A Dose of Bird Flu Reality …

Last night I received a call from a young lady who had watched the video posted in this blog on Bird Flu.  She was very distressed because she did not fall into the age range of people who could get medical help during the Pandemic.  I felt very bad for her as she cried about how hard it would be for her if she lost her mother and friends.  She vowed to let all of her friends know about the bird flu and to get the movie for her school as well.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her call all night which led me to do some serious thinking. 

 I reviewed the criteria of what is planned for when this flu goes into effect and had to wonder if I am any where near ready to handle it.  I can do all of the things they tell us to like stock up on things and make sure you stay home.  Then I thought further, but what about the emotional and psychological issues that will come from it?  Am I ready to tend to a family member who has the bird flu, or what if we all do and there is no one to tend to any of us? What if panic breaks out and there are riots or someone tries to break into the house or if the house catches fire? I asked a thousand “what if” questions last night and realized that I am no where near where I should be to handle this thing.  I don’t think anyone is.   

We as Americans are use to a certain way of life.  We are not use to things like this flu pandemic happening which can cause the stress levels to be through the roof.  Also, I thought about the women in Indonesia, Egypt and other countries who held their children dying from the H5N1 bird flu. The pain that these mothers endured as the little life they loved so much slipped away to death. Thinking this broke my heart.  As much as I do not want to face the possibility of this happening here, to me, to my loved ones, I have no choice but to face it.  Now it is a possibility, but at some time in the future it will be a reality according to the WHO thus I need to be prepared for this reality.  I realized I have to prepare myself for the worst and pray it does not happen.  The government has made it plainly clear to not depend on them.  So we have only ourselves to depend on.  With no help available and no vaccination to stop this thing, I guess I have a lot more thinking to do.  I have to wonder what the world will be like when it is all over.    

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