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It is not uncommon for psychics to make predictions.  What is unusual with the predictions Pernel makes is the fact that so many of them happen and exactly the way she had predicted they would.  This blog lists predictions that she has made. Some have already happened and some she has made for the future.

A person has to only read over this blog’s listed predictions and the numerous, updated prediction pages located at to realize Pernel’s accuracy.  She predicted the hurricanes, the Floods, the earthquake in California, the new president, and even predicted a meteorite.  Her predictions have been accurate, startling and right on the mark. 

Update: Prediction Made April 02, 2007: 

* A major bridge will collapse during rush hour traffic and people will be killed. 

Update: Aug: 14: 2007: On August 01, 2007 the bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota collapsed during the rush hour.  9 people have been confirmed dead so far.  44 cars have been pulled from the water and people are still missing. 100 people were injured and 8 are still in the hospital.  The collapse it thought to have been caused by structural problems.  CNN NEWS

Update: Predictions Made June 02, 2007: 

* The heat will be horrible this summer.  The temperatures will continue to be above normal in places and July and August will be particularly deadly months. 

Update: Aug: 14: 2007: It was reported on the weather channel today that the extreme heat is plaguing the Midwest.  This has been the hottest summer ever recorded according to the meteorologist on the weather channel and there is not much relief expected in the near future.  Weather Channel

Heat Wave Kills Dozens Across U.S. By BETH RUCKER, AP Posted: 2007-08-17 06:28:34 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 17) – Residents across the U.S. South and Midwest were hopeful that the weekend would bring some relief from brutal temperatures that have killed more than three dozen people and set records for power demand.  AOL NEWS

* Gas prices will soar by the middle of summer, reaching over the $4.00 per gallon mark.  People will begin to rebel against the gas companies.   

Update: Aug 09, 2007: Crude oil reached record peaks of $78.00 a barrel.  Some economist estimate that the price of crude oil may go as high as $90.00 a barrel by the fall.  Rising crude oil prices are driving gas prices through the roof with some places in Calif. reporting pricess as high as $5.00 or more per gallon.  CNN NEWS  

* There will be an extremely strong earthquake, over 7.5.

Update: Aug16:2007:  LIMA, Peru  (Aug. 16) — A powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake  shook Peru’s coast near the capital, killing at least 337 people and injuring 827, the Civil Defense said early Thursday.  Civil Defense Commander Aristides Mussio released the figures on Peru’s state television station, saying Wednesday’s earthquake killed one person in Lima and 336 in the region of Ica, south of the capital. The Civil Defense death toll of 337 first appeared on its Web site, but the organization’s spokesman, Dario Ariola, refused to confirm the figure, which was much higher the numbers provided by the health minister. But minutes later Mussio appeared on television to announce the new death toll. AOL NEWS  

* Kentucky people (as well as Ohio, Michigan, Idaho, Kansas) watch out for very strong storms in the middle of the summer, July, August etc.  Until it snows, be alert. 

Update: July 13: 2007:  Kansas has been hit with strong storms over and over.  Flooding has caused many problems throughout the state and even caused major oil spills in some areas as it washed the oil out of it’s containers at a foundry.  CNN NEWS

Update: Aug: 14:2007: Several strong storms continue to roll across the Midwestern states.  Tornadoes have been reported in several places and severe weather continues to crop up in Ohio, Kentucky and Kansas.  Weather Channel   

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  1. JoAnne Ozee Says:

    Before the unprecedented tragedy of Minnesota bridge, Pernel was talking to me on the phone and predicted that this disaster would occur. I never thought she could be so accurate.

    I also want to mention that the charged protection candle you sell on your ambiesgifts online store is great! I use it for protection when storms are nearby and it has kept me safe.

  2. Astral City » More prediction updates … Says:

    […] the rest of this post at psychicinsights. We only show small snippits! Related posts:Another psychic prediction comes trueMore updates for […]

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