sex with an alien nympho. I think it was a female.

    A couple days later, during the day at my job with my eyes wide open, the face of a Gray popped into my mind – eyeball to eyeball, smack in front of me. This was a vision, clearly in my head. I thought of smiling, but momentarily felt entranced with the steely stare and couldn’t.

    At the time, the image was so absolutely still that when it was over, I thought that someone with a particularly strong mind had projected a picture into my head. It was all extremely interesting, but I couldn’t let myself take it too seriously.

    So, I told the story to friends, cloaked in a Dear Abby parody letter. I wasn’t trying to deceive any of them, just to raise smile. I ended it with this:

    “Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Abby, I think I angered the husband big time. What should I do?”

    Sometime, in the next couple days, the image came back, but at a distance, and I felt the Gray being a bit upset – as if it didn’t like my Dear Abby joke. Over a few days, I finally got her (the Gray) to agree that my humor was in fact funny. I think I even got a slight smile out of her.

    For the next year and a half, street lights shut down one to four times a week while driving past them. As the Gray’s presence receded, so did the street light phenom.

    Stranger things have happened.

  2. Candace Says:

    The same thing happens to me. Especially when I’m irritable, frustrated, or at a level that’s not my usual self. I first started noticing it last fall. My brother was staying with me and my roommate. I was especially irritable that night they both knew it. It happened twice that night. I went to turn on a lamp in the living room and it went on and then right back out. I then went to turn on the front porch light and it went out. It was kind of funny but freaky at the same time. My roommate took over after that. It then happened one, by one, in the garage (including the big one over the top), the back porch, the front porch again and you get the picture. I was at a friend’s house a couple of months ago, standing outside with everyone around a fire. The outsde garage light started major flickering for awhile and then went back to normal, but didn’t go out. Everyone thought it was weird. Tonight, I turned the front porch light on and it did the same sort of flicker dance and then went out.

    Hence my search.

  3. Amanda W, Says:

    Its been happening to me to lately but mine also includes flashes…. This morning when I got up I saw flashes of light, it happens in other places as well and its almost like a camera flash. The street light by my house as soon as I come out of my mother’s house it goes of… and just this morning when I was making breakfast the light above me went out. It has also happened with me on a street down town and another while I was driving….. Do you think the two are connected???

  4. Robert W Says:

    I noticed this happening to me starting in 1985, just after I received Jesus in my life. The first time it happened I just thought something was wrong with the light. Then I was out walking on a bridge one night to fish, and the lights, one by one started to go out as I passed under them. It stopped when I stopped walking, my friend asked me what was I doing to them.
    I noticed lights in the store would go out, in church, parking lots, and driving by them at night. I do not know what I attribute this to, but a guess it has to do with spritually somehow.
    I spoke to my wife and older son about it, and they did notice that this does indeed happen to me. I just decided to look this up and see if it happens to anyone else.


  5. psychicinsights Says:

    Hi Amanda,

    To answer your question, yes, sure do. The flashes are common with haunting or kinetic energy. They can be high energy fluxes.

  6. Batterygirl Says:

    The first time I noticed it was about 1994. I walked under a lonely stretch of the road and a tall street lamp went out as I walked under it. Spooked me out, but I dismissed as mere coincidence.

    Last two years I started to notice drinking glasses breaking up at eateries, coinciding with my heightened mood and heated conversation.

    Two months ago, while walking down a stretch of open lit pathway stairs through a newly constructed site to a neighborhood cinema, another street lamp went off as I walked past. I was spooked, and reminded of same incidents in 1994.

    Then during a new apartment renovation last month, brand new good condition, well-installed halogen bulbs kept blowing up. Electricians were called in, replaced all, still, more blow outs. Then few days ago another otherwise stable bathroom bulb popped (seperated by a wall) when I was “emotionally interacting” with my visiting husband. I wondered about the link. Yesterday, I returned to my old home, and again while smooching away with my man, felt the annoying glare of a halogen bulb in the bedroom, thinking “I should redirect that light so that it doesn’t point at the bed”. Next minute it was blown.

    Hence I google it. Glad to know it happens to many!

    Thanks for the blog entry.

  7. oac Says:

    the same things happen to me. i will be just driving and one random streetlight will go out. its always the one i have driven under, no one else. once it happened twice in row, one right after another. i saw once on t.v. a woman was struck my lightning once and survived and ever sine then she has notcied street lights going off. ive never been seriously electrocuted before so this doesn’t make sense. i NEVER look for it, so its not the “red car” theory. even just recently my friend and i were in the car and she noticed a street light go out that we had just driven under. it startled us both because we were both like “whoa! why did it get so much darker?”lol no one else was on the other side of the road or in front of or behind us. its just too wierd bc its always when I am directly under it! like wat r the chances? every single time. like no one else. it just started happening the past months and its happened about 20 times. so random! but im always wanting to know why things are the way they are and why things work the way things work, so this just makes me wonder and i want to know why, if possible. any ideas? i kno there is a perfectly good explanation for this, but i just dont know what it is yet! thanks.

  8. psychicinsights Says:

    Hi oac,

    It is basically kinetic energy.

    Definition: Kinetic energy is the energy of motion, observable as the movement of an object, particle, or set of particles. Any object in motion is using kinetic energy: a person walking, a thrown baseball, a crumb falling from a table, and a charged particle in an electric field are all examples of kinetic energy at work. Objects that are not in motion possess potential energy (the other main type of energy), which is converted to kinetic energy when some force, such as gravity, acts upon the object to set it in motion. Elastic potential energy, for example, is stored in a stretched rubber band; when the rubber band is released, the stored energy is converted to kinetic energy.

    Thus, us as humans with our kinetic energy at times can affect other electrical fields.


  9. Ryan Lloyd Says:

    Hi there, well i am 16 years old, and have noticed around me lights flicker, they are normaly random but sometimes i can tell when they are going to flicker. I say flicker well they tend to flicker then turn off. I have been trying to figure out for ages what it could be. I have also been told of 2 mediums i give off a lot of energy and i am extremely sensitive to other peoples emotions almost as if i can feel what they are feeling at times.

    I would like to know how to controll it if that is possible…

  10. psychicinsights Says:


    Being able to sense what another person is feeling, or to feel it yourself is having Empathy. This is a wonderful gift that allows the owner of it to be able to help other people. People who have the high energy fields like you do often find that they can control it better by learning Reiki.


    • Tracie Says:

      I am having experiences same as Ryan.
      Lights are coming on without me turning them on, lights flicker, and I go to turn the lamps off the bulbs blow out. Recently, everything I touch, falls and breaks. How can I find out about what is happening with lights? Is it a good spirit, or bad? Is it an entity that is telling me something is going to happen? Can you share a website for answers? thanks so much.

  11. Racheal Says:

    I am 16 also. Me and my friend have been noticing street lights going off when we drive under them, its been going on for about a month now. This normally happens when we are scared, but the other day when she was driving all of the lights she went past her neighborhood went out. I came home and researched it to see if this has happend to anyone else, we would like an explanation please, its really creeping us out! My dad says its because the head lights on the car are pointed towards the lights making them go off. can anyone confirm this? I highly doubt that its because of “ghosts” or “energy” its simply the headlights…I hope!


  12. Bobette Says:

    Thats so funny. I always thought a lampost had a little sensor on it.
    i always thought that because when i used to walk home alone late at night, if id see another person walking from afar i would be scared theyd see me and the light would go off. but sometimes if it was too dark and i was afraid i couldn’t see, theyd go on. strange

  13. Aaron Says:

    The weird thing with me is that Every time I walk under a street light it goes out, and when I get about 10ft to 15ft away it will turn on, this happens to many street lights I pass not just one, Can this be coinidence because it is starting to scare me?

  14. Stephanie Says:

    For many years I have believed I had a lot of electricity in my body. It started with killing watches. Everytime I wore a watch for a prolonged period of time it would stop. Then there are the streetlights. Sometimes the same streetlight will go out and sometimes turn on when I pass it. I also had an old dial type TV that the tuner went out of. I could move my hand up and down on the right side of the TV and tune it. I didn’t even have to touch the TV to tune it. Also when I walk in front of my TV I tend to make it snowy. Is this the kinetic energy I heard Slyvia Browne talk about? She says people with this kind of energy are healers. What do you think?

    • minnivinni Says:

      Hey Stephanie, your right bout the healing part, I have lights go out around me constantly and its worse lately then ever before. I have ALWAYS been able to touch someone in pain and relieve if not remove the pain just by picturing the pain as red and change it to blue. It works everytime, doesnt always eliminate it but always lessens the pain, I can also do it in much higher powers to myself, any pulled muscle or body pain I can elliminate completely in seconds by thinking bout it… I am 34 and 5’7 and have been a avid weight lifter for years, my recent check up the doc actually asked me what I am doing… He said I am healthier then most 21 year olds… And honestly I feel it too… I also know things before they happen though its very seldenm now, it seems the light issue is kind of taking over that….. And I do not know what that is unfortunetely… sorry.. wish I did…

  15. Shelley Says:

    This began happening to me in 2001. I was falling back into my Spirituality after leaving an abusive relationship. I started to notice street lights going out above me as I drove under. It was somewhat random, but was happening more and more and seemed to me to be more than coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidence anyway–just fate. My apartment faced a parking lot next door and had floor to ceiling windows all along my living room. Once, I began to notice the street lights and became aware that is was probable my energy–the parking lamp next to my apartment began going out any where from once or twice a night to atleast a dozen times. During heavy Spiritual discussions with a friend it would go on and off every 5 or 10 minutes. While driving with this friend in my car and one of her friends we started to discuss this phenomenon. Her friend didn’t believe me, so jokingly as we passed under the next light I said, “watch”. As instructed the light went out. I was just as shocked as the both of them because I’ve never called it.
    I moved to downtown Chicago in 2004. This phenomenon has not been so active since moving. The city tends to drain my energy. Recently, my mother has been ill and it has been quite a strain on us kids. The only child living with her is my 17 year old sister 21 years younger than myself. We are both strong spiritual Cancers with our birthdays being 3 days apart. Last week I went home when my mom was released from the hospital and for the first time in a long time I noticed a handful of lights go out. When my little sister and I went for a drive together we put out atleast 8 lights together in a half hour. It was reasurring that I still got it!

  16. Jasmine Says:

    I just came home from driving to the hospital to check and see if my boyfriend was there. His phone has been off all day, and his grandmother has been in the hospital, so I headed up to see him and his family. I got there and he wasn’t there, but on my way home something really strange happened.

    On the drive home it was very foggy, so I could see the little cone that every street lamp makes with light pretty clearly. I passed under the first street lamp on the road pulling out of the hospital, and it flickered. Then I turned again and one of the street lamps I passed under dimmed… alot. About 4 blocks down, a lamp only I was under for at least 5-6 seconds went out. No one was near me.

    Of course I was a little upset not seeing anyone from my boyfriend’s family at the hospital upset me. I was thinking the worst happened to his grandmother and I wasn’t there with him… I don’t know. It just weirded me out.

  17. Maxwell Says:

    Amazing. Street lights have been going out for years when I pass under them. Maybe im not going crazy.

  18. Kira Says:

    Crazy. At least I am not the only one! Happens to me at least once a day, often consecutive lights go out. I pretty much expect it to happen and have gotten very used to it. Now as I approach a street light I just watch it as it goes it. I used to think it could have been a coinsidence but it just happens so often and in so many different places, even in different countries! I noticed the more i think about it the more it happens. same with light bulbs going out in my house. I remember not too long ago when I had to change almost every bulb in my house! I need to learn how to control this you know becuase that could get kind of expensive !

  19. susan Says:

    Has anyone ever had anything like this happen? I live in Las Vegas and had recently joined a fitness center. Was meeting up with a potential lover….someone that i work with and we’re about three months into A verbal and light touch affair. (we are both married to other people) I had just drivin into the parking lot. I was overwhelmed with the possibility of getting physical with this guy and all of a sudden the entire Club shut down. The entire light system went down about 10:30 pm. I was still in th parking lot and every body out there just sat there in awe cause everything inside and out went pitch black. So as people stood around I asked if this happens often here, and the replies were no never from several regulars that had been going there for a while. They sent everybody home cause the power didnt come back on. So about 2 months later, I go to a new location that had opened up and on the way home about 1 oclock am I drive under a street lamp and about 15 of them all the way down on the left side of a very wide street go out one at at time.Of course HE was there and again I cant get my mind off of him and the mental affair still in full swing. Okay…..Today I go to the burlington coat factory…trying to get him out of my head cause I cant take the stress , of this whole mental affair thing anymore and its off and on again. The power and lights go down in the whole store. They sent everyone to the front of the store cause the power would not come back on, so I Just left with alot of other people. Npw I have had the street lits go off and on my whole life, never really thought to much about it really but now I am getting a little spooked. I have alot of static electricity no matter what climate I live in and no carpeting, this has also been a problem for me and my dog as he gets alot of shocks and people I touch. So after this all happening I am starting to think What the @##$$#> Please let me know if this sort of thing happen to other people cause again I asked two of the employees a the store if this happens often and they said they have never seen that happen before. All this in 2 months. Also the power in my kitchen has been going out for a few months. I have to call to come out I think I am blowing out the switches. Someone please comment

  20. Bulldog Says:

    I have been driving in my car and several times the street lights have gone out. I just moved into my new house about four years ago and every time I touch a light bulb it seems to blow. Every light in my kitchen above where I am blows all the time so I gave up putting new ones in. Almost every outlet in my kitchen is blown when i plugged something in. I even made the microwave and a coffee maker go crazy. When I’m on my laptop computer I even make the mouse mess up.

  21. Brandy Says:

    I am so glad I stumbled across this site. I have dealt with weird things for years. Things like: shocking everything when I touch it; cars, people, walls (yes, the drywall), granite counters, etc., I have caused numerous plugs and outlets to burst into flames when I plugged something in, I exploded a ligt bulb in the cash register at a place I worked at by simply placing an ink pen on the ledge of the machine, lightning has struck 2 homes I was in when I was little and struck around countless places I have been, I have seen literal balls of lightning two or three times, I am not allowed to touch my parents’ TV’s anymore because I have made so many lose their pictures, I have broken countless CD players, two of my cars have needed new alternators, my dishwasher and freezer don’t work correctly and my digital cable’s signal keeps messing up for no reason and then there are the lights. Out of my entire street, my building’s common lights are the ones that are almost always out. I constantly have light bulbs burning out at home too.

    So…what do I do about this? It is getting expensive!!

  22. omar Says:

    one thing though , i have the whole street going off on me all da time ok i see the hole thing with the sensor in da street light but what about the other machines see i work at a gas station i use electrical stuff but some times they all malfunction on me and only me like the lottery machine my register and other thing , i need one explaination bout something that happened to me while i was with my friend this was already when i got use to da whole street light and what not.., ok now for da weird part , i was telling my friend bout the whole street light thing he knew bout it i recently told him but i had to bring it up i need answers , so i was telling him that im going to cause a black out the instant i said black out the whole light in my town went out, i freaked i was like “what da hell just happened” so i need answers , im not freaked bout but is something i must know

  23. Gary Says:

    OK. Lights go out every time I go out -only street lights though. Thanks to you all I’m not crazy. Is this positive or negative energy affecting this? Can it be controlled? Are there any other attributing theories – spiritual, etc?

    • minnivinni Says:

      My personal experience, there is much more to you then you know…..I have abilities that are unexplainable!!!! I have the same effect on street lights as well. Think bout this, have you ever knew something before it happended? how bout your health, are you healthier then most around you? Do you not need near the sleep most do?? I have all of this, and I have tried for years to understand and control it, with little luck, best I have found is I am a healer… I can touch someone in pain and imagine the pain in a color and change the color in my head and there pain will go away…… Try being positive no matter, chances are your a positive person anyhow, the energy level we have has a much greater purpose then anyone knows, but trust me on this, having this COULD allow us to move things with our minds without touching them… we just have to understand it more…

  24. Russ Says:

    I’ve got a question… For the past three years or so I have noticed lights going out as I approach. No not peoples porch lights but street lights and such. Before I moved to the beach I lived on main st. in a small town. When I would walk my dog street lights would go out as I approached. After passing them a couple of hundred feet the would come back on. Maybe three or more times in a half mile walk. It also happens when I am driving. Not all the times but alot more than I would think normal. I have asked several friends if they have noticed same and I get some strange looks. Nothing else abnormal ( I’m thinking crappy love life is just that) Question is , have you heard of such a thing before or should I just listen to the voices in my head thast say pay it no attention ?? Just kidding about the voices but totally serious about the rest.

    I’m on your friends list

    Thanks and have a most wonderful day


    I just sent this to witchy woman on myspace–she said google it and here I are. Ok I feel some better.

  25. A of DNA Says:

    OK.. So This is the first time I’ve ever looked it up on the internet about how light go off when I’m around them (mainly streetlights). But for years this had been happening to me…and there was a time where this did happen to me EVERY SINGLE DAY… I would say almost for more than a year. It got REALLY weird for me when it would happen 3-5 times a day. Now…I finally thought by then that could not just be a coincidence. I was driving a lot back then and so now it doesn’t happen to me much because I’m not out on the road anymore. I had always wanted an explanation for it…and always wanted it to be a good thing. I’m just glad that I’m not the only one. haha.. and suppose that I give off a lot a energy. 🙂 – Thanks

  26. PollyA Says:

    I thank you for posting this information. I’m 45 now, and just getting around to researching this! It happens to me all the time. When I was a kid, I was always amused that I “just happened to be there” when the bulb went out on a streetlight! It still happens, but I’m not convinced it has to do with negative moods. Even happy moods generate an excess of energy in me – that some people can feel and see. I am learning to reign in my excitement at times so as not to scare people off. The electronics I have the biggest problem with now? Digital cameras! I used to be a fairly decent photog in the days of the manual camera. Can’t get these digital ones to work properly! Especially where flash is concerned. Sometimes, it’s downright funny. Oh. And the fancier the cell phones get, the worse they work – for me anyway. Had to throw out my LG Env Orange and go back to my old model LG.

    I also find that I’m sensitive or allergic to electricity. Really don’t like being in places, especially stores, with too much emf. Even with my protections, it really gets to me.

  27. PollyA Says:

    One more thing: when the streetlights go out on me, I’m not in a car. I’m walking by and usually across the street from it.

  28. JM Says:

    Maybe someone out there can help me out. I’ve experienced the lights-going-out phenomena and the like for as long as I can remember.

    Recently I’ve been having “flare ups”. I’m draining batteries left and right, knocking out the lights in my department at work and I’ve fried two touch screen panels in the last week. It just seems to be an everyday occurrence now that I zap something or break something. I’ve never noticed that this happens with my mood, it always appeared random to me and not dependent on my state of mind.

    I’ve tried every thing from anti-static wristbands to putting metal spacers through my shoe’s soles to keep me grounded. Both of which worked in years past but seem to be having little effect now.

    Any insight?
    ~ JM (

    • PollyA Says:

      Hey JM. I just found out about your request for help. Better late than never, I suppose. One thing I can tell you is to NOT wear any metal on your body. Not even metal jewelry. Makes things much worse. There’s also a guy that has been helping me keep my ‘circuits’ working. Can’t explain what he does, but he is well respected. Takes 6 weeks to get an appointment.

      The most important thing, is to do whatever you have to to keep your own body relaxed and in balance. So, in addition to no metals, that means no sugar and no synthetic chemicals or drugs. Even synthetic fabrics can cause a problem. Believe it!

      Oh. And here’s the guy’s info: Dr. Robert Frey 212-687-0600. I don’t know where you are, but he’s in New York City. If you call, watch out – his receptionist isn’t the friendliest person. She’d do well working for the post office or DMV! lol.

  29. Sean Says:

    Wow I have had this going on for more than 20 years. Anyone who knows me, knows this happens and has just come to except it. One night when I was 18, I was telling my girlfriend about this. I offered to drive around with her at night so se could see it. We turned onto a large boulevard (Ventura Blvd.) and the entire city block of streetlights went out!! But no other power was out. Now I am 42 years old and still see this all the time. I can say that certain light just go on and off all the time because I notice many are the same light over and over. But there are also many new lights that go out as well. Also, why do they wait until I am near them?

    I really want to learn more about this because it is a great mystery in my life. My mother was a Psychic. I do not know if this has anything to do with it.

    • Kassssee Says:

      Same thing happens to me, at least 3 times a day. All my friends are used to it now. It’s always random ones but there are a few particular ones that always do it no matter what, if I come near it. It’s not only street lights, it’s also garage lights, and porch lights. I didn’t get scared until a light turned on during the day when I went under it. My mother also has physic intuitions

  30. Renee Says:

    Please, this is happening to me on a daily basis. The same light on my street goes out whether I walk under it, or drive by it. My kids have noticed this happening, they think something is up. Everytime, Each and everytime I drive at night, Street Lights go out when I approach. Tonite, 3 went out. It is happening more and more. What is this??????

  31. Allie Says:

    I am SO happy that I am not going crazy! I have always had these things happen to me. Streetlights are probably the first thing I noticed, but there are lots of other things too. At my old job everyone would yell at me if I stood too close to the radio, as it would instantly turn to static if I got within five feet of it. Car radio/CD player? FRIED! The CD player is done with and I can now only pick up two radio stations at all. I have satellite radio in my home and I have to arrange things “just so” to get it to play, whereas my husband can just turn it on and it works. I am the only person in my whole office who has had both their computer processor and their monitor completely replaced. Also the only person who has had the overhead light tubes burn out not once but twice! I am like the Grim Reaper of light bulbs. More often than not when I go to turn on a light the bulb pops and burns out, sometimes with a nice dramatic effect. I get the whole flickering lights thing too. The worst thing is that I shock everything, all the time! My poor animals think they are coming in for a good petting and end up getting shocked; when I pet one of them I can actually see a tiny spark every time I touch his ear.

    It does seem to happen more often when I am deep in thought, although it has also been known to happen when I am really sick, very tired, or even extremely happy…just glad to know I’m not the only one.

  32. chuck Says:

    This happen to me all the time for years in fact that why I google “streets light going off around me” It happens when I’m driving down the interstate when I’m walking it happen enough to notice it. I really don’t watch for it but out of the corner of my eye or as I’m approaching lights or just passing by them they blink out. The street light out side my house goes out now I’ve joke with people for years about light going out around me. So tonight I decidecd just to google it and was surprise to see the comments on this. When I was eight or nine years old before I ever had thoughts about U.F.O or heard of them I remember as a child waking up in my living room early morning in a chair as the sun was coming up and have never walk in my sleep again that I can recall, But in my dream that night I remember being out on my poarch and looking into the sky and seeing lights And the message I always remember is We are watching you . I’ve alway joke with my friends that how they can pinpoint were I’m at , by making the lights going out around me. I’m 48 now. I’m glad to post my thoughts and to read other posting. Right now It’s 6:50 Pm tonight So I started looking at the street light out side my house to go out. I went to my window 3 times on the third time the street light went out for about 2 minutes and then it came back on I was hoping it would go out while writing this .I have no reason to make this up it just happens I do find crop circles a phenomenon there very interesting These are My thoughts. This also happens to my son we have talk about it.

  33. TF Says:

    I have always noticed that street lights have gone out around me… No big deal realy and it never really got me cerious but as of late my brother’s wife has said any time she is with my brother or I that the lights go out frequently. Just and FYI he and I have never felt any ghostly presence or any thing but I also don’t think that we have ever payed the phenomenon any attention.

    I’m just wondering if anybody els that notices these things also has a sibling that does too.

  34. alexis Says:

    my name is alexis and about 3 years ago during my first pregnancy i noticed that different lights would go out as a drove by them. i didnt really catch on until the third night in a row another street lamp went out while driving under it. After then it was a constant thing and it scared me. the first three times it happened they were ALL different street lamps and different places different days but it was three days in a row. then it started to happed more sporadicly. it happened one time with my mom in the car when visiting family in san antonio too which spooked me even more. i lived in a small town and now i moved about 30 minutes away and it still happens there. i am visiting my dad right now and while driving to wal mart about an hour ago it just happened which made me think about looking it up on the internet. i was SHOCKED to see how many people experience this and i myself am surprised that it still happens after i talked about it because usually once you talk about something it stops. But i remember two weeks before my grandfather died i told my mom (it was her father) and my brother that i had a very ugly feeling and someone is going to die and i could FEEL it, two weeks later my grandfather died. I rarely vistited my grandmother too and THE one time i asked my grandfather for money i had to go and pick it up from him (i NEVER asked him for money) my grandmother fell off the bed that very same day and she had to go to the hospital. she told my she loved me and i was the last grandchild to see her alive and the last one she said i love you to. for some reason the same day i asked him for something was the last time i would see her and it was like i was supposed to see her that day b/c i would never see her again.My daughter was born on the day that my mother’s father died (not the same day just the same date) and one week after her birth my father’s father passed away. im not saying that im special or anything but i just had to get my story out there because its just weird. thank you for reading if you do

  35. alexis Says:

    i forgot to add that when i would be lying down ALMOST asleep i would get this overwhelming feeling that someone was about to walk into the room and sure enough someone at that moment would walk through the door and the house would be dead quiet

  36. Brookes Says:

    Streetlights have gone out around me for as long as i can remember. Usually when i try to do it it doesnt work. It always seems to happen as i am deep in thought, or absent of thought. Like clockwork i can depend on it if im not thinking about it. One, maybe two on any given night i pass by them.

    Tonight was the first night that it happened in any large ammount, 5 to be exact. Lately i have been in a cluttered state of mind, constantly analyzing it to no end. I was walking down the street to buy a pack of ciggarettes, and 2 in a row went out, as i crossed the street i was thinking about it and the next one stayed on, walking across the next street as my mind drifted from the topic, it happened to a post that was housing 2 lights at once(both of them going off though i count it as 1). As i walked back from the store, it happened once more, and then i attempted to do it purposefully. I walked towards the light trying to focus my intent on turning it off, as soon as i gave up i exhaled a deep breath and suddenly it went out. In my current state of mind, i feel as if am without direction, and usually regard these phenomena as a kind of tap on the shoulder to wake up. It increasingly happens with more and more regularity.

    I do not worry about it, i feel it as a disguised blessing of sorts.
    I feel the meaning of this will help me find meaning in my own life.

    Blessed be

  37. Kevin Says:

    I just had it happen about an hour ago. This has been happening to me for over 20 years. Once in college I told some friends about it while we were on a bus and about an hour later we stopped at a 7-11 and as I walked under the lights they went off above me. I have only told a few people but it normally happens again after I tell them allowing me some conformation. I do not know what causes it and it comes and goes sporadically. My theory is that it is my guardian angel (my little sister that passed at age 3 when I was age 5 some 37 years ago). I have seen all of the scientific explainations and this makes as much sense as any of those. I have also had to replace way more than my share of lightbulbs in my homes over the years. My mother still lives in the house I grew up in and she rarely changes a bulb now that I am gone. Whether it is energy, the pure light of an angel, or merely a coincidence I see no reason to fear or embrace it. The only thing that might come from proving it is the local highway department would probably try to send me some kind of bill for reapir of the lights.

  38. HR Says:

    This happens to me as well. I started noticing it about two years ago, probably because before than I had mostly only lived in rural areas.
    At first I thought I was kind of nuts or that it was coincidence. I could have believed that and would have believed that – or that it was just a “natural” function of the lights – since both of those explanations are easier to believe.
    But lately other people have noticed this when I’m with them as well. Anyhow, it generally happens when I’m just walking along not paying attention. The more sidetracked I am, the more likely it seems that a streetlight or two will go out when I walk by. I’ve even began to notice some going out when I drive by them and this never seems to have happened before.
    Sure, it could be explained pretty easily if this only happened like once a month or so, but when it starts happening a few times a day…
    Hence, the google search.

  39. njf Says:

    Yep, this happens to me ALL the time. Just last night driving home from a band rehearsal, THREE street lights went out as I drove under them. And I wasn’t “looking” for them until the third one — I was obviously on alert after the first two. I always wondering whether it was some kind of bad omen, but I don’t think so. Like many of you, I simply think it has something to do with whatever goofy energy I happen to be giving off. I almost enjoy seeing it now!

  40. Kristin Says:

    So for years now, this has been happening to me. And there are some streetlights that ALWAYS go out when i drive under them. My friend suggested that it might just be some thing in my car that does it. So we tested it in other cars… and it always happened. And it’s not like there are going out for just any car… just the ones I’m in. It drives me crazy. It makes me want to take it as a bad omen or something. And I have always wanted to know why they do that when I come near.

  41. Walter Says:

    Im glad I found something like this. I tend to be rational and dismiss anything I find weird as a mere superstition. I even feel dumb trying to mention this to friends, but it is happening to me. When I started noticing a light going off I changed the street I walked along and another light started going out. Now I just try not to think about it. This has been happening to me for two years and when Im not paying attention. I cant help noticing it though. Before that I was one of those crazy people that see 11:11 everywhere. Do we need group therapy?

  42. Joseph Says:

    I completely believe this has something to do with being psychic, partially psychic, or having some strange aura around a certain individual. A few years ago I really began noticing street light going out while I drive under than. I can read certain peoples mind, especially 1 female in particular whom a psychic told me was my soulmate (and pulled her name out of my head). I have experienced “feelings of doom” before something bad happens. Just tonight I forgot to turn the stove off after cooking dinner. About an hour later Im on the couch with my laptop and I sense there could be a kitchen fire tonight. The list can go on and on but I’m glad I’m not the only person this happens to….

    • Margo Says:

      Hi Josh

      I can relate to you. I have read many people thoughts too. Actually, it sounds like they are talking out loud but they are thinking. When I was a young child my sister and I fought a lot. I would accuse her of saying mean things to me. She said she didn’t say it she was thinking it.

      When I was dating I would get mad at the men because I thought they had gone out on me. Actually, they were thinking about it. You are not alone. This is a great gift we have. I hope to put it to good use.

  43. Jakes Says:

    I don’t know what I believe this is, but after last night’s event’s I decided to google this phenomenon. It started happening to me a few years ago. Sometimes walking, but most times driving. Sometimes a street light that was off would go on, but mostly they switch off as I pass. Last night I passed the first light, it went out without me even thinking about it. As I took the corner the 2nd light went out, also again not thinking about it “fully”. At this point it was in my mind and I was waiting for a light to go off again, but thinking it was just COINCIDENCE again that the first 2 went off. Then 3rd light went out and eventually the fourth. I dont know why this keeps on happening to me, it sometimes freaks me out, like something BAD is going to happen. Anyway, glad I’m not the only one.

  44. Margo Says:


    I have been experiencing street lights going out since I was a young child. First, many would go out when I walked under them. I still experience this, now, mostly when I am driving because I no longer walk in the dark. It doesn’t matter what car I am driving, it always happens. Usually, a few a week, it just happens, I am not thinking about it. Usually, I am listening to music–not upset. I cannot wear watches. The batter only lasts one day. When I stay in a hotel the key only works once or twice and I have to go to the desk every time to have it re-set. I am a high energy person. I was wondering if those of you out there who experience this are high energy too. What would happen if several of us were all together? I wonder how many lights would go out. Also, some days I cry for no reason. Then I turn on the TV and a national disaster has occurred and many people have died. Someone out there must experience this too?

  45. Iggi Says:


    i know how it is i have light go out where ever i go driveing walking in my home some time my cpu goes nuts and this happens a lot like more then once or twice a day just trying to fine out what is going on if any one knows and thing plz tell me

  46. Agnes Says:

    I am also glad to find this site…im not sure how long its been for me since ive noticed street lights going out ..either walking or driving but i never talked to anyone about this until recently my daughter and i were driving to the city and i told her about these lights going off and on ..and when we arrived in the room , we were in the washroom getting ready to go out and there was three lights overhead the sink and one went off and i though maybe it had burned out …but few minutes later it came back on…daughter and i found that pretty spooky…but i dont feel as feaked out now , that ive found this site…tks

  47. Kam Says:

    This happens to me as well. For the last few years it’s picked up more than usual. I used to see it when i was a child about once every month and i never thought anything of it. Recently it started to happen again but alot worse. I would see at least 6 lights react on the ten mile drive home from work (i take the same route each night). It picked up around a time in my life when i was very stressed and on edge.

    I used to joke around saying they talked to me, it would happen when i had friends in my car as well and i would always point it out. They said it never happened to them when i wasn’t there.

    Sometimes, they would turn off suddenly, flicker and stay on, or sometimes a streetlight that was off would turn on. It was never the same streetlights each night either. I had a few that would turn on or off every night, but it was never all of the same ones.

    I would often be afraid to go home afterwards.. thinking it was a sign of something bad.

    I’ve loosened up a bit now, and i haven’t seen ONE the last 3-4 monthes. It kind of upsets me actually. It grew to be very comforting. 😦

  48. Kellie Says:

    Thanks to all of you who replied to this blog. It is a comfort to me to know that I am not alone. I first noticed this phenomenon about 10 years ago. On my way home there was a large bridge that I had to cross. At the bottom of the bridge I took a left turn off the highway and there was a streetlight. I started noticing as I topped the hill that the light was going out. I thought maybe I was imagining it and started to watch for it. It freaked me out to see that light go out. Then lights started going out, as I’d drive down the road. Then the lights started going out, as I’d step out of a building into the parking lot or out of a room into a hall. I was in a bad marriage at the time and getting ready to file for divorce. I was really scared that I was under spiritual attack. Even my children started noticing and asked me why so many lights were going out. I have always believed in spiritual forces and I have always been able to read other peoples emotions. As a scientist I know that everything around us has energy and motion. The scientific explanation for the light phenomena I doubt will ever be known. (By the way it happened tonight when my friend and I pulled down to her barn, the outside light went out.) But I will no longer be afraid when I see it happen.

  49. Jenny Says:

    I made 6 street lights in a row go out last night. It’s happened to me since high school but the 6 last night was a personal best. Ha. Strange.
    I’ve found that I tend to put street lights out when my brain is too full. I haven’t noticed it being connected to emotions, except maybe stress.
    Anyway, thanks your insights!

  50. Travis Says:

    This is very weird!! I thought that I was the only one to have this happen to me. Then one day I was telling my girlfriend about it and she said with a shocked look on her face that the same thing happens to her! Now for both of us it only happens with a street light here and there, not one after another. I honestly don’t know how many times we’ve been driving down a road and have a street light go out. It happens so often. As a matter of fact she said that she had one go out as she was driving last night and it made her think of me. I do believe in God. And I often wonder if this could be some sort of sign. I also need to mention that it is not always the same vehicle we are in when this takes place. Some times it will be one of her two cars and other times it will be in my car. And it’s not always the same road or street light either. This happens just about everywhere we go!

  51. Arienne Says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not crazy. I had a very crazy expeirence with this one time. I had been talking to this guy for a while before we went on a blind date. One night out of the blue he wanted to go out. We hit it off and walked down the boardwalk, probably 64 blocks(roughly 2.5 hours). I noticed that streetlights kept going out. I mentioned it and I counted that it had happened 11 times. It was crazy. I happened to me twice tonight on the way to class where I had a test that I knew was going to be easy in a subject that I love. I think pleasurable events trigger it for me.

  52. kellia Says:

    I now know im not alone,i remembered this as far back(street lights going out) as 15yrs old! Im 42yrs old still happening.I mess up t.v, outlet plug in burn up(were running out at home)Cell phones (ive had a dozen or so ) going on another one now, ,,,,,,,,, my list is endless.This site has been very amazing to know Im not alone! thank you

  53. abby Says:

    i dont think much of it but i would like to. it seems to be every time i’m driving when im not paying any attention to it or i’m thinking about something. i’ve only been putting out street lights or making them come on and it only seems to occur while im driving. id like to think its some sort of super power but a very unuseful one at that, lol. i thought i was the only one this was happening to, apparently not. [: the pessimistic side of me says that its the world “going green” that makes me think this; putting street lights on ‘timers’ to conserve energy. however, that is the logical explanation that i do not want to believe. any other theories out there that could help me believe its something ‘out of the normal’? [:

  54. Kuba Says:

    Well, it’s kinda relaxing to see, that others share the same feelings of strangeness and creepiness, and experience this apparently unexplainable phenomenon. How many people had stopped and thought about it long enough, to go and search it over the Web just to conclude it happens to other as well (it’s top 10 in Google, btw).
    I tend to be a rational person, so rational explanation seems to fit my beliefs. The mechanical explanation follows, which applies both to street lights (high pressure sodium and mercury lamps) and to external building lighting (LPS and incandescent) — indeed, these are susceptible to kinetic vibrations, which can break the arc once it becomes unstable (wear of the electrodes inside the housing, gaseous impurities). Incandescent lamps are vulnerable too — vibrations may loose the lamp in its socket, what in turn can cause a momentary voltage drop followed by an inductive peak and, effectively, thermal destruction of the filament (so these go off for good 🙂 ).
    How probable is this? It’s plausible: lights go out as you approach or pass by the lamp post — so it might be just your footsteps or vehicle’s shaking the ground beneath.
    There’s no plain coincidence, nor a paranormal activity at work here, QED.
    The above cannot explain, however, why do some people notice it, and some do not. According to the standard uniform distribution, the phenomenon should affect everyone equally. Additionally, outages should be correlated to any random vibrations, i.e. heavy traffic or road construction. Embarrassing. Well, I can still defend that statement — random vibrations cannot make the arc unstable — only prolonged discharge can (as in night ride SLI). (What about incandescent ones, but these seem to be the minority — I personally can’t confirm problems with halogens etc.).
    A little speculation — some electrical properties, maybe? Local fluctuation in ground potential (the “0” or “earth” terminal — every lamp should be grounded) associated with a person walking. (I got no definitive idea, though — stepping your both feet to ground in a stride creates a momentary loop circuit, but the electrical current involved, if any, is — or shall be — negligible). That said, what about the vehicles.
    Some of you report that it is not necessarily random and spontaneous but rather they can predict, when a “blackout” will happen at a specific lamp post; this I cannot explain given my physics knowledge. 🙂
    P.S. Apologies for my poor English; regards from Eastern Europe.

  55. Anna Mouse Says:

    I noticed streetlights going off when I pass under them a long time ago. It is to the point where when I walk down a street every single street light goes off about 30 seconds before I pass by and comes back on 30 seconds to 2 min – depending on the age of the light bulb. Sometimes traffic lights will start to blink when I pass by, but this is unusual.

  56. Karan Says:

    Man this is really weird I thought it happened only with me so i was a bit nervous googling it this thing has been happening with me for the past 3-4 years and nearly bout 20-25 times Once i even waited for a while before walking under the light thinking it was just a coincidence but as soon as i walked beneath it whoosh it went off , creepy instances of light going on has also happened with me 5-10 times mostly this thing happens when I’m thinking hard I generally think a lot dunno must be a reason for all this.

  57. Szilard Pop Says:

    I’m 30. I’ve noticed now that i think about it this happening to me since about ’96-’97… this is the first time i actually looking into this… i wish i could try and control this in some way… is there anything more i should know about this phenomena? THX!

  58. Lorraine Says:

    this happens to me all the time, i noticed this for the last couple off years, and its gottent the point i have got to figure this out. but the street lights go out it usually right before i get to it, even if im driving or even walking under them, iv had 3 go out one by one, and there is even at the out side of my house that goes off every time i go out the front door, it is crazy, but i also have had experience similer to this be for. i had a cd player the would cut off and on by itself, and never happend untill my father passed away, shortly after that is when the cd player started its crazy thing, but that was in 1996 and the light thing well iv been noticing that for quite a few years now, and for some reason i feel that its my dad, becouse i cant control when it happens and i do wish i knew what and why this is going on, and most of all is it my dad, becous if was. that would be awsome!!!! but if anyone has any info on this please contact me, ty

  59. Amanda Stiles Says:

    I am a SLIder. It’s real.

  60. Cindy Says:

    I was so happy to stumble across this blog! This kind of stuff has apparently been happening to me since I was an infant. My father actually was the one who pointed it out and was very uncomfortable about it. He called some electric company, not sure who, but told me that they said the chances of it happening as often as it does, was less of a chance than getting struck by lightning. I notice street lights going out damn near every time I’m on the road, but multiples happen especially when I am feeling emotional, upset, anxious etc. As stated in the blog, they always go back on .. I always look in the rear view mirror, it’s funny when I have someone with me and I notice one go out.. I’ll tell em look behind you.. it’ll come back on, It always does. Thanks everyone for your comments to this… this makes me not feel so alone. I always felt like it was my grandfather showing me he was there for me.. now I feel like maybe it’s that he’s giving me extra strength to make it through!

  61. zareen Says:

    this website has helped alot, it got to the stage where i had to find out why this was happening to me, and now it all makes sence….
    I notice street lights going out every time, they always go back on after 20-30secs it happened especially when I felt emotional, upset,frustrated, anxious etc, sometimes i would think maybe its a ghost or something bizaare but not once did i think it was me making it happen.

  62. Mat Leblanc Says:

    funnny this happens to me alot always the ame light they go on n offf alll the time as pass by really freaky n oonce i had one everynight when i walked home from a friends it was always turnin on r off one day ring a friend to show him n ever since that time that light doesnt go on r off for me anymore but lately everywhere i go im turnin streeetlight on n off its weird when im mad my energy is very high n it happens more n ive always had something with me like havin dreams of someone that havent seen in awhile n the next day after dreamin of them i end up seing them somewhere either at the mall r something n it happend many time crazy r being able to name card the suit n the number but would like to know how to improve on those strenghts anyone???

  63. paul r. Says:

    Am 45 years old and lights outdoors have been going out as long as I can remember. My father has this also. I first noticed it while driving in a car with street lights. Once during a 4 hour drive with my dad, 18 lamps went out. I have no control over this and sometimes it does not happen for weeks or maybe i am just not paying attention. I do not know why or what this means. It does always seem to happen when I am deep in thought. Nice to see this site. I thought it was just me and my dad!

  64. kaylie Says:

    This has happened to me A LOT. For instance, last night when I was about to do laundry, I flashed my key card to get in & I made all of the lights flash for a minute, then the electricity went out in the whole apartment complex, & the one next to me. then I got in my car & my car lights started flashing. I have a key card that I use to get into the gym/laundry room/ & the security gate, & what’s weird is most of the time when i use it, I make the gates mess up. Somehow it sucks up all the energy, I asked other people if it happens to them, & they say no. I mean, it’s extremely strange that I took out all the electricity in two apt complexes. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. & everywhere I go, I make lights go out. Is there something evil following me? or is it my energy level? I have no idea what’s going on? :/

  65. mc Says:

    i have been experiencing a weird phenomenon of late . any time m close to a bulb it fuses . this includes car bulbs and other normal bulbs in houses etc . any body with a similar experience ?? or a credible explanation??

    • Joe Says:

      I am the same even with TVs. When they flicker I feel like i’m controlling it subconsciously and it feels really weird. The strangest part is I know I can do it with TVs. The other night I was watching ESPN and I was making the ticker and the bottom of the screen lag while the show was going at normal speed. When I focused it would do it and when I stopped it would stop. I attempted it 3 or 4 different times and it was still doing it…. But sorry no credible explanation thats why I am trying to read up on it

  66. Jeff Says:

    I have counted over twenty street lights in a row go out on the same main road over my head on my way to work…multiple occasions

  67. Gypsigirl Says:

    I am so glad you posted this. This happens to me all of the time. When I drive, when I walk. I can’t wear a watch because the batteries drain in a day or two.
    I’m 33 and I never mentioned it to anyone and one night I was driving with my father and light after light kept going out and he mentioned it happens to him too and I was so relieved I told him about myself and we compared notes. It was the first time in my life I felt normal.

  68. JK Says:

    Sorry for the bad English:
    I have something like this. Yesterday evening I was listing to the radio with a friend of mine. And suddenly I noticed that when I got close to the radio antenna I disturb the frequency. The sound just disappeared or it switches channels or you only just heard some cracks. And as soon as I took a little distance it changed back to normal. Then I let a couple of friend try it but nothing happened. I thought maby it has to do something with my clothes but I tried it multiple times on different days but it stays the same. And nobody has it but me. Can anybody explain me how this happens? Or think to know.

    Thanks a lot to the people who will respond!

  69. James Says:

    Well i know from personal experience that this occurs for me everyday and yes many lights i walked under In a row would turn on when it is off or offwhen it is on. Also i have shut down machines or they will act haywired around me and one time the ATM machine took my money and it had cut off. Also stuff from shelves will fall and people will notice! I have blown out light bulbs and almost got struck by lighting 3 times. Also i have been able to look at others and they will drop stuff. I have actually told people this will occur and it will.

  70. Krystal Says:

    I have 3 street lights go off around me at a time. It has now happened in 2 different provinces. Sometimes one will dime but it is usually 3. Does 3 have anything importance? And where are these studies being done?

  71. Tiffany Says:

    I have this happen to me all the time. In the time it took me to read your post I said “turn off, turn on” and it did in a matter of seconds. I’ve been told on sensitive and have experienced things as such in my life but this seems like the one thing I have always been able to notice. I’ve heard before that it’s an angel telling you they are looking after you. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s just interesting to me.

  72. sam Says:

    For all my life:
    Cause street lights to go out; Cannot wear metal on my body as it makes me feel uncomfortable; Cannot tune radios as they don’t receive the signal properly when I am around them; Cannot handle Neodynum permanent magnets as they make my hand ache; someone else has to put my credit card through the reader I it won’t work if I use it; Can read peoples minds. When I was a child I often thought I was paranoid as I would ‘know’ when someone did not like me and I always knew when a bully was about to pick on me as I could ‘read’ him; Can read people’s emotions. I cannot handle being in a crowded room with people who are stressed out as it is overwhelming. Crowded shops on a Friday after work are the worst. I know what my wife is feeling even when she is half way around the world; I know of things that will happen to people within about 7 days ahead. Can’t predict lottery ticket winning numbers unfortunately.
    Know of natural disasters ahead of time. For example I knew about the Japanese earth quake and the poisoning of the North American continent with radiation before they happened. I ‘know’ of a terribly powerful earthquake that is going to hit California shortly and cause a great deal of destruction (at present it is 5pm on Sunday 7th August). Also, the Yellowstone supervolcano is going to erupt.
    Watches I wear constantly loose time; Light bulbs stop working and frequently explode when I turn on the light switch; Batteries don’t last long around me; Can remove peoples pain; Can make people in my vicinity feel in a better mood; Traffic lights always turn amber when I approach them, even if they only just turned green; Power sockets spark when I plug things into live sockets; I always seem to know where a parking spot is going to be in a full car park.

  73. Woods Says:

    Persons who have a history of alien abduction or similar experiences are known to turn off overhead electroliers as they walk or drive under them.

  74. Michael Says:

    I’ve had this happen for tens, maybe hundreds of times between my 14th and 18th. Streetlights going out exactly the moment I am under it, or within a radios of a few meters.

    I can count the amount of lights going out IN FRONT of me on one hand…over my entire life (31 yrs now). But the amount that went out above me…I had a few every week, sometimes daily.

    It strikes me as remarkeable that many people comment that they only have it when they are in deep thought or emotional. I can tell you this is exactly the conditions that caused it. Often when slightly intoxicated (some beers or half a joint) and/or very tired this would happen a lot more. Then again, in these situations I would doze off a lot more and lose my usual high concentration state.

    I’ve biked – slightly tipsy – from town to home for many times concentrating on each light, cursing at it…staring at it, focussing my hate at it – GO OUT! GO OUT THEN!. Never happened…

    The last street to my house…I was tired. POOF..there it went.

    Just like others I’ve been standing at the end of the street, staring at a light like that from a distance. It would pop back on again after a while, or stay permanently out. But it would never flicker irregularly, like it was coincidental.

    I did notice some lamps were more sensitive to me than others – and I had my favorites on the way home. But I never saw them go out or as much as flicker in the distance – either I concentrated and waited for them to go out (nothing happened when I passed) or I would sink away in thoughts and streams of emotion – love, hate, frustration of the adolescence – and one or the other would turn off above me.

    I told this to a friend of mine and he said it was nonsense. We went for a walk together in his neighbourhood, shared a light joint together and started talking and chatting. At one point I was quite furious about some subject, and a streetlight went out straight above our heads. He turned pale and walked home right away, and broke all contact with me after that day.

    It gradually stopped – it got a lot less when I stopped smoking joints (although I never smoked more than 1/3rd per evening). And it got a lot less when I passed 18 – emotionally more stable, a lot less tired, and rarely outside after dark. Last major event I recollect was when I was madly in love with some girl at work and the entire street I was standing in turned off the moment I stepped around the corner, just the moment I had an intensely bright flash of pure love and confusion pass my thoughts.

    Sobered me up allright…

  75. ed Says:

    I would accept the elictrician’s theory except for a couple of incidents that seemed out of the ordinary. When I was 17 my friends and I were smoking at the local corner store when his parents passed by to pump gas and we were are all thinking they were going to see us and we are screwed. All of a sudden, the lights go out ONLY at the gas station, which has a shopping center right behind it, but their lights did not go out. His parents drove off after the lights went out and right after they pulled out they came back on to our surprise. Recently, I was driving and passed by the street I needed to turn on but could not make a u turn because it was illegal. I decided to u turn anyways not knowing a cop was driving down the street, but oddly enough the lights right above me as I made the illegal u turn turned off exactly as I drove by them. I was stunned as I’m sure the cop was as well for he did not pull me over.

  76. Bob Says:

    This has always happened to me randomly over the years. But there was a period of time when I had to change mobile phones every few months because the screen would play up and eventually never work again (only the screen). I once when to pay for fuel and was a little distressed and mentally agitated thinking about something and as soon as I approached the terminal with my credit card the entire place lost power for a second and everything had to restart.
    Between the mobile phones times and the terminal times I learned to take it easy on my brains and thoughts because I thought I was going schizophrenic (looked up the symptoms) and ended up not taking things very seriously just to avoid tension and start thinking less.
    Sadly my grandfather passed away and I thought that I should deal with it seriously and I started thinking about it and dealing with it and it didn’t worry me what my state of mind was. Not surprisingly, lights started to go out when I’m near them and I saw some flashing.
    While this happened at different and specific times of my life, I noticed that it usually happens when I’m “thinking” a lot. I’m always afraid of people reading my thoughts because from experience people around me knew exactly what I’m thinking of (things never discussed or brought up and completely new to the environment), however also with experience I am able to channel only the thoughts that I want to channel (this is also to people i don’t live around or have much contact with).
    Weird as other people’s experiences are, and weirder as my words sound, even to me, I am glad to find that weird things aren’t happening to me alone and I thank everyone for their posts, and ask that you forgive my long reply.

  77. Joe Says:

    This kind of thing happens to me all the time and maybe kinetic energy has something to do with it and maybe not. Streetlights go out around me ALL THE TIME especially one light in a small town I lived in. Didn’t matter what time. I would pass it it would go out,10 min later after I left the store to drive back under it it would go out again. But it’s not just streetlights. I work at a mall and the lights above go out around me all the time especially when I am outside my girlfriends store waiting for her. Sometimes they flicker, sometimes they go out, but when they flicker I honestly feel really weird and I can’t explain it. Its an uncomfortable feeling but at the same time I feel like I am controlling it. Doesn’t matter the bulb and it’s not always one that has a sensor it happens with fluorescent long bulbs too. TVs also get static and when I look away but focus peripheally it happens. I even cause tickers like on ESPN to lag. Give me an answer, i’m beginning to think its supernatural like Demons or a Guardian Angel messing with me.

  78. michael Says:

    I have been Experiencing lights going out when i walk under or close to them , although it doesnt really worry me,I would like to know why….The one experience that did get me thinking more and more about it, was when i was walking home one night and four lights one after the other went out as i approached them…my mother-in-law who is a very spiritual lady tells me it is my spirit guides telling me to be more aware of my spiritual side…mmmm maybe she is right..I dont know :)….. I hope so .
    Thankyou … Michael

  79. david Says:

    this has happened to me in numerous occasions….the moment i pass under a lamppost it goes off…its quite popular with my friends..however…strange things have been happening to me…with no reference in the internet….such as if iam walking on the street and spot an empty shop to buy something..the moment i enter the shop it gets crowed and people start pulling in from all the god damn direction and i end up standing there stunned…in the back of the crowd thinking damn it has happened again…then again in outdoors..a crow will fly close to my head and playfully claw my head and fly away…if iam indoors and there is a rainy weather..clouded but its not raining….
    the moment i decide to step out…it starts raining…..lots of Murphy’s law…situations apart from that….

    as a kid…i used to read intentions of people, neighbour, schoolmates, family&friends relative animals..etc mind….just by a look.i used to come to know whats going in their mind…and my siblings were and elder schoolmates used to be amazed with the they knew i dont even know that person…this tendency was quite popular with my dads army friends they even wanted me to join the army.i have even predicted an earthquake just 30 sec before..but as i grew up as a teenager..this started becoming a negative trend in my circuit….so i had to repress it…to avoid forced therapy or something…and like that my constant encounters with sleep paralysis and the dejavu’s also stopped…

    so do these symptoms mean iam in indigo child…?

  80. Joseph Says:


    Had to share this with you. The “street lights while driving by” phenomenon happened to me so much after my Mom died that I googled it. Lynn thinks I am crazy but it has been happening again this last week and my cell phone will not keep a charge. Please read this and please share your thoughts with me.

    Thank you 🙂

  81. Thais Says:

    I came about this site because of my search on why lights go out on me so often. This has been happening a lot lately and the freakiest episode wAS when I got a vanity mirror with light as a gift and during a nasty argument with my boyfriend, I tried to turn on the mirror light and it burned out, just like that. The mirror was fairly new so I wouldn’t expect it to burn so quickly. But that’s not only that, my bedroom light, the over the stove light, the lights at my job… they all die on me. And I noticed this pattern that it always happens when I’m very upset about something. Crazy stuff.

  82. Austin Says:

    Thanks for this great article! I am unable to find much info on the phenomenon. I have been putting out lights for a few years now. Its on a regular basis and is often several lights in a day. I have this experience with all kinds of lights. Often street lights, yes, but i also put out all kinds of security lights and lights on buildings. I recently put out an entire row of fluorescent lights in my grocery store. The entire row of lights above the aisle i was on went dark. I just put out a light out outside of my gym today, and then driving home i put out a street light as i stopped next to it. My sister seems to have the same phenomenon happen to her to a slightly lesser degree. At first we were really freaked out, but it has become so frequent that i hardly even smirk when it happens.

  83. sarahd Says:

    has happened to me thousands of time. just this evening my daughter and i were running errands for about an hour and she counted 19 streetlights going out as we passed. Additionally, low or dimly lit lights have brightened up or eve turned on as i passed. Also on a couple dozen instances I have slowed and put my palm upward and the light has come back on. really freaks out my kids! tonight was a reall freaky nigh – as i drove back to my house four street lights including the one across the cul-de-sac from my house all went out as i passed and the one in across from our house went back on about 1-1/2 min after we sat in the garage. Then when I went into our house I decided to freakout my teens by putting my hand palm up to the light bulb in the lamp next to me and it went off! Ahhhhh it freaked me out. I have also had several other weird experiences with electric devices. yup it really is weird and true!!! yikes its freaky

  84. Mike Says:

    This stuff happens to me either nightly or every other night for the past I would say 20 years. Sometimes 3-4 times in a night. So I have experienced these kinda things I would say 2500 times or more. Happened again to me last night. Its weird. It is not as if you look ahead down the road and a light goes out. It’s when I get to it exactly when either walking down the street, jogging, riding a bike, a scooter, or driving in my car it just goes out. Happens on normal roads and it happens going 75 mpg on i95 highway as soon as I get to the light ;not 2 secs b4 or after, but right when I am under it. I googled it and here is a forum. My girlfriend of 6 years is a witness to it. It had never happened to her in the past,but when she is with me she notices it all the time so I know I am not crazy 🙂

    Yes and remotes, etc etc etc all break on me as well. My birth mother told me the same things have happened to her all her life as well. Pretty strange I am not alone 😀

  85. pablo Says:

    street lights shut down above me at least 3 times per week,in differt cars even walking since I was a little kid.on the morning of september eleven I was driving my sister to the airport she was flying to washintong dc one hour before on the way on a highway where is a light every 500 ft or so,for the last 2 miles every light,about 10 or more when off every one when I was umder it and this overwhelm feeling took over me I told my syster some bad is happening,that was axact the time the terrorist borded the plains,I knuw then that I wasent crazy,no one ever belive me before and got worse since.also since a little kid I could tell if someone would die,and I show my mom when I told one of her friend on a new year party,he drowned on his pool few hours later and also a machinic that refuse to help me with my car in a moment of need,I push my car for couple of feets away from his driveway an ambulance pull in few min after he die of a strok.sometimes in the street I see people ,dosent matter who but it gets my attention the same overwhelm feeling overcome me and it makes me
    cry and I feel vary sad and just like that goes away.also if im on a crowd and want someone like a girl I just focus on her for a few and she would turn and look at me like if I call her.I can easely know when people lie and I can tell axact what the true is.all computers mainly the best ones,I got a friend that build computers big systems that run for months without shuting down will freeze when im around,we test this and without me even trying they freeze and many other thing I cant explain,I stop telling people about it many year cuz they dont belive me trying to look for answers I would love to learn how to channel this to show it but keep getting worse as I try to not pay attation to it,I become very sencitive to people and my realety is getting confusing to me as I started losing deepth persepcion people that is not around and feel like thing are different visuly,animals are good to me even dogs that people cant belive how friendly they are to me and little babies and kids lactch to me where moms can belive it an I can go on and on.I feel im going crazy and I dont know what to do but interfier with my life I need help!anyone?

  86. SLIder Says:

    I was hoping to find some help with this? It’s starting to annoy me and my family, they actually have banned me from touching light switches because I blow all the lights in the house. One of them actually joked that I should start wearing rubber gloves. We have had an electrician come out 3 times! and each time they said there is nothing wrong with the wiring. It usually happens only once in a while but lately it’s been happening a lot more then we want it to happen. I am getting tired of having to buy light bulbs ever couple of weeks. I have noticed when I touch the light switch that causes all the other lights in the home to blow you can hear a zip sound that happens JUST before I make contact with the light switch, it does not happen to anyone else in my family, and I have been trying to find a solution. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  87. Keith Says:

    In San Francisco this time of year, it gets dark early (December). It’s Thursday, and every day this week that I’ve taken my dog for a walk, the exact same street light has gone out as we walk past it. Just that one, once we’ve walked past. Four days consecutively so far.

    Last year it was a different street light on the other side of that park.

  88. Kerry Graziano Says:

    I used to think this was just a coincidence but not anymore. At my aunts house during a Christmas party yesterday I decided to tell my story about lights always going out when I pass them, whether in a car, walking, or in buildings. As I was telling the story the lights went out and back on again and I really wasnt paying much attention. My cousin said OMG did you see that. I said yeah and we all laughed. My aunt from the other room said who is playing with the lights. We just all laughed and I said i told you so. Almost everytime I go to my favorite restaurante the same street light goes out. Last summer went to an event where the street light I sat under kept going off and on. Lights everywhere I go will go off and then back on and I cannot tell you how many times this has happened. I cannot use two lamps in my house cuz they keep flickering and bulbs burn out quite frequently. My outside light has been flickering for about 3 weeks now but I think this may be a different issue. Wont know till I buy a new fixture. It is real no matter what anyone tries to tell me. I have heard others talk about their experiences. If you have experienced this you understand.

  89. josh Says:

    ive been having this happen to me alot 2. at first i wasnt sure if it was the car i was driving causing it somehow then i got another car and it still happens. and ive been seeing 11’s everywhere i found out recently that im an 11 in numerology and idk this worlds just been suprising me recently idk how to take this in. i feel like god has a message for me and im not seeing it

  90. Andrea Says:

    Reading all of these post on google I know now I am not alone, well besides my family, I just found out recently it happens to most of them. But weird things like that happen to me on the daily basis. I now even bring my friends on car rides at night with me just to show them. The longest one that had been witnessed by one friend was about eight street lamps in a row, meaning one after the other; not skipping any of them. The second longest one to be witnessed was five. I find the more I concentrate and look for it to happen, it happens. When I’m under the influence things get crazy and u can almost bet some weird light will go on and off around me or even noise. People I barely meet claim they feel my energy as a high one, without knowing my weird occurances. I’m not sure if its me or if its a pressance of energies following me. As for these people being tested/observed id love to find a scientifcal answer to all of this because I’m only 18 and well its super annoying when ur writing a paper and ur computer shut downs randomly, id love to have someone , if it is my brain waves, teach me how to control or even make a head helmet to make it not occur that would be great. Lol please let me know I’m not crazy aha thanks

  91. klph6358 Says:

    Hi everyone,It is a thing that happens to me all the time but i would like to control it .I know that it is here but my problem is, i want to know what to do with it,for good.If anyone can help please help me .

  92. Mike Says:

    This has been happening to me for years also to my cousin. Lights go on or off as I drive down any road at night.I lose count there are so many.Even when Im walking through a parking lot or on a sidewalk it happens. I can point at them once in a while and they go on. This event is really weird Im about to tell you.About 10 years ago I was at my parents house for a party. My 2 elderly aunts needed help walking to their car. The street light was out for awhile in front of my parents house.At least a week its been off. So I have one aunt by the arm and my brother has the other aunt and were all walking in the dark.For some reason I dont know why I did this but I snapped my fingers at the street light and it went on.3 people witnessed this event,They asked me how I did it? I said I have no idea.We were all a little freaked out.This is absolutely True! I still to this day have no idea why it happens.Im glad im not alone its comforting to know there are many of us that experience this.

  93. Mike Says:

    Oh 1 more story 2 weeks ago I was at the doctors office waiting to get a booster shot. Im waiting in the room by myself then suddenly all the power went out in the entire building,the emergency lights came on it lasted about 2 to 3 minutes.Also Ive been setting off alarms at the convalescent home ,my mom is gravely ill,so when I come to visit her Im walking down the hall the alarm goes off.Im not wearing anything that will set off the alarm.Its happened twice already.

  94. Eric Olivarez Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I just seen this post well lights turn off, on flicker around me almost everyday and I was wondering what it was. I can be under a post and it will shut off or sitting down thinking about some personal stuff and the room light will flicker. One time I was at the market with my brother and the lights started turning off from the fridges as I was walking by them. I try to ignore it because it creeps me out but yeah sometimes it could be my ipod or phone that are off and will turn on while I have them in front of me. I had it on my mind last night because my brother told me I need to figure out what that is because I creep him out and he says I’m weird. I do feel a little weird when it happens most of the time I could be day dreaming about stuff and it will happen. I havent had time to read through all the post since I am at work but I was wondering if anyone has similar experiences even in doors ?

  95. laura Says:

    i’ts hapening to me too. street lights are turning off when i pass by. it scares me. i’m 16 years old

  96. collin Says:

    this happens to me everyday on my way to school. same lights (about three different ones). i go to school at different times and it still does it. even at night time for games. for a couple of days they started going on instead of off.

  97. Fion Says:

    &Hey…for the past few days, i have been noticing lights going on and off in toilet right on top of the cubicle i was in, street lights turning on and shining on me brightly suddenly the moment i walk past and then going out again after i’ve walked out of the radius, and the light bulb directly above my bed just got spoilt. I have been in a horrible mood since 4 days ago cuz i got betrayed, manipulated and insulted by someone whom i thought was a friend, and i have not felt so hurt and angry for a very long time. Can this be the reason?

  98. Hope Says:

    Yea, same here. Once eight lights went out in a row. The same one goes out everyday before I get in my car to drive to work. I have heard people mention work before and think maybe stress has a part in this somehow Sometimes I see visions of the end of days but try to convince myself that I am just crazy. I am going for therapy and have yet to mention it to her but like I said, hopefully i am just crazy since the alternative is bleak. It is actually comforting knowing I am not the only one.

  99. Alex Says:

    I have been noticing street lights going in and off when I approach for years, so much so that there are certain lights on my walk to work every morning that turn on or off every day 100% of the time. I literally can not walk down the street without this happening at least once. For a while I thought it was just by chance but it has also happened to me in the middle of the day when the lights aren’t even turned on but I’ve walked passed them and they turn on or flicker. I’ve always been very curious about this and would be interested in hearing more.

  100. Vanessa Louise Says:

    thanks for the explanation. I was starting to get freaked out. I thought that some evil was following me. Well, my ignorance caused my fear.

  101. Bright Says:

    It happens to me also.The street lights in our school goes of when i pass under the and lights up again when i am a distance far ahead.

  102. Sara Says:

    Same things happen to me! When I’m walking outside at night, street lights always turn off when I walk towards them but turn back on when I walk past them. It started happening last year when I met my boyfriend, who is a spiritualist. The same thing happens to him. I think it might be something spiritual related

  103. Mir Says:

    This is an occurrence that has been a part of my life for years. Usually happens 2-3 times a week. My boyfriend of 3 years used to joke about these strange occurrences when I first told him about them, but now he’s a true believer after seeing it happen so many times.

    Being emotionally invested or upset about something really does trigger it.  When my grandmother passed away I drove to my mothers house immediately to be with my family.  Surprisingly enough one street lamp after another would turn off in succession the majority of my drive there.  If anything I was comforted by the phenomenon.

    I’m happy to see such an overwhelming response to this, 8 years ago there was virtually nothing online regarding this topic, I’m glad to see a community I can read and share experiences.  🙂

  104. Ashley Says:

    I have experienced this phenomenon my entire life. I have had specific lights go out on me for years- and upon my return to a certain town they still follow suit. I have had these same lights go out while walking past as well, and have felt remotely insane for feeling as though I may have some sort of influence on them- until my Fiance had noticed as well. It makes me feel less crazy to hear other people’s testimonials, and I would love to get into contact with anyone who has experienced this. And I also have a question, are any of you Empaths? I am very sensitive to others feelings/energy, and I think it may add some sort of factor to this.

  105. darren caruthers Says:

    Well, I had just had an argument with my partner walking the dog through the park. A lovers tiff over a bat which was flying over my partners head. He went home and as he faded off into the distance I carried on walking I looked up and the light poPped it brought back memories of not being in a good place, I thought I was going mad went to the doctors told him I was having a breakdoiwn. Part of it was due to streelights flicking off everywhere I went on two occasions a whole stret of them switched off randomly. That’s why I looked at yoir page it brought back memories what do you think on this?

  106. rachael Says:

    Almost everynight I walk homw from work and the same streetlights seem to go out or cut on in the split second that my body is lined up with the pole as I walk past it – it freaks me out and I don’t know what to think about it

  107. Sandy Says:

    I walk down my street every night or so to walk my dog or just for exercise. Every time I approach this one light it goes off, even on nights when my husbands joins me for a walk. I have stood at the end of my driveway and watched other people walk under the light with no effect, but every single time I walk under it, it shuts off!

  108. gerry Says:

    ive had this for thirty years lights going off until i look back they come on,but also i have had them go off looking at them from the beach across a park into town ,ive asked them to go out theyve responded, ive got a light outside my home i simply said in my mind you lights havent been going off anywhere for me for awhile come on then turn off and it did.could verywell be our loved ones that have passed just letting us know they are with us .

  109. Maria B Says:

    Ever since I can remember I have influenced street lights. There is always one, sometimes two, specific street lights that I affect. I have moved house and location often enough to have tested this theory. No matter what side of the planet I am. I will always have that one light that turns off as I approach and then turns back on when I’m about 25m orso away from it. In a few coutries I’ve even managed to have a consecutive line of lights turn on and off. “luckily” this doesnt just happen when I am alone but also with other people around. Although it takes ’em a while to believe it is really me that somehow makes that happen. I’d be very interested to find out what actually causes it.

    In general i am highly sensitie to static electricity. On some winter’s days I really cant shake people’s hands, touch my car or hand a cashier money without being zapped quite hard.


  110. Nile Says:

    I have just experienced this for the First time in my car, at least 5 maybe 6 different street lights went out one after another when I drove past, one of the strangest things I’ve ever experienced driving home at 1am.

  111. Noulen Says:

    i dont know if this thread is still active and if anyone still reads this..but this happens to no matter what time of the night or morning,with the same streetlamp.

    i have video footage proving it.

    if anyone can help me understand what exactly this is,please mail me at


  112. thelastraven Says:

    Happen to me everyday now it has always been a factor but it kicked up when me and my wife split. Its feel like I have a ton of energy now and sadly it does not feel positive or high as some new agers would call it. Strange crap just has a way of following me. From ghost to demons to lights in the sky. When I was young a profitist said I had “heat” in my hands meaning if I wanted to I could heal by touch. Never had the erge to do it. Some new age lady said I need to do stuff to bring myslef to a higher state but…. when I was like that tons of crazy stuff happened and if I. Brought myself higher these things would come back but. She explanied it like it spritul warfare low energies want to keep naturally high energis down. frankly my life is complex enough already.

  113. KArlo Says:

    Believe it or not, i get this thing regulary on daily basis, and were talking about 3-5 lamps each night…randomly…recently increasing…can somebody leave me some explanation pls…

  114. Sue Says:

    Is there anyone or any place studying this? I would like to control these powers. Recently it has been very bad with all things electronic

  115. Jerry P Says:

    Ok well if they say its from your car then every car I have purchashed (8) sends that high frequency? And when I’m not in a car same thing happens. I’m a Pisces, maybe that has something to do with it? Its almost a nightly occurrence.

  116. scott Says:

    This has happened to me 100’s, if not 1000’s of times during my life. I just now decided to do some research on this and was a little suprised that it isn’t so uncommon. It doesn’t really freak me out anymore, as I have become so used to it. I’d love to hear some theories on this one.

  117. Stephanie Says:

    I’ve been experiencing the streetlight phenomenon since I was a child of lights going out when I drive or ride pass them. I also seem to have a general problem with all electronics at large. I’ve crashed two fairly new laptops. TVs and work computers seem to freeze up around me along with cell phones to the point where other people have noticed the frequency and have said I’m “bad luck” to have around their equipment! I’ve noticed that more than one light bulb will burn out in fixtures at a time in my home when I’m especially stressed or anxious also. Everything will be working fine it seems until I show up. Are there any ways to harness and constructively control this enery I seem to be giving off???

  118. mike Says:

    Street lights? All the time. Electrical storms and high agitation really pick things as you describe. Paranormal? Oh yea. Life energy is anothr one that is spooky and scary. The interesting part is that in my family, I’m not the only one.

  119. Robby Says:

    This happens to me too

  120. terry feeney Says:

    this also happens to me way to often to be just chance has happened since i can remember . this last year hawks have been swooping me and my vehicles i need answers this really freaks me out ! help !

  121. Arthur Says:

    I can remember having street lights go out since I was about 15. The weird part about it is I don’t switch off all lights that I pass by. However if I come across a light that switches off……. when driving by I switch it off every single time. I moved my company to new premises and since then found there are 2 lights which are at the end of the road which will switch on or off if I drive by. I have tried all of the tests that I have come across (e.g. car distributor theory – Drove my car then my colleagues car and then he drove both) I will drive up and down the road and each time it switches off or on, while no one else I know has this effect. I have had a few people drive in front of me to see what happens with them and nothing. They then watched with me and guaranteed reaction. I am not sure what this is. But I will say that I also have noticed that should I wake up with someone on my mind they will contact me on the day (even after months of no communication). Which seems to be part of prediction to me. Just one I am not able to control. Having said this though it really goes down well as a party trick after a few drinks as everyone wants to prove me wrong about the light and they never do!

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