Are you ready for the Bird Flu Pandemic?

This has been a hard week for me concerning the bird flu.  Sometimes I feel as if I am a small voice that is screaming into a tornado and no one can hear me. It is amazing to me how many people know nothing about the bird flu at all.  Some people have heard of it and when I mention it they say, “Oh…isn’t that over in Asia?”  or “It will never come here to America! I will not worry about it unless it gets here on my doorstep and then I can go to the store to get what I need.”  Apparently they have never seen a panic run. They do not have a clue about what the bird flu is and what is actually going on.  Why is this?  Could it be that the topic of bird flu has almost virtually dropped out of the media?   

On the rare occasion when someone does listen to what I am trying to tell them, they have asked me what I am doing for protection of my family.  I then share that all of us wear lockets with this special prayer in them:   Also it is recommended to place this specific prayer in their homes and cars. 

For those with young children, I advise them to  read this article at this website and get some of the tea that the article recommends:  Hey, there is no cure for this bird flu and there will not be a vaccination for months. So these things I’ve mentioned are worth a try and if it works, well no need to say more.  I also tell them to stock up their homes. They need to make sure they have lots of water, food and that there are things for their pets to eat as well.  Most of the time they look as if I have just slapped their face and say, “Why aren’t we hearing about this on T.V. if this bird flu is such a big threat?”   I tell them I believe that it is not in the media much to keep people from panicking.   

I have to wonder what is the lesser of the two evils. Ignore the bird flu or make it well known to the general public?  Honestly shouldn’t people be more informed?  For instance, this week a friend of mine received a packet from her work which outlined all the previous flu pandemics, how many people got it in her geographic area and how many of them died.  These workers were generously given two weeks off from work to get through the upcoming bird flu pandemic.  Two weeks?  From which wave one or two, or three?  They were led to believe there would be one wave of the flu pandemic and then life would go on as usual.  Just two weeks?  That is insane.    Work with people, tell them the truth, let them see the facts and figures, then only offer them two weeks to get over this pandemic?  I have to wonder when the time comes and they find out the real truth, how many of them will return in the allotted two week span?  Not many I bet.  Personally, I would be calling in and saying, “I am not coming back until I know the bird flu is gone so my job can go to someone braver than me.”   

I plan on using my father’s method that his mother did to survive the Spanish flu – stay home, wear religious medals, pray a lot, do not listen to the reports but watch what is going on around me and utilize my own judgment as to when it is safe to go out again.   .    

4 Responses to “Are you ready for the Bird Flu Pandemic?”

  1. Astral City » Are you ready for the Bird Flu Pandemic? Says:

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  2. Mary Ann Says:

    You need to understand the importance of being prepared for an emergency. If you’re asking what kind of emergency, the answer is simple, any disaster that could strike your area would be a start.

    Having a minimum of four to six weeks of food, water, prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, supplies such as batteries, soap, fuel, cash in small bills at home, candles, etc. would keep you from being caught up in panic buying, if supplies were available in a catastrophe. It’s always good to have six months to a year worth of cash expenditures in savings to ride out emergencies such as disasters or illness.

    Getting your affairs in order, being ready for a disaster or lingering illness makes good sense. Most of us buy insurance for emergencies we hope never happen, why not have emergency supplies you can rotate and pray you never have an occasion to utilize your stockpile.

  3. Editor Says:

    We have been following H5N1 flu for some time now and it just doesn’t seem to be doing what scientists fear it would. Flu, however, is already bad this year:

    THE South Australian Health Department has urged people not to panic after an Adelaide health worker became the eighth person to die in Australia’s worst flu epidemic for five years.,21985,22260241-5005961,00.html

    INFLUENZA experts yesterday claimed the death toll from seasonal flu is almost as high as if Ireland were in the grip of a pandemic.

    Last year, about 3,500 deaths were attributed to flu or complications from the illness, yet the minimum number of people who would die in a mass outbreak is reckoned to be a mere 400 more at 3,900.

    You may be right about flu, but I think it may be something a little less publicized than Bird Flu.

    The Apocalypse Times

  4. Isabella Says:

    This is real, people don’t get that the bird flu is coming. How many people come here from Asia? too many. I am 16, if I get infected by this bird flu, I can’t get help. I have a young sister, she is 14. I know if anything happened to us my mother would die. How can you try to take care of your “youth” if you won’t even help them? If my grandmother gets it, she can get help but what about my cousins? my sister? your children? I know if it were your family you would want them to be helped. but our government just doesn’t care.

    My friends and I are trying so hard to make people aware of this. We made t-shirts at one of my band concerts. We also stopped and took a while to show people this bird flu pandemic video and made sure everyone knows what’s in effect.

    Take care of yourself and your family

    ~the Izz~

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