Update for June 2, 2007 Psychic Predictions

– Fire, fire and more fire.  Drought rages across America and so do the fires.  There will be several this year that will be large and out of control. 

Update: June 23, 2007 Southern Fire Becomes Largest in a Century! Georgia Wildfire Still Smolders After Months.  Its footprint, up to 30 miles wide and 58 miles long, covers an area 2.8 times larger than New York City. Still, firefighters stress that if the rains cease, dry conditions and strong winds could cause pockets of flame to flare back to life. AOL NEWS

Update: June 25, 2007 MEYERS, Calif. (June 25) – A wind-driven forest fire burned out of control early Monday near the popular resort of Lake Tahoe, destroying at least 165 structures and forcing about 1,000 people from their homes. The fire, believed to be caused by human activity, has scorched more than 2,000 acres – or more than 3 square miles – since it started Sunday afternoon. No injuries were reported.  One of the people connected with the fire was quoted as saying this is one of the worst ones he has ever seen.  Because the area is bone dry, the fire is spreading easily in the heavily wooded area. AOL NEWS

Update: July 1, 2007 LOS ANGELES (July 1) – Los Angeles’ driest year in 130 years of record-keeping went into the books Sunday morning. The nation’s second-largest city is missing nearly a foot of rain for the year counted from July 1 to June 30. Just 3.21 inches have fallen downtown in those 12 months, closer to Death Valley’s numbers than the normal average of 15.14 inches. AOL NEWS https://psychicinsights.wordpress.com/2007/06/19/psychic-predictions-made-on-june-2-2007/


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