More June 2, 2007 psychic predictions coming true …

* The heat will be horrible this summer.  The temperatures will continue to be above normal in places and July and August will be particularly deadly months. 

Update: July 05, 2007: LOS ANGELES (July 5) — A heat wave sizzling across the West showed little sign of letting up Thursday, with Las Vegas forecast to tie a record high and even northern Idaho expected to top 100 degrees.  In Bullhead City, Ariz., it was 122 Wednesday. Phoenix topped out at a toasty 116, Yuma, 114. Tucson was the cool spot at 110.  A high of 101 was forecast Thursday in Spokane, Wash., and nearby Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which would exceed the record of 100 set in 1975. Friday’s forecast didn’t hold much relief from the nearly weeklong heat wave, either.

* Fire, fire and more fire.  Drought rages across America and so do the fires.  There will be several this year that will be large and out of control. 

Update: July 13, 3007:  Fires rage across many states making this one of the worst fire seasons ever.  A Massive fire is burning in Utah and they have no way of containing it.  The fire is going to have to burn itself out according to fire officials as they can’t get it under control.  It is the largest fire in the states history.  Fires are also burning in Washington, California and several other states. CNN NEWS

* A new subtype of the H5NI will begin to emerge and it will be easier to transmit to humans. 

Update: July 13, 2007:  A six-year-old Indonesian boy who recently died of bird flu had no apparent contact with poultry, according to an agriculture. Memed Zulkarnaen, director of the agriculture ministry’s bird flu unit, has said that there was no infected poultry within a radius of up to 300 meters from the boy’s home.  “The Indonesian medical community is still puzzled and does not understand from which source the victim was infected with the bird flu virus. We are puzzled because the H5N1 virus needs to ‘stick’ to an object such as poultry and cannot freely circulate in the air,” he said.  It has been asked whether there was a possibility the boy had contracted the virus from another person. Zulkarnaen said it was too premature to tell and investigations involving personnel from the UN’s health and agriculture agencies. World Poultry. net 

* Kentucky people (as well as Ohio, Michigan, Idaho, Kansas) watch out for very strong storms in the middle of the summer, July, August etc.  Until it snows, be alert. 

Update: July 13, 2007:  Kansas has been hit with strong storms over and over.  Flooding has caused many problems throughout the state and even caused major oil spills in some areas as it washed the oil out of it’s containers at a foundry.  CNN NEWS

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