Pernel’s Thoughts regarding Bird Flu

August 31, 2007:   Today I have bird Flu on my mind and how close we came to having a full fledged Pandemic and didn’t know anything about it.  In April 2006, there was a cluster in a family where 8 members of the family got the H5N1 bird flu in Indonesia.  Seven of them quickly died.  The Government knew it was human to human transmission so what did they do?  They did not raise the alert to four, they did not tell the general public. The reports back then stated that the transmission was just from contact with chickens and let it go at that.  Why? Money of course.  They took a chance with the lives of every man, woman and child on earth for money?  If people knew there was human to human transmission from this flu then hey, would they still have wanted to eat chicken or go visit this country?  Instead of informing the public, decisions were made to see what would happened, the human bird flu transmission was allowed to run its course and the true info was kept quiet.  Here we are over a year later and they finally admitted what they did?  Ok, so this time they feel that they “Dodged the bullet”. Their gamble paid off…but what if it didn’t?  How many people would have died while they tried to protect the precious economy?  Hey, what about the people who are needed to keep it going?  Where do we the people fit in? You need alive and well people to keep an economy going. Right ?

Personally, I am very angry over this.  Sure, it would have created a panic but I honestly feel we had the right to know what may have been happening.  Will there be a pandemic? Yes there sure will be. Although, I honestly believe that we will be the last ones to know about it until the bird flu is in full force.  I will continue to monitor the science sites, will not believe a thing the government or media says and make my own judgment calls.  This damned thing will be on us and in full force before any of us know what is truly going on.  When it comes down to what we are being told, with the fact that the government is keeping the death numbers low and stating, “Oh this one was buried before we got samples” or “No, there was no human to human avian flu transmission”. The truth is, well there is and has been. 

In the early stages of this, a woman held her dying child and nursed it.  She got the H5N1 flu from her child and died as well. Recently, a little girl got the bird flu, but no infected foul had been in her geographic area.  Their explanatory conclusions for this case; well there were some dead chickens close to her school, she may have wandered around to play in the grass where the infected H5N1 chickens had been and got it.  There was also the report of a man in China who got the bird flu; however, they do not know how either.  Then we go to the several cases that have shown up here in the Untied States, like Michigan, Maryland. Pennsylvania etc which all have been reported as the LOW PATHOGENIC form of the bird flu.  Next, this bird flu is discovered in Turkeys on a farm in West Virginia.  Again it is reported as the low form of H5N1.  But just to be on the safe side they seal off the farm, keep the media away from it and culled 54,000 turkeys.  All for a low form of the virus?  Ok, if you believe this then I own the Brooklyn Bridge and have it up for sale…. All I can say about any of this is don’t believe what is on TV, don’t listen to the WHO reports as hey, they say what they want. Don’t believe the Government as it is clear now that they are putting the economy first before the people.  My thoughts on this…be afraid, be very afraid…. even though they want to treat us as cattle with no minds. Please use your judgments, be informed and stay away from the media and the government for information. Instead, watch the science sites for the truth since the scientists seem to be the only ones who are putting the people first.  Do I believe the virologist in China who said there have been 300 bird flu cases over there while the government is covering it up by saying there has just been only 2 human bird flu cases, you bet I do.  He is trying to help his people, the world and the economy is not his top concern.  Be alert, be safe and do for yourself as there will be no help from anywhere else when this thing comes through.    


2 Responses to “Pernel’s Thoughts regarding Bird Flu”

  1. Astral City » Pernel’s Thoughts regarding Bird Flu Says:

    […] the rest of this post at psychicinsights. We only show small snippits! Related posts:New Psychic Predictions made on August 27, 2007 […]

  2. john hope Says:

    come on over to to get the real story. Yes be very afraid.

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