More updates for 2007 psychic predictions

*As I said in November 2006, expect a lot of activity this Summer for 2007.  Between 3 to 5 large storms will strike land, they may not all be in the United States, but they will hit.   There is one I have been watching for months which is a monster.   : (

Worst storm in 115 years lashes Chongqing (Shanghai Daily)Updated: 2007-07-18 16:27 Torrential rain and lightning storms considered the worst in 115 years in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality…

*The heat will be horrible this Summer. 

The temperatures will continue to be above normal in many places. July and August will be particularly deadly months.  Extreme Weather Plagues Globe in 2007 CNN Posted: 2007-08-08 14:06:33 UNITED NATIONS (Aug. 7) — Extreme weather  has plagued the globe this year, a United Nations agency said, noting that the year also has brought some of the highest temperatures on record.

List of Record High Temperatures Set Tuesday August 8, 2007 by Weatherbug Sr. Meteorologist, James West. Numerous daily high temperature records were set Tuesday throughout the Mississippi Valley, Midwest, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic as extreme heat and humidity continues to bake the Eastern half of the U.S.

* Fire, fire and more fire.  Drought rages across America and so do the fires.  There will be several this year that will be large and out of control. 

Drought Continues Across Large Stretches of U.S. August 10, 2007 By Weatherbug Sr. Meteorologist, James West. The summertime heat baking much of the U.S. is causing drought conditions in several parts of the nation to worsen. The worst hit drought areas continue to be found across a large stretch of the Deep South and Southeast. Many areas of Alabama, Mississippi, southern Tennessee, western Georgia and the northern Florida panhandle are seeing exceptional drought conditions. Agriculture and the drinking water supplies being severely affected.

* A new avian flu subtype of the H5NI will begin to emerge and it will be easier to transmit to humans. 

Birds from 2 US states banned over bird flu. Aug 8, 2007 The Department of Agriculture (DA) announced yesterday that it has imposed a temporary ban on all imports of domestic and wild birds along with poultry and its products from Virginia and Nebraska following confirmation by the United States of the presence of the avian influenza (AI) or bird flu virus in these American states. The DA said the latest ban was based on a July 23 report submitted by Dr. John Clifford, deputy administrator of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the US Department of Agriculture to the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) or Animal Health Organization, on the presence of low pathogenic strains of the AI virus H5N1 in Virginia and H7N9 in Nebraska.Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said the ban and other emergency measures were necessary to protect human health and the poultry industry in the Philippines, which has remained free of bird flu. (Francis T. Wakefield) Tempo – Manilla, Philippines. 

Lucilius: H5N1 is getting closer to affecting humans   – link

Nebraska poultry barred by five countries  By TIMBERLY ROSS Associated Press Writer Article Last Updated: 08/09/2007 11:46:43 AM CDTLINCOLN, Neb.—Five countries have temporarily banned the import of Nebraska poultry after a turkey flock in Seward County tested positive for a mild strain of bird flu. Deputy state veterinarian Del Wilmot said that the flock shows no sign of illness and was being prepared for slaughter and entry into the food supply. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and trade groups for the poultry industry have said no human cases of bird flu have ever been traced to eating properly cooked poultry or eggs. But officials in Japan, Russia, Turkey, the Philippines and Taiwan, as well as Hong Kong, are taking no chances. Karen Eggert, with the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, confirmed Thursday that those countries have barred all poultry and related products, such as eggs, coming from Nebraska

* Some foods will be hard to get by the end of the Summer.   

Note Weatherbug statement under drought psychic prediction.

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