Psychic Predictions made on June 2, 2007

*As I said in November 2006, expect a lot of activity this Summer for 2007.  Between 3 to 5 large storms will strike land, they may not all be in the United States, but they will hit.   There is one I have been watching for months which is a monster.   : (

* The heat will be horrible this Summer.  The temperatures will continue to be above normal in many places. July and August will be particularly deadly months. 

* Fire, fire and more fire.  Drought rages across America and so do the fires.  There will be several this year that will be large and out of control. 

* A new avian flu subtype of the H5NI will begin to emerge and it will be easier to transmit to humans. 

* Gas prices will soar by the middle of Summer, reaching over the $4.00 per gallon mark.  People will begin to rebel against the gas companies. 

* There will be a major city blackout that will affect other areas of the country as well.

* Some foods will be hard to get by the end of the Summer.   

* Some form of attack will be attempted at one of the larger subway systems.

* There will be an extremely strong earthquake, over 7.5 on the reichter scale.

* Kentucky people, as well as Ohio, Michigan, Idaho and Kansas ; please watch out for very strong storms in the middle of this Summer, July – August etc.  Until it snows, be alert.    

These psychic predictions by Pernel and many other predictions that have already come true can be located for further review at :

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